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  1. Hey! Please excuse my boring title, but I have an idea for the makings of a good plot.

    I was thinking of having the story be about dragons hiding in a human society that specifically has a problem against such creatures. The characters are discovering that an evil force is rising and the humans are oblivious to it. They realize there are evil spirits disguised as humans on the planet who are up to no good. Some of the characters may strive to find a way to get to the bottom of it, while others may become just roped in. So basically a villain group of sorts is trying to corrupt the city where the dragons live. They are also being hunted by the spirits as well as the government hired hunters and have to try to evade them. Eventually they will be led on a chase of sorts to obtain information or artifacts that can banish such spirits before all of the damage is done.
    Some other details:
    -if you came here looking for a heterosexual pairing, you are probably out of luck....
    -you can have two or more characters(so long as you can manage them)
    -at least a few detailed paragraphs are required each post
    -absolutely no godmodding
    -setting is a sort of a cross between modern and medieval..which may not make sense..Just think that it has some modern aspects, but there are little to no guns or advanced technology and mythical creatures obviously exist
    -should be able to post a few times a day
    -this role play has nothing to do with anime so anime physics or characters don't apply
    -dragons have to be over viewed by me and bios will be made. Don't be expecting massive dragons that can destroy everything....All dragons also have human forms they can take.

    PM me if you are interested and I will only be able to accept a few interested writers. Thanks!

    (This post was edited a bit from when it was first posted, now it involves dragons primarily because...dragons)
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