Dragons? Wizards? Zegginijamoeloks? Oh my!

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  1. The gods were in a joyful mood this season. Perhaps a little to joyful. They were having parties almost every weekend. Booze and vomit had rained down from the sky and onto the mortals, all who were trying to go about their own business selling things and mugging people, all of which took quite a lot of effort. It was even said when Ordok the God of Thunder had made a joke about Fenrir the God of the Late Moon's mother Ashley, just Ashley, that Fenrir the God of the Late Moon had punched Ordok the God of Thunder so hard a bolt of lightning came down from the sky and struck the Fat King Eric in the stomach so hard that his nick named turned into the Skinny Queen Erica.

    But those were just tales of the gods who had nothing better to do than sit around and waste their powers. Some of the others had things to do, like grow their amount of followers to get more power in their divination, or beat their opponent in a game of chess. While the latter didn't seem like anything big, those games of chess dictated the whole world. The gods with true power, played chess.

    And who other would be the most common and best players than Ruger the Trickster and Ariem the Embodied Spirit of Femme Fatale, she went by Atemsoff for short. They had just begun an intense match, they often played against each other and it definitely was an event that drew a crowd near.

    Ruger had lost the game of riddles and was stuck with the Wizards. Atemsoff had the Monsters. Against any of faction the Wizards would win and there would be no need for a chess game but when the mortals had two equal opponents fighting, the match could only be won by the gods.

    Ruger gingerly picked up a pawn and moved it up and adjusted his collar. Ruger's new girlfriend was watching this battle. He really didn't want to lose.


    I flew out my desk chair and through the window, that happened sometimes with telekinesis, if you weren't good enough the effect could be rebounded off the object and happen to you. I being no good at telekinesis, flew out the window and the pencil stayed put.

    The Grand Librarian Sacte had floated me down. He laughed at patted me on the back once I picked myself up. "Trying telekinesis again are we Dorose?" Sacte laughed. "Don't look so grim, it's all in good fun."

    I rubbed my head. "I guess." When you went speeding through fool's glass it didn't break as much tried to take the hit. So of course the glass tried to dodge me but of course being an inanimate object it didn't really have a choice and I broke it off from it's hinges.

    The whole piece of fools glass then flew down and almost cut my toes off if I hadn't heard it coming. Then someone screamed out of the window I had taken a tumble through. "Look there! It's a. A uh. Uhm. Z? Ze? Zegg? Zeggini? Zegginija? Zegginijamoe? ZEGGINIJAMOELOK!"

    I had no idea what the hell that was but whatever it did it flew through the humungus wall and broke one of the two Towers of Wizardy Schooling. It was like a turtle but huge, fast and a shell made of shiny orange metal. Whatever it was looked towards me.

    A lightning bolt shot from it's eyes and into my heart killing me instantly. But I didn't die, I felt as if I was being brought back into existence. Like some had changed their move in a game of chess.

    I shook my head and looked around me. "Did you see the lightning bolt thingie?!" I asked the Grand Librarian.

    "My gods man? What are you talking about that thing. That. That Zegginijamoelok just ripped apart a whole tower!" Sacte threw up his arms. "Run! Run for your life!"

    I wasn't sure if I should've run, thinking in the now. I probably should have, but then again I wouldn't have met those other Wizards who helped me fight the little monster and turn me into the great Wizard I am today.
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    Shadow the Courier, flew from the crumbling tower, cursing her bad luck. She was a messenger, not a battle mage! How did it even end up like this!? Oh, she knew how!

    "I need you to deliver a message to a very important wizard-" The Guild Master had started.

    "No! Ask someone else!" She snapped, interrupting him. She had had a long run that day, she was tired.

    "I already asked everyone else!" He whined, "They all have assignments! You're the only one who can do this! Why do you hate wizards so much anyway, you use magic, too!"

    "Because they're stuck up, annoying, and destroy things more often than they actually accomplish something!" She snarled, "My magic is actually useful!"

    "Which is why you're perfect for the job!" He insisted, "I'll pay you double, okay! Just get going!"

    Of course, he had tricked her into accepting the job later that evening. Double pay looked too good to pass up anyway. She wasn't exactly poor, but she wasn't rich, either. Running around everywhere you go tended to leave you hungry, thirsty, and tired.
    -----------------------------(Memory End)

    The 'important wizard' had turned out to be just as annoying as she had predicated, keeping her here with his snobby lectures on how she shouldn't use magic for something a pitiful as running faster. She didn't have any formal training or anything like that when it came to her magic. It just came naturally. She didn't need spells or ingredients for it, she just called and it came; in force. Of course, this meant that she couldn't do a lot of other magic, most of the time she only managed to pull off things that affected her. Like increasing her running speed on jobs until she was known as one of the fastest Couriers money could buy.

    She ducked her head as rumble rained down from the destroyed tower, dust filling the air. 'Geez. I'm getting out of here before I get killed!' She thought, about to take off when she ran straight into another kid that had been standing in the dust instead of running away.
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