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Draken Hunger

Name : Eshkell Koidriella
NICKNAMES – Kodi or Esh

Race : Sun Elf as Eragon knew them to be, but they call themselves the Isl'andies
Age: Look 17 is actually 27

Appearance: Long fiery hair and skin fair as cream yet those paired to those startling blue azure eyes. They sharply contrast against her features as well as speaking volumes of her personality and emotions. A light dusting of freckles spatter across the bridge of her nose and cheekbones. Though parts of her face have been tattooed with strange white ink that glimmers every now and again. Her hair is a bit wild though long bangs are normally blow back or to the side from her time spent in the skies.
( - Normal Attire - )

Personality: Esh doesn't always play nice with others. It is a great part of why she was always in trouble as a youngling. She is only 27 years of age and many form her tribe thought her much to immature to become a dragon rider and had demanded that Eragon Break the bond between them. Insanity! She had been the one to tell Eragon and Saphira they should just leave this place and never return. She was unwanted there besides. And showed him that she was much more mature and sensitive than he'd had realized. She spends a great deal of her time in the skies on Shinerai's back. She Loves the freedom and is most at peace when there.
--When given a challenge Esh always feels the need to surpass Eragon at it. Every lesson she has learned so far he has started by first informing her of what he'd done in the very same lesson. It drove her practically mad! So she spends nearly all her down time training. However use caution if you ever anger her. Her temper is part of the reason why Eragon is so strict on her. He believes she will in time calm the fire that fuels her anger but for now the Elemental Elf scares even him sometimes. And he'd thought Arya had been scary!


ELEMENT: Fire and Air
-- Esh has a deep and illusive understanding of Fire that not even Saphira or the other Dragon Riders knew about. Her tribe are known as Sun Elves but they have over time, and in their seclusion, evolved into elemental fire users. Using it to converse long distances, or by fueling their spells wen using the ancient language. Eragon had at first only landed on their island home to rest but after running into them stuck around for a time to investigate this new form of Elf he'd never encountered before. Even though Esh has more handle on the element of fire she has been showing a connection with wind as of late. Eragon also confesses that he has never seen such a duality before, but then again, he isn’t exactly a fully trained Dragon Rider either.

Weaponry: Saber Fangs
Named for the enormous predator cat that roamed their homeland islands the twin blades are rather versatile and come in handy at the oddest occasions. Even though they look strange Eshkell's people excelled at these 'Arm Blade - Hoods' Esh of course being raised by a outer relative was put to the studies of them as well and found she liked them.

Saddle: Wind Ryder

Other: On Ground or land, swiftest even in the trees. Esh can spirit herself away on nimble feet as she studies similar evasion techniques that replicate out own modern day Parkour. This has made her flexible, and limber as well as sturdy meaning she can take a fall. What's more even when she and Shin are in the sky she takes to crazy acrobats when spar-training with Eragon and Saphira. Pulling moves that have Eragon's jaw dropping in astonishment. He had learned quickly but Esh seems to have been Born to be a Dragon Rider!

Age: 9.5
Height: 6'7" Shoulder 7'4" top of crown || Length: 12.4' || Weight: 952 lbs

Fire Color: White and blue.
Scale Type: Arrow razors with several pronged barb style horns (see elbows)
Wing Type: Complex - Combination of Both Dragon / Bat Type and Owl Feather Style.
Most Active: Dawn / Dusk and Night.

These are from his original naming the ARTIST SHINERAI made him, and he was original named Nailmus I LOVE HIM SHO MUCH! My most favorite dragon ever seen online! Check out his Deviantart Gallery HERE! Give him love he much deserves! CLICK ON IMAGE TO EXPAND AND READ ALL ABOUT HIM! I'm going to try to stay as true to the original stats as I can since he is just a wonderful dragon. Of course some stuff will conflict to much with Eragon's Story even Post Canon so there is that.​
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Name : Elias Regalia
Age: 18

Personality: Elias can be servile and obedient to a fault when authority gives him a command. He has a deep respect for his elders, so he tends to listen to those older than him. When left to his own devices, he gets extremely defensive about what is his, and can argue a point forever if he feels it necessary. He has a passion for nature, and loves animals of all kinds. He tends to prefer the company of others, but has no problems with being alone. He often wonders if he was meant for a greater purpose than just house-sitting.

Back Story: In reality, Elias is not born of Traevernyn blood; both his parents are of Alagaesian descent. Elias was born out at the Alagaesian border, but his parents fled with him to Traevernyn in order to escape Galbatorix and provide a safer home for their son. They became pioneers of sorts, exploring the land in search of an ideal home to raise their child. Two years had passed before they came across an incredible discovery: a waterfall-fed lake in the valley between two mountains, with a town just a week's journey outwards. They rejoiced; they had found a new home free of tyranny.

Elias grew up alone, with just his family for company. His parents did everything for him; taught him to read, homeschooled him, gave him everything he needed in life. As such, he grew to be a model child: obedient, loving, never raising his voice or objecting to his parents' words. He was hardworking, offering to his family to grow their vegetables all on his own, which over time instilled a love of nature and animals in the boy. For nearly 17 years, the family lived in harmony.

One day, shortly before his 18th birthday, coaxed by a rather lean harvest season, his parents decided to take the journey into town to buy food and supplies. They told Elias that they did not know how long they would be gone, but to tend the house until their return. Elias, worried for them, insisted he go, but his parents merely hugged him and left, leaving the young man alone with his duties. He did his chores, eagerly awaiting their return...and waiting....and waiting....and waiting....six months had passed and still they did not come back. Even in leaner times, there was enough food to keep just one person healthy, so he had no issues maintaining the house, but he worried for his family. They were the only people he knew...if they had died, he would be alone....still he waits, hoping one day they will return to him.

Weaponry: Currently, he doesn't have very much; just a shovel that isn't usually used as a weapon.
Other: His right eye is colored green, not red.