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  1. Long ago when dragons ruled over humanity, they were seen as Gods and worshipped, spoiled with gold and precious gems. Statues were erected in their honour, made out of pure gold. Animals and on some occasions humans were sacrificed to please them and show their loyalty and well... You get the picture.

    This continued for hundreds of years until one day the humans began to lose faith in their so call 'Gods'. The dragons, fearful they may lose their lavished way of life, chose some worthy humans to share their elemental powers with. These people were named 'Dragonspawn' and their sole purpose was to keep the humans in line and sacrifice those who did not acknowledge the dragons rule.

    Throughout the years the Dragonspawn began conspiring against their so called 'Gods' and planned to overthrow them. Using all their elemental powers, Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Spirit and Darkness, they banished the dragons. The humans were free.

    As time went by humanity began to grow more powerful and the rulers of this land began to grow wary of the Dragonspawn that protected them, believing they would one day overthrow humanity like they did the dragons. They ordered the execution of them but they were too strong. Fighting off the humans in defence they decided to flee.

    Deciding they were not needed they went into hiding, unable to live amongst humans again due to their dragon characteristics.

    Although the original Dragonspawn had died, they trained some worthy young humans incase the dragons return. These new Dragonspawn roam free in the world, waiting for the day humanity will need them again.

    Name: Just a first name will do.
    Age: Human years, Dragonspawn are not immortal.
    Element: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Spirit and Darkness. Choose wisely as you can only have ONE.
    Appearance: You can add a picture and just describe your dragon characteristics.
    Personality: How you'd act around humans and other Dragonspawn.
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  2. Name: Kanja (KHAN jah)
    Age: 19
    Element: Water
    Appearance: I don't have a picture but ill describe it. Long black hair, a little on the girlish looking face. 5'6, thin but has muscles, their just hard to notice. Wears simple clothes, brown pants, no shoes, and a light blue long sleeve shirt. also carries around a black, katana, on his back. As for dragon characteristic, he has gills, but they don't appear unless he's submerged in water. A string of scales on his right arm from his shoulder blade to his wrist, they are a dark blue in color. Webbing between his fingers, but not his toes, and claws instead of nail for all appendages.
    Personality: Quite, and a bit cold to people he doesn't know. He doesn't have a lot of experience with people as he's been alone for a long time, so he's a bit, socially awkward. Although, if your a friend, he's caring and fiercely protective.
  3. Name: Sable
    Age: 18
    Element: Darkness
    Appearance: Picture attached.
    Dragon characteristics include her tail, the most obvious feature, covered in glistening, black dragon scales that continue halfway up her back and has small fangs hidden in her mouth. As for clothing she wears a white scarf around her neck, navy blue ripped pants and a sleeveless grey top. She hates shoes as she feel she can be more silent without them.
    Personality: She is silently deadly. Shy and quiet but has different views on the humans then some other Dragonspawn she had come across in her exile. She hated them.

    Perched on a tall tree sat an almost ordinary girl. Her tail was a dead giveaway to what she really was, a Dragonspawn. Exiled from humanity she watched over the large city. The walls stood tall and proud around the pathetic humans that lived within, making them feel safe from the dangers that lurked outside those walls. Dangers like her.

    The years of training had helped fuel her hatred for these weak humans and her master had encouraged her. After they fled his solitary had rendered him to go insane and let the darkness he once controlled consume him. Sable however had retained her sanity unlike him.

    She pulled out one of the two daggers she had at her lower back and ran her hands over them. The metal was as cold as ice and as black as the darkest night. Sighing she put it back and began to descend towards the forest ground.

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  4. The wall that surrounded the city were large and imposing to outsiders, which is why many travelers were confused by a slumped shape sitting with their back against the wall. The city guards, at first, ignored the bum, but quickly became irritated by their audacity. Even the homeless don't sleep along the wall.

    "Hey you!" One of the guards cried, coming closer the the bum. "What do you think you are doing? Don't you know you can't sleep here?" While the words were perfectly pleasant, and even seeming helpful, the act that he shouted the entire thing was decidedly not. He did however, manage to rouse the boy from his slumber.

    And, he was a boy, he looked no older than 20 at the highest, with a young face, long black hair, and simple clothes. All of which were currently in a state of disarray. His hair, was dirty and matted, and he had dirt and muck all over his skin. His clothes were ripped, and filthy. The smell emanating from him was enough to curl anyones nose.

    Kanja looked up at the red faced guard. He didn't understand the problem, all he was doing was sleeping. Something he had desperately needed. "What's wrong?"
    The guards face turned an even deeper red. It was obious to kanja that he had an anger problem.

    "WRONG! Wrong! You can't sleep here! This is the wall to our fine city and we don't wan't any bums here!" he shouted, getting in Kanja's face. Kanja paused before saying anything, taking the time to wipe the mans' spit off his face.

    "Is it against the law?" he asked politely. The guard stopped in honest shock. He wasn't sure if it was against the law, but no one had ever done so before.

    "Of course it is!" he blundered, hoping that Kanja wouldn't catch it. If he took him in and it wasn't against the law, he would be a laughing stock. He hoped, he would just be able to humiliate the boy and then have him move on.

    Kanja, though, didn't catch the obvious lie. he simply stood, brushed himself off, and apologized. "I'm sorry. I didn't realize it was so. I promise not to do so again." With that he started to walk toward the entrance.

    "Where do you think you're going?" The flustered guard shouted. Kanja turned around. "To get some clothes, and maybe a bath. I don't want to keep walking around like this." The guard said nothing more, he just went, a little confused, back to the others. That wasn't how things like that usually went.

    Kanja, looked up at the sky. He hadn't know that it was illegal, and he felt a little embarrassed by his behavior, but he really had needed to sleep. It hadn't been his day all week, and he had a feeling it was going to get worse. But first, he needed a different pair of clothes.
  5. As Sable reached the ground she heard a man yelling, clearly frustrated at someone. Peeking out from behind a tree she saw the events unfold as the Guard yelled at a boy. She smelt the air, wondering why he smelt so weird, so familiar.
    Where have i smelt that before?
    The boy stood up and began to leave the now silent and obviously confused looking Guard behind.

    This boy interested her. She stalked through the thick forest, watching the boy retreat to the entrance of the human city. The large iron gates were closed and two soldiers stood guard along with the multiple ones that dotted atop the wall, protecting it from any threats.

    'Halt!' Demanded one of the guards. 'State your business here outsider.' His stern stare never strayed from the boy as the silent one studied the forest, as if expecting something to leap out and attack.

    Sable ducked behind a tree to avoid the guards gaze and held her breath, focusing on the conversation that was taking place between the guards and the boy now.
  6. Kanja stopped, frustrated. He was once again stopped by some idiotic guards. Shouldn't it have been obvious what he wanted just by the condition he was in? No, apparently many people came looking like they crawled out of a sewer, for some other reason.

    "I just come for a change of clothes and a bath." he stated tiredly, looking up at the burly guard who was quite a bit taller than his 5'6 stature.

    "We don't take kindly to outsiders here who look... and smell... like a vagabond." the guard glowered down at him. Kanja returned the glare, he was not a vagabond. He had a home, he just preferred not to be there. Life was more interesting outside of castle walls.

    "I happen to be a paying costumer. I just had a bad day is all." His voice took on and icy quality. The guard flinched, although he tried hard not too. Something was different about this stranger, and the guard wasn't about to let someone potentially, and probably, dangerous in the city.

    "Leave, stranger. You're not welcome here." The guard told him, steel in his voice. Kanja wasn't one to walk into conflict easily, but he needed new clothes. If someone from there saw him like this, they would put two and two together and he would be in serious trouble. Especially since, for those who where familiar with it, the smell was hard to miss.

    "Please, good sir. Let me in, i am only a paying costumer. I'll do my business and then leave." Making one last ditch attempt at a peacfull ending.

    "No, leave. Now." The guard said, leveling his weapon at him. Kanja stood straighter, his resolving hardening.

    "I'm sorry." Was all he said before quickly pulling his sword out and hitting the guard on the temple. The guard dropped hard to the ground, and his buddies charged at Kanja. He whirled and dropped, spinning and weaving amongst the guard hitting them with the hilt of his weapon, careful not to kill any of them. Death was not something he took lightly. He paused, after finishing them all, and hissed softly. There was a cut on his arm from one of the guards. It looked like he wasn't as careful as he thought. the cut wasn't terribly deep but the skin was dirty. if he didn't bathe soon, it would become infected.

    He stopped his thinking when he heard shouting, realizing he wasn't alone, there where other travelers behind him, he quickly shot into the city, hiding himself in the crowed. It wouldn't work for long, someone would notice his appearance. Even more of a reason to change. He ran softly through the crowed, pulling a shirt and pants from some venders racks as he ran. He felt slightly guilty, but he couldn't afford to be seen now. next was the bath, which he was most looking forward too, the muck was tiresome after awhile. he ran swiftly, looking for a bath house.
  7. Watching the black haired boy was quite amusing as he squabbled with those annoying guards. As the bickering continued and the guard raised his weapon as a threat, although she saw it more as a defence, he struck. She pouted as he attacked being careful not to kill the weak humans. She however did admire his work, his speed was impressive and he was obviously skilled but that smell... She still couldn't remember. The muck on him masked it too much.
    I need to find out more about this one.
    She stalked back through the forest, aware of the humans that were approaching her previous position, possibly hearing the comotion that had transpired there. There was only one tree close enough to the wall for her to get over and as she had done a million times she stealthily climber up and over. The dusk that had fallen upon the city concealed her precence and she esily slipped in. Now all she had to do was find him, amounts a thousand other humans...
    This is almost impossible...
  8. Kanja breathed a sigh of relief. He was finally clean and dressed in fresh clothes. the smooth feeling of clean cloth on his freshly washed skin was heaven compared to the stickiness of before. The only problem he still had was with the smells. Even after all the perfumes and soaps, it still lingered. It probably would for a couple days, he was just glad that with all the other smells he had smeared on it would be harder to discern.

    Now that he didn't have to be as careful he decided to take some time to shop. It was an opportunity that he didn't want to pass up as he didn't have many chances to peruse stalls with high class goods. After all. he was hardly ever in a human city. He walked among the merchant stalls, looking at a nicknack here and there, nothing really caught his eye until he came upon the weapon stall. most of the weapons where average class, the typical weapon of a guard or solar. But there was a dagger that caught his eye. It was perfectly balanced and was made of a hard steel. It wasn't terribly flashy, but it was a fine weapon. Kanja, deciding to splurge, purchased the item, though it wasn't cheap. He paused, feeling a set of eyes on him. He looked around, trying to spot who was watching him, but having a hard time in such a thick crowed. he decided it was time to leave, he had risked it staying as long as he had.
  9. She spotted him leaving the bath house, the smell of soap was overpowering to her sense, making her gag as she pulled up her scarf to cover her mouth and nose in an attempt to block it out.
    Great now he smells even worse.
    Annoyed, she continued to follow him from a distance as he casually walked through the almost desolate marketplace. The stars shone brightly as did the moon providing the darkened alleyways she stalked through some much needed light. Ducking low she watched him intently as he stopped at a weapons stall, watching him ponder and make his purchase. The blade in question was out of view at all times as his back was to her. Sighing softly she rose and leaned against the wall, her raven black eyes glistened as she watched him scurry off again.
    Why is he in such a hurry to escape? He is not human i know that much but what does that leave?
  10. Kanja wasn't a nervous person by nature, but an unfamiliar place and the feeling of eyes watching you, will rack anyone's nerves. Luckily, it was easier to leave the city than it was to enter. No one payed much attention to those who left after all, if you where leaving you weren't a threat. He ambled along discreetly, blending in with the others who where leaving, until he came close enough to the forest to dart in without the guards making a note of it.

    Kanja loved the forest. He felt so at home here, with the trees and the plants and the animals. His master used to laugh at him for this and say, way you act, you should have been an earth element type! Kanja smiled at the thought, it wasn't so unusual. There was water everywhere but most especially in the forest. There it was in the tree's and plants, along the forest floor in puddles, even on the plant sin the morning mildew. Kanja snapped out of his reverie, he had heard a twig snap.
  11. Getting out of the city walls was nearly as easy as getting in and the thought of it made Sable's smile grow wider at how these humans feel safe behind these walls but look at her, she was able to get in AND out without being seen. She followed the narrow river that ran through the centre of the human city and lead her to the edge of the wall where a small tunnel, just big enough for someone small like her could squeeze through with no problems. Pushing open the rusted iron gate, she slipped out into the forest.

    Removing the scarf that covered half her face, she lifted her nose to the air she sniffed for the strange boy. There was no mistaking the strong smell of soap and clean although it had faded considerably making her smirk as it was not as intense as before.

    Walking slowly through the thick undergrowth that occupied this part of the forest she closed in on him... And then she stepped on a twig.
    Shit! Just lost my element of surprise.
  12. Kanja had been living in or near a forest for his entire life, as such, his instincts where pretty good. He jerked his head u at the sound of the twig, pinpointing the direction it came from effortlessly. Standing among the thick undergrowth was a young girl. She wasn't human, that much he could tell, though he wasn't sure what she was until he saw her tail. A Dragonspawn. Kanja wasn't a big fan of people in general, as they were confusing and selfish, but Dragonspawn he liked even less. Even though they where his own kind, he found most of them annoying and self-centered. Not that he had met many of them. Still, whoever this girl was, she was not welcome.

    "What are you doing here Dragonspawn?" He hissed.
  13. (also, the internet at my house is broken so my posting will be erratic and probably not a lot for the next week. sorry.)
  14. She froze but it didn't matter as she'd already be seen. Relaxing she moved around a bit as he hissed at her, obviously annoyed though she did not care much. She caught him looking at her tail which she presented for him proudly as he continued to hiss, his words cold and sharp.

    'I could ask you the same thing.' Narrowing her eyes and him and steadying her stance, ready for if he attacks. 'Who are you trespasser?' She questioned carefully, still unable to recognise his strange un-human scent.

    She was being surprisingly brave but inside she wanted to run away and hide. She did not being confronted by people she did not know, especially if they were not human.
    Not human?
    She repeated it over and over again until it hit her.
    How could i be so blind?!
    'You're Dragonspawn!'

    (It is OK)
  15. He snorted at her words, he would have thought that would have been obvious. Apperently she wasn't that bright, why would you follow someone if you didn't know what they were? And, it was her that had been following him. He could tell as she studied him, her gaze felt the same as the one that had ben watching him.

    "I would have thought that it would have been obvious, why else would you be following me? also, is this your land?" He asked, partly accusing, and partly interested. she had called him a trespasser and he hadn't realized that the forest belonged to someone. Well, belonged in the human sense. Land belonged to no one but the earth.
  16. Embarrased she had not noticed it earlied AND being called out on it looked away, letting her raven black hair fall over her face. 'You cover up your scent well...' She mumbled as her normally pale face began to turn red.

    Regaining her composure she lifted her head, brushing the stray strands of her hair aside as she narrowed her eyes at him yet again. 'And yes this is MY territory so you better have a good reason for trespassing traitor!' Her voice was demanding as she hissed at him.
  17. He was surprised at her blush. He wasn't sure if he had said anything to embarrass her, maybe it was out of anger? That made sense, he thought as she narrowed her eyes at him. His own eyes widened, Traitor?

    "Traitor? How am i a traitor? I don't believe we have met, so you know me not. Tell me, what have i done to offend you beside stepping on the ground you protect." he demanded, partly because he was unsure of what he had done. He did not know if he had done something truly wrong, doubt nagged at him. H wasn't good at these situations.
  18. 'You don't kill humans. You mingle amongst them. Have you forgotten what they did to our kin? We should rule this land not them!' She protested angrily, hissing the words out and balling her hands into fists, though seeing him shift uncomfortably made her soften her expression. 'I'm sorry...' She mumbled to him, looking away. She hadn't seen another Dragonspawn since her Master and to be honest, she was lonely.
  19. Kanja was defiantly uncomfortable. It must of showed because she apolagized after her rant. Kanja new about the deep seated hatred between some of his kind and the humans, well, most of his kind. Kanja's master even had a strong disliking of them. Personally, he could never bring himself to hate them, or even be angry at them. Their fear even made sense to him. How could you not be afraid of something that overthrew it's creator and had enough power to do the same to you? Would you even be able to trust it? Kanja didn't think so.

    "look, i was just leaving, i apologize for trespassing." He said, his uncomfortable feeling growing. This was probably the longest conversation he had had, aside from with the guards, but that didn't really count, in months.
  20. 'Wait!' She protested quickly as he had turned to leave. 'Y-You could stay a while?' Stuttering as she shifted uncomfortably where she stood, avoiding to make eye contact with him. 'It is dark and i have a den?'
    She mentally face palmed herself as soon as she had said it.
    Like that's supposed to make him stay...
    She met his gaze again and smiled weakly, trying to look at least a little bit friendly.
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