Dragons' War

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    No one remembers exactly how it started, but one day the world we once knew changed forever. Dragons of all kinds started appearing from under earth, from the oceans, from caves, and from the clouds. At first they just focused on finding food and shelter, but then the battle started. Dragons fought against each other and humans started killing them for fear, turning into Dragon Slayers. Some dragons allied with groups of humans to defeat their oun kind and then, the Dragon Riders born.

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    A few months ago two dragons, were seen fighting, both huge like no other, one black (Furvus) and one white (Albus). Its said that they where once brothers, but their different opinions broke that, and that fight is the reason why all the other dragons started killing each other. What side will you choose?

    --Photo of your dragon or human--
    Human or Dragon
    Albus, Furvus, or Neutral

  2. It would be helpful if you provided more information about the brother dragons, their differing views and opinions (and thus the reason they now fight).
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  3. Thank you for the observation. About the brother dragons, I wanted to keep them anonymous, more mysterious because no one had been real close to meet them. But... I was then thinking about bringing one of them to RP and then have another person RP the other.

    The reaosn they fight is simple. Furvus (black) want to kill all the humans and make Earth a dragon's world. Albus (white) is the good one that says that the humans were living creatures as well and that they deserve to life along with the dragons. But then you have the issue that not all humans accept that. So some worked along with the dragons. Other simply became dragon slayers and decided to finish all the dragons to keep their world and their own only.
  4. @Gray Hey, do you remeber your Dinosaur RP? I signed up for it.
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  5. Hey, yes, of course. And thank you :3 I will check it out right now.
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