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  1. A world where Mankind does not exist, but instead, there are Dragons. Tribes, Colonies, Groups, Clans, etc. of dragons fill the world. In a small remote part of this world, located in the icy northern lands, exists one such tribe.​
    The Dijet Tribe lives in the Iceback mountains. It is a small tribe that never ventures beyond it's cold home. However a group of adventurous hatchlings have always wanted to wander farther from the snowy forest and cave they know so well. One day, when they press too far, a group of rogue dragons snatches them from their home and takes them from the mountains; intending to sell them to the blood-thirsty Bleach Bone tribe as slaves until they are rescued by a maiden dragon. The plot can go anywhere from there.​
    An important thing to note in appearance, is that their scales are so small that it's more like rough skin. There are some dragons who have larger scales, but the hatchlings have small ones. Other than that, your dragon can have almost anything. Here's to help you get a vague idea of size and shape if you need one.​
    If you are one of the hatchlings, you can also choose to be one of the kidnappers, but they are only in the thread until they are beaten by the maiden dragon. The hatchlings are looked after by an Elder dragon of the tribe; parents aren't a part of their lives. They are not yet old enough to breath fire, though they try. They can fly short distances, as their wings are big enough to hold them, but cannot take them very high or far.​
    5 spots open​
    Character Sheet:​
    Anything else:​
    There are many dragons of every different kind, size, and shape. There are big, evil dragons and small, happy ones. The possiblities are many for you to take advantage of. This is a long-term sort of roleplay that leaves the plot detailed and long for the readers and the players. Please remember that you can take your time.​
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  2. Name: Sien​
    Gender: Female​
    Appearance: Wielding ivory claws and teeth, Sien is covered in shiny ebony scales that match her dark eyes. The very tip of her tail has four small, white nubs; the growing of spikes. She has big, black wings that grow stronger with every passing day.​
    Personality: Adventurous, daring, and loyal, she's often the one to get her companions to trouble with her rash decisions and inability to think things through. She acts like she isn't scared of anything and has a bad habit of sticking her snout in things that might bite her for it. She loves to hear the Elder's stories after a day of exploring.​
  3. Sounds very interesting, but to be honest, this is the first time I've played any characters that are not human, so pardon me if I make mistakes =) Also, can my character go searching for the missing dragons and get caught to?
    Name: Jae

    Appearance: Jet black scales, blood red nubs where her claws are coming in, and black nubs where her wings are starting to grow. Her eyes are a striking sky blue. Her teeth are a bright white and her snout is slightly curved and pointed.

    Personality: Cautious and rational, this young hatchling is perfect for keeping others out of trouble. She goes around keeping everything in order, and if something isn't right, she's got to fix it herself. She is sure she can keep everything in order and someday hopes of starting her own little dragon clan where everything is perfect.
  4. No, you are one of the caught hatchlings. You and the other hatchlings get caught while out adventuring. Nice bio, btw. I guess your hatchling is younger than the rest.
  5. Oooh.. okay. And I guess she is a little younger =)
  6. And it's been awhile since my last animal roleplay, so this is like a warm-up for me, too. If you want, we can start now and go on a mini-adventure in the area our dragons are actually allowed to go in.
  7. Okie Dokie, that's fine with me
  8. Name: Taxxy
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Light blue scales, dark blue feet, ocean blue wings.
    Personality: Very cocky. However, he is loyal and will always stick with his tribe, even if it means his life. Never gives up and pushes his limits.
    Anything else: The fastest out of his tribe.
  9. Can I join this mini-adventure? c:
  10. Yes, yes you can.
  11. Name: Iceheart
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: A pearl white dragon with light blue eyes and wings
    Personality: Iceheart tends to be quiet and observing until she gets around her hatch mates. When she does she gets loud and playful
    Anything else: Iceheart is one of the rare ice dragons. She isn't destined to breath fire like the rest of them.
  12. Name - Khimaerus
    Gender - Male
    Appearance - A golden colored dragon with wise green eyes. He is slightly older than his hatch mates, and his spike nubs are slightly sharper as they have had more time to grow. He has large golden wings that seem to have a radiance in the sunlight.
    Personality - He is rather serious, and commanding. He has the presence of a leader, and is very charming and cunning. He can however be a bit bossy and rude at times.
  13. Elder Tahoa (Often just referred to as Elder

    A large green dragon that looks after the hatchlings until the are old enough to roam with the rest of the tribe. He is kind, stern as well. He lives in a large cave in the mountain side with the eggs of the tribe. This is where all of the hatchlings were born and have lived until they come of age. He has golden eyes and large, bone white spikes that line his back. He breathes fire.
  14. Is my dragon good to go?
  15. Yes, all good. Thanks for replying.
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