Dragons' War

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    No one remembers exactly how it started, but one day the world we once knew changed forever. Dragons of all kinds started appearing from under earth, from the oceans, from caves, and from the clouds. At first they just focused on finding food and shelter, but then the battle started. Dragons fought against each other and humans started killing them for fear, turning into Dragon Slayers. Some dragons allied with groups of humans to defeat their oun kind and then, the Dragon Riders born.

    A few months ago two dragons, were seen fighting, both huge like no other, one black (Furvus) and one white (Albus). Its said that they where once brothers, but their different opinions broke that, and that fight is the reason why all the other dragons started killing each other. What side will you choose?

    --Photo of your dragon or human--
    Human or Dragon
    Albus, Furvus, or Neutral

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    Byrus - Dragon - Neutral
    Byrus walked in between the ruins of another building. He hadn't find food in days now and the idea of hunting the first living thing that walked in front of him was so tempting. Huffing lowly, he continued walking and reached a stoned bridge. His talons tested it's endurance before walking over it slowly, looking around and down at the dark river for at least a fish.
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  3. http://ts2.mm.bing.net/th?id=JN.S1KLlxI5Da1ZuDn6CwZ4Pw&pid=1.1

    Alric was perched high on a building, watching byrus attempting to hunt. Things like this amused him. If he at least chose a side, he'd be able to survive. If he joined Furvus thought, it'd be easier. A smile that seemed more like a snarl crossed his face. He flew from building to building, picking up rubble from the rooftops. Each time he flew to another building, he dropped tiny pebbles on Byrus' s head. It was enough to bother him but not injure him.
    "Dude, join a side!" He mocked him.
  4. Byrus looked up when a shadow passed over him. He growled lowly as he recognized that green serpent of Alric. He shook his head annoyed as the stones fell over his head and huffed at his words. He was always hearing those words. If he chose a side he would have to fight, and he was pretty confortable with just standing back and live his life as peacefully as he could. "Go annoy someone else, Alric. I'm not in the mood, 'dude'."
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  5. Donatien - Human - Neutral

    (Might change image later I'm iffy)

    Donatien walked at a leisurely pace, despite knowing many dragons were nearby. He knew that dragons were dangerous and unpredictable when it came to humans, yet he didn't mind if he were to actually see one. Sure, there'd been many since he was young, but to his knowledge, he never actually got to meet one up close. He had an inkling that he was strange for a human being, yet, he didn't really care. Donatien let out a little puff of air through his nose, trying to stifle a laugh at himself for being so foolish.
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  6. IMG_20150603_134500.jpg Nightshade - Dragon - Furvus
    Shade looked at the thin human walking all alone and unworried. Not a lot of meat but it was something. She grinned evilly and came out from the darkness of a fallen building. "Look what the cat dragged..." She walked behind him like a fox playing with his food, her tail teasing the boy's legs. "It will be more fun if you run. I can give you an advantage of you like. What do you say?" She grinned again as clear blue eyes looked at him.
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  7. Don jumped slightly at the sound of somebody speaking. At first he assumed there was another foolish human and turned, but faced a dragon instead. His first response was shock and slight fear, but after hearing the dragon finish, he found himself more curious. Tilting his head, Donatien took a step towards the large and rather beautiful dragon. "Now, why would I do that?" He asked, smiling up at the large creature. "I would stand no chance then," He said as-a-matter-of-factly.
  8. Shade narrowed her eyes when he smiled. Oh for Furvus sake... "You are one of those humans, right?" She shower her lake row of sharp fangs and hissed annoyed. "I didn't say you would have a chance, but it would be more fun, for me." She grinned with a low growl and licked her lips. "But... If you don't want to run, there are other ways I can play with you." Slipping her large tongue out, she rolled it around his ankle and liftes him up to the air to then let him go. As he fell, she took his shirt with her fangs and held him a feet away form the ground with an amused chuckle.
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  9. Alric flew down and hovered a few tail-lengths above Byrus' s head.
    "Aw, cmon. You're such a stick-in-the-mud. But you do know that if either side wins, they'll probably get rid of the opposing side and their ways. That includes lazy neutrals. And, we have good food and shelter. I mean, what do you have, huh? Living in a human building or something? Pheh." He spat a bright orange flame. "But it wont be too long till one of us wins, and I'm pretty sure I'm on the winning team. Albus doesn't have a chance against this Dragon!" The self-absorbed dragon flexed his puny arms. He was pretty arrogant for his small stature.
  10. "How I live my life is non of your matter, Alric." Byrus growled lowly and narrowed his white eyes at the green dragon. He looked at his selfish performance and grinned, taking advantage of his distraction to jump high up and take his tail into his jaws, not pressing enough to actually hurt him. With him locked, he jumped down the bridge and into the river. He was almost double the size of Alric and even if he tried to fly he wouldn't be able to lift his weight up.
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  11. [​IMG]
    Flake - Dragon - Neutral

    Flake had been wandering the ruins of this place for weeks now, eating mice, birds, lizards and whatever other small creatures he could capture. Every advantage provided by being a dragon required the one thing he didn't have much of yet: age.
    The hatchling's egg had fallen out of his mother's nest, into a river and brought all the way here where his mom and dad whoever they may be, would never find her!
    She wasn't much bigger than a humanchild of 8 years and though she could spit ice, not in infernally devastating amounts just yet. It was enough to paralyze her food, so.. that made her content.

    "How I live my life is non of your matter, Alric.", she heard a powerful and deep growling voice and jumped, shrieking a little too loudly. Hoping that she hadn't caught the elder dragon's attention, the kid hushed behind a rock, folded its wings together to cover the rest of its body and hide his face, praying to whatever gods there may be, that the stranger called Byrus would NOT look or smell her.

    .. scratch that, of course he'd smell her.
  12. Byrus let go of Alric's tail once he hit the water. He stood up to take his head out from the water, shaking it with a slight chuckle. Looking down at at water, he sighed and started to walk back to the shore. Great, with this joke he now scared all the fishes away. He was still hungry and if he couldn't catch anything in the next hour he was going to hunt humans again. Taking a deep breath, he looked around as another scent caught his attention. He walked heavily lowering his jaws to the ground as he followed it's origin. Pressing his paw against the ground, he lifted up the creature that hid behind a rock. He was an earth dragon after all, and moving a small portion of earth like that was of no problem for him. Byrus narrowed his eyes when he saw the white ball before him. It was very small, so much that it could fit easily inside his jaws. Growling lowly, he sniffed it again and felt how cold his body was. A dragon?
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  13. Flake was literally frozen with fear, his shivers being the only reaction given to the rock being lifted. Well, he was an earth type, of course he'd be able to lift those few tons... Tons that would have crushed Flake to a bloody mess, but what was she to expe- oh god, he had taken her into one of his paws and lifted her up.
    Byrus sniffed her next, apparently unsure of what to do.

    To give him a suggestion, Flake begged, "Don't eat me!! Don't eat me!!", her wings hugging her body even tighter, almost giving her a ballshape. She'd peeked from through between her wings for a second, her red orbs meeting Byrus' until she decided to "hide" again.
  14. (Just a question, is Flake a her or a he? Sorry. And Byrus lifted the earth under the dragon so Flake would be at his level, he didn't use his paw, just moved it to control the earth. And he doesn't have arms, just wings. Sorry I didn't explain myself better.)

    Byrus listened to his begging and narrowed his eyes. It would be too easy to just slip that small snack into his jaws and swallow it whole. And if he didn't eat him, some other dragon would, or even a human. He had heard some horrific stories about humans that didn't just hunt dragons but also ate them. It wouldn't give him much nutrients but it was something, and he would be reducing the number of mouths to be feed in this decaying world. Then why he was still debating on eating him or not? Such a little creature would eventually die in this hostile environment. Why couldn't he take advantage of this piece of meat and just eat it? Byrus growled lowly, annoyed to his own self as he lowered the earth once more placing him down. "You will die at some point. Especially if you just hide instead of fighting, or run at least." He turned around and walked back to the river. He would have to wait for some fish to appear or he would die of hunger. His stomach was already growling at him with the lack of food in days.
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  15. (It's okay, ^^ now that misunderstandings are outta the way we cam continue. Flake is a she and she's about two months old, eexplaining her small size;)

    The earth Dragon seemed to have hesitated and thought for a long time. Was he considering her as a meal? Relief washed over the little dragoness when he decided against eating her alive and she was put back down.
    The moment he turned away from her, she dared to get out of her terrified and balled up position.
    The growl of his stomach was louder than his voice. Flake was good at hunting... She'd never been as hungry as this guy. A little ice always kept the prey in place, even underwater; she'd caught and eaten buffaloes without much trouble.. Maybe she could help him! As a sign of gratitude for not eating her up!

    "Thank you, mister!", with that, she hurried off as fast as a lizard and was out of his sight.
    She caught view of an antelope that wasn't suspecting her presence. The moment it did notice, she was only five feet behind it! Quickly shooting a little ice around its feet, she disabled it from running. Then Flake broke its neck and pulled it back all the way to Byrus. This took approximately ten

    "Do you like antelopes?", she chirped behind him, nudging the back of his paw to catch his attention. "I caught you one!"
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  16. [​IMG]
    Rowena - Human - Albus

    Each step Rowena took on foot was a painful reminder of just what she had lost in the past. Her Dragon. Her beautiful dragon. They worked so well together and now that crafted partnership had been destroyed. Rowena was both dragon slayer and dragon rider...exactly that. Was. Past tense.

    On the side of Albus, she would hunt down those who were on his false brother's side. But she hadn't done that for six months. It still hurt, her nightmares riddled with her dragon's screams as she still tried to protect Rowena as they tumbled out of the sky and hurtled toward land.

    Flinching at the memory, she continued onward with her sword lightly bouncing at her hip and the rest of her weapons concealed on her person. Pulling out her water flask, she took what was left to give before knowing she'd have to find a lake or something again...perhaps find a neutral dragon or another supporter of Albus to boil it for her to cleanse the water.
  17. Alric was still sitting in the water, rubbing his injured tail. He'd been doing it for a few, maybe 15 minutes now. Finally he got to his feet.
    "Why'd ya do that?" He yelled at Byrus angrily. "I have half a mind to drag you to furvus and have you roasted- wait, what is that?" He said, finally seeing that Byrus had found something. As Flake came bouncing back with the antelope, Alric sighed in adoration.
    "Awww! Lookit! It's so adorable!" he said. Then he smelled the air. "AND there is a human nearby... I wonder who it could be?" He flew up back to the top of the building he originally started at and looked down. He saw a bunch of neutral dragons and humans... and one for Albus. But he was too lazy to pick a fight that second. So he flew back to Byrus.
    "Meh, some human of Albus's. I'll deal with her later. But D'awww! This baby Dragon is so cute!" He cooed.
  18. Flake felt intimidated by Alric's adoration and attention, crawling a few feet back and leaving the antelope where it was. More dangerously big dragons that could kill her by an accidental or intentional step... she had wanted to catch as little attention as possible, maybe hide in the ruins, until she'd grown up enough to handle herself in a battle, but these two had found her somehow.. bad.
    On the other hand, none of them had really harmed her yet. "Uhm.. h-hello..", she said shyly, preferring to look at her own claws rather than the potential threat in front of her.. and behind her, if one still counted that earth dragon.
    Her ears perked up when a human was mentioned. There was a human around here?? Having grown up far from any means of civilization, Flake had never seen a human, but heard lots of the sentient species. She was so eager to see it!

    "I wanna see human!!", she said eagerly and flapped her wings, taking off with a roar to aim for the spot Alric had flown to. though still young, she certainly didn't need any help flying. Her wings worked perfectly fine, carrying her up into the sky where she flew in circles, distancing herself more and more, looking for the human.
    She saw a fragile, but armed and clothed being. A woman, but that she did not know at this point yet. She let out a greeting growl that might've been mistaken for an attacking roar by the woman. "Hi, human!", Flake ex-claimed (I dunno, can Rowena understand dragon-language?), apparently very excited, as she continuously approached the ground near the woman, but made two wrong flaps and landed on her muzzle clumsily, making a somersault before coming to a stop. She was on the ground, 25 feet from where Rowena stands or just stood.
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  19. Rowena froze at the sound of wings which were soon accompanied by a magnificent sounding roar, leaving her sharply looking upward and her sword in her hand ready and prepared. But...at the sight of what was landing before her, she slowly lowered her weapon and allowed a soft grin to pull at her lips. The little dragon's words echoed in her mind, something Rowena had long forgotten about. After bonding with her dragon two years ago, Rowena had then since been able to hear any dragon that spoke directly to her or around her...but that was forgotten six months down the line after hardly any interaction.

    Unable to help herself, she gave a small laugh as the dragon landed ever so clumsily. 'It's but a child, a baby perhaps...not too old.' Rowena thought to herself as she approached carefully. She sheathed her sword and held her hands up as to show she meant no harm as she drew closer. Upon arriving, she studied the baby carefully, hand reaching out to gently brush along the white scales, "Pristine colouring, like crystals." She murmured, "Talons are nicely curved...wings...they'll grow even stronger in age and body...you're an agile little thing aren't you?" Rowena continued analysing, "Feet are rather big though...but they'll be grown into. Gorgeous. A strong and beautiful dragon."
  20. Donatien let a smile cross his face. "Aw, you'd really kill me? A defenseless human?" He didn't struggle in the dragon's grasp, instead patting her nose gently. "You're strong aren't you," He didn't intend it as a question, already knowing the answer. "Yet, I have the feeling you chose a side."
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