Drakengard: The Dark Envoy

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  1. This is my first rp story on here please bare with me.

    The year is 1485 and there are Five great seals that protect all mankind from destruction,One in the forests with the Elves one in the mountains, Another near the ocean and One in the Desert, The last and final seal was the Seal Priestess someone chosen at random from birth to govern the seals,Nine years ago a group of men turned on the Priestess and formed the Empire, those men formed a great army of men and started to destroy the seals one by one but brave heros Pacted with monsters and stopped them, that was called the Great Seal War, Now nine years after the The Great Seals conflict that rampage across the world, The humans built i mighty kindom that streached across a lot of the world, The humans lands were divided into large Districts each about 12 Thousand square miles, A large wall protected the lands they owned from the various monsters that dot the world. The humans have enjoyed there short time of peace that came after the Great seals conflict. Three years ago the monsters had banded together and made various clans outside the human districts, Each week they would attack the humans over and over untill in 1483 the Seal priestess and the clan leaders got together, there they found a way to live together in peace each year both sides would bring fourth there best young fighters to battle in small mock battles, It was working too for they have been sharing peace since, Little did they know that dark forces were moving in the shadows.

    The Pact:
    The pact is a sacred ritual that ties A pact Beast to Someone, when the Pact is Performed the Person must give up somthing in order to bind the beast to them, it many be anything from there voice, eyes, stomachs to much more. (i wont allow the sense of pain to be taken Please note that) so they may call them if there needed and talk to them from a distance.
    Pact beasts are very powerful monsters and beasts that terrify harm and destroy they include Griffins,Giant Gargoyles, Elementals and the rarest of all Dragons As well as many more.

    1. NO Godmode
    2. follow the Iwaku rules
    Races:These are the Races that populate the world Click the Race name for a picture of it.
    The humans are just barly the most numerous on the planet but are the smartest
    The Elves are very few and are not that physicaly strong but they are the best at the use of magic
    Stronger then the humans and elves but lack in brains they have formed a clan with the goblins
    The goblins though small are very smart and sneaky but lack in physical strenght so they formed a clan with the orcs
    The animorphs are creatures of great speed and stealth they are strong but not too strong, they come in many types and shapes and they are also feared for there cunning.
    Character sheet:
    Pact Beast: ( please state the creature you want and note that no one will be getting there pact beasts for a little while into the story)
  2. Name: Lenny

    Age: 15 (Minimum adult age)

    Race: Goblin

    Appearance: [Physical] 3'8'', greenish-blue skin, one ear torn slightly and the other one pierced with 3 silver rings, mouth sewn shut (Feeds through a hole in his throat)
    [Clothing] Long pants that cover his feet, no shoes, black gloves, kerchief wrapped around his throat

    Weapons: Shortsword in a sheath on his back, small knife on his hip

    Pact Beast: Gryphon

    Personality: Cold and calm, a dark sense of humor and a charismatic appeal

    Bio: [To be determined]
    I'll write the bio in a bit, but I'm not really sure what kindof background I should have. I'm not really familiar with the story so if there's anything you can fill me in on I'd love to.
  3. thats perfect and dont worry about the bio if you need any info just ask
    as for your pact beast nice choice
  4. Thank ya! ^w^ I'm excited to get more people.
  5. Name: Alistair Clint
    Age: 23
    Race: Human

    Pact Beast: Black Dragon-- Gabrielle


    Personality: Like a Dragon, he is prideful and strong. His wisdom is great, but his human nature has him keep to himself. If truly tested, he will defend those not of his concern.
    Bio: Alistair was rendered an orphan at the age of 10 when a black dragon set his home ablaze. The only survivors was he and a band of knights who, both, raised and trained him as their own. There as he grew, he and his new found family set out to slay dragons--one after another. His soul aim in life is to locate, hunt down, and kill the dragon that changed his life forever.
  6. Is this based off the first game? I've only played the second one.
  7. its based off the first but not story wise so its ok if you havent aslong as you know sorta what its about and Raiden your accepted if you want you can chose to be part of the evil guys or good guys ill start the actually thread when i get at least like 5 or so bad guys and ill post my characters soon
  8. I'll be a good guy. More of my style
  9. Name: Namaki
    Race: Elf
    Weapons: Duel Kama's and simple magic[​IMG]
    Pact Beast: Hydra (only three heads) [​IMG]
    Personality: Calm, strong willed, slightly stubborn
    Bio: Namaki a young elf warrior that hasen't always been fond of the other races, In perticular the Orcs as they are known to be brutish and mean,Well thats what her family has told her as the annually war games of all the fellow clans and leaders gather she was blessed with the honor of attending as she was the best of the young elf warriors.







    Pact beast:


  10. I definitely could go either way... But it'd be kinda fun to play a good guy.