Dragons' Uprising

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    Many people do not believe in dragons. They say that they never existed, that they were just exaggerated stories, myths. But what they did not know is that they DID exist.
    They lived in medieval times, where kings reign and castles were common. More and more peasants were moving into the villages, and the king refused to see how badly off his people were. Dragons were being hunted down, but not for the reasons that have been painted in history. The king was growing older, and he feared death. Legends say that the blood of the last dragon will make the drinker immortal, and the king had promised one thousand gold coins to anyone who kills a dragon and brings him its blood. The dragons were slaughtered, hunted down, and drained of their blood so that way one selfish king could continue living in wealth and comfort. The king feared death, because he knew what awaited him when he passed away. The dragons were hunted into near extinction, and soon there only were ten.

    The ten dragons desperately turned to their last option.They chose three people, and combined with them, soul and body. These three people then became the dragons in a way, and had the abilities of the dragons. They could also turn into dragonsentirely.

    Now thousands of years have passed, and the descendants of the people chosen by the dragons still have the characteristics of their ancestors. Some people have rare sightings of a dragon in the sky or forest, and sometimes forest fires pop up out of nowhere. Even stranger, some fires have been started in the nearest college. With dragon blood running through their veins, you cannot expect them to stay out of trouble.


  2. Elyssa awoke with a start. She squinted, a bit bleary, and looked around. This was not her room. Suddenly she sat up, now fully awake. The room smelled metallic, and slightly like alcohol, the kind they used in hospitals. She was in a brightly lit room that slightly resembled a hospital room, except with no windows, and she wasn't wearing a hospital gown. In fact, what was she wearing? She wore what looked like a uniform, with a plain white shirt and pure white pants. Across the shirt was the number 3. Was I in an accident? She thought, and got off of the bed, which resembled more of a metal frame and a thin mattress than an actual sleeping spot. Then she remembered. She was at school, a normal day. Well, as normal as a day could get for a girl with dragon blood. She was about to get off the bus, perhaps morph into her dragon self and go terrorize the local sheep, but then there was a thwack, and she had passed out. Now she was here.

    Elyssa walked to the door and tried the handle. Locked. Now getting a bit angry and confused, she knocked on the door, then waited. With increasing panic, she knocked harder. "HEY! Is anybody out there?" Nobody answered. Elyssa took a deep breath, and tried to morph into her dragon form. Nothing happened. They must've given me something to keep me from morphing...Whoever THEY are. Elyssa didn't know how the mysterious people who had imprisoned her knew about her dragon heritage, but now she was beginning to panic. She went back to sit on her bed, and as soon as she did, a man carrying a tray came into the room. He smiled at her, and gave her the tray. "You've been in an accident." Elyssa was sure he was lying. She took the tray from him, and as soon as he turned his back, she sprang up and hit him on the head with the tray. He collapsed to the floor. Elyssa studied the dent in the tray, suprised. She must've hit him harder than she thought. She sprang out of the now unlocked door and into a hallway, where she stopped. The hallway was very long, and there was nobody in it. There were other doors, and as Elyssa ran by each door, she checked to see if there was other patients.
  3. Violet awoke with a jolt. She bolted out of her spot and looked around. She remembered what happened exactly, but she couldn't fight against it. She was at home...they'd broken into her house and kidnapped her..she tried to fight, but she couldn't, they knocked her out. She looked at her uniform. Number two..weird. She looked around and saw a door. She calmly walked over, looking for cameras, before trying to open the door. LOCKED?!?! Well, what did I expect? She kicked it, but it didn't budge. Then, a woman came in. "Hel-" Violet kicked her hard and the lady collapsed. Stepping gingerly over the woman, Violet stepped out of the room and cracked the door. She stayed quiet as she sprinted down the hall, ignoring most doors as they were labeled 'Restricted' or 'Power supply' or 'closet' but she didn't see one labeled like her's, 'lab 2.' She skidded to a stop as she came up to one, but it was wide open. "Someone else.." She said in a hushed voice and looked around. She noticed a girl in white ahead of her and she ran up. "Hey..hey hey hey..Are you?" She stopped. "Nevermind. Have you found anyone else?" She asked, recognizing the girl's uniform. Her first question was going to be if she was like Violet herself, but Violet knew the answer.
  4. Elyssa stopped and stared at the new person. She had seemed to have escaped as well. "No, I haven't seen anybody else." Elyssa turned to face the last set of doors she had came to. They were a heavy set of double doors, and had a menacing look to them. "This might be the only way out....But....If you are number two, and I'm number three, who's number one? Should we look?" But just then a door to her left opened to reveal four people there. They pointed and ran towards the two girls. "Too late now!" She said, and she grabbed the other girl's arm. Elyssa opened the double doors and stepped inside, dragging the other girl with her. She closed the door and locked it, hearing the muffled shouts of the "doctors" and feeling the door handle jiggle. She put her ear to the door and heard steps fade away. She sighed and slumped down on the floor. "We're safe, for now." Elyssa looked around now that the danger was over. They were in a large room, with cables and wires trailing across the floor and connecting into servers and some sort of machine in the center. A dark red liquid flowed in a clear tube that connected into the machine in the center. The machine was tall and shaped like a cylinder. Elyssa saw that the clear tube came from a door in the corner.

    She walked over to the other door, and opened it. Suddenly she froze. She opened her mouth as if to say something, but what was in the room left her speechless. In the other room was a dragon.

    The dragon was dark red with a black underbelly and black membrane on his wings. He had bright green eyes, and he had even darker red stripes down his back. He was huge, an adult, and was chained to the floor, breathing laboriously. The dragon didn't seemed surprised to see the girl. He opened his mouth, and a deep rumbling voice came out. "It seems as if one of my own descendants stand before me. Tell me, what is your name? And the name of the other girl over there as well, who is also of dragon blood, isn't she?"
  5. Violet ran behind her and stood a little away from the door, waiting to see if they'd actually get in. When it was all clear, she let out a relieved sigh. "Close. I have no idea where number one is." Violet didn't follow Elyssa as she opened the door, in fact, she was on the opposite side of the room. The only reason she turned was a voice that caused chills down her spine. She turned around slowly, walking up behind Elyssa to see the dragon. It took her only a moment to register that the dragon was real, it asked Elyssa's name, and asked if Violet, herself, was dragon blooded. Violet nodded. "Uhh..yeah..I'm Violet, I go by Vi." She said in almost a silent whisper. She never knew that dragon's could speak English unless they were part human. "uuhhmhm..where are we?"
  6. The dragon sighed, and smoke blew from it's scaly nose. "You are in an experimental facility operated by the immortal king. He keeps me here to stay alive. I am the last full blooded dragon." Elyssa, now recovered from her shock, saw the chains that kept the dragon on the floor. "Vi! Help me get these chains off of him!" Elyssa rushed to unclasp the chains from large metal rings on the floor. "My name is Elyssa. What did you mean by the 'immortal king?'" The dragon sighed again. "Back in the medieval days there live a corrupt king. He heard a legend about the blood of the last true dragon. The legend says that the blood will let you live forever, with eternal youth. The king wanted this blood, and he ordered all of his best soldiers to kill the dragons, one by one, until there was only one. There were only ten dragons after years of reckless killing, and these ten dragons searched the world for three people. They combined their souls and blood with the humans, saving the dragon spirit. That is why you have dragon blood in your veins, and that is why you can turn into a dragon." Elyssa listened while she worked, and the more she thought about the king, the angrier she got. Her dragon soul was enraged by the senseless killing, and before she knew it, she was growing a tail, then wings, and spikes. She had morphed into a dragon, and sparks flew from her mouth and nose when she talked. "You mean that inconsiderate king just kept on killing.....You're the only one left! If I could get my claws on him I would-" Her dragon claws had tightened on the chain until it snapped apart. Her tail lashed back and forth, and her eyes burned with anger.
  7. Violet walked over to the other side, pulling on the change. She gritted her teeth as he spoke, taking deep breaths as so she wouldn't transform. There was not enough room for three dragons in the confined space. "Elyssa..one more chain." she said, pointing to the chain still staked on the other side. Violet had managed to release the locks on this side, the chains now limp from release. "So this king..what does he want with us?"
  8. Elyssa, now a bit calmer, broke the other chain on the other side. The red dragon stood up, first stretching like a cat, then stretching his wings. "Much better. Thank you." Then the dragon fixed his intense eyes on Vi. "I am growing older. I have lived for thousands of years, and my time is almost up. Once I die, the king will die....Unless he finds another true dragon. He thinks that he can somehow turn your blood into the same substance that has kept him alive all these years. That monster. He thinks he can get away from death?" Elyssa eyed the door. She didn't like the idea of having to go back out there again, but now that she knew Vi was a dragon, they would be able to fly away. That is, if the king didn't find them first. "The king's soldiers have special tranquilizing guns that can keep you from turning into a dragon. Be careful." Elyssa took in a deep breath. "Ready to try to bust out of here?"
  9. Violet nodded and stepped into the bigger room, ducking under the red dragon's wings. "I'm not transforming until we get out of the building." she said calmly, but seriously. She walked over to the door, listening carefully. "It sounds..empty?"
  10. Elyssa flapped her white wings a few times and folded them tightly against her scaly sides. The red dragon nodded. "Empty enough." Then Elyssa took hold of the door handles with her dexterous front claws. She looked at the others, and pulled the doors open. The hall was clear. For now. "Let's hurry." Elyssa said, and quickly began to walk down the hall. She stopped. She had checked all of the other halls already, and they were all dead ends. That meant that the only way to get out must be though the door the king's soldiers came through.
  11. As soon as Elyssa opened the doors, Violet slipped out and looked both ways. "Which way?" She asked, surprised no one was searching for them or anything. "At one point we're probably going to have to fight our way out." She added, knowing they probably had all exist guarded.
  12. "Looks like we'll have to go through those doors. I'll go first." Elyssa said, and she had to crouch down to fit through the doorway as she opened the door. Inside was a circular room, but the ceiling was arched high above her head, and many baskets of plants hung from the arches. There were three doorways in each hall, and each doorway was adorned with a symbol. There was a symbol for water, a symbol for air and a symbol for fire. Elyssa stopped, but the red dragon stepped forward. He opened the door for air. "Through here." He said, and he went though it without hesitation.
  13. Violet followed Elyssa through the doors. She looked around the room. "wow." she said quietly before half-consciously stepping through the door the red dragon disappeared through. "How long until we are outside?" She asked the red dragon quietly, scanning everything around.
  14. Elyssa followed Violet through the door. Then she sighed again. The room was exactly the same as the other one, except the symbols on the doors had changed. Now it was Earth, Fire, and Water. The red dragon seemed surprised, as if he wasn't expecting another room. "Now what?"
  15. Violet shrugged. "Maybe the correct door is fire or water, considering Air and Earth changed. Maybe it's like a pattern, and you're supposed to go through the door that copies itself." She said, knowing the idea sounded pretty stupid. "I don't know." She looked back the way they had come. This room seemed a little brighter than the last one.
  16. Elyssa tilted her scaly grey head to the side, considering. "Or perhaps the opposite. We might need to go through the door that changed." She said, and then slowly made her way towards the earth door. She hesitated then, tail swishing, then resumed walking. She slowly started to morph. Now back in her human form, she tied up her hair with a rubber band she found in her pocket and smiled at Violet. "Let's go." She took a deep breath, and turned the brass doorknob with her now human hands. The heavy wooden door swung open with a creak, and it opened to a large hall lined with torches. Elyssa gasped, and the red dragon growled.

    Beyond the door was a very large room, with stained glass windows and chandeliers hanging from the high arched ceiling. The room was large enough for ten dragons to stand in a line in, and on the floor was a carpet trailing across the stone floor like a pathway. When Elyssa saw what was at the other end of the carpet, she understood. The room was a throne room, and at the far end was a large golden throne. It was empty, but a goblet still stood on the armrest. "Are...Are we in a castle?" Elyssa asked. The red dragon only growled. "After all these years, he still hasn't given up the throne." His tail lashed back and forth, and it knocked over a torch. The firelight glowed, and the torch smoked and charred the carpet, the hot coals spilling over onto the fabric. Elyssa hurriedly stomped out the small flames, and as she did, she didn't notice the king enter the room.

    "Hello, Fenirin. Looks like your little friends have gotten you out of your prison."

    The voice echoed through the room, making Elyssa jump. The voice was cold and smooth, and not at all what she imagined a thousand-year-old king to sound like. She turned around to see the king, dressed in the finest of robes, a circular crown on his head. She didn't know why he was dressed like that. The era of kings was over. He smiled, sat down and pressed a button on the throne. "Guards! Come take away our guests." Almost as if the guards were hidden behind the doors, they immediately filled the room and began running towards them. The red dragon roared and shot a red spiral of flame at the guards, but it seemed to defect off of them like water. The king laughed. "I have the best technologies, and the best devices. Do you really think that I wasn't expecting you to escape? Do you really think that I wouldn't think of protecting my men from your flame?"

    Elyssa took a step back, her fist clenched. "If you have all of this modern technology, why do you insist in living like a medieval king? Is it that you cannot admit that you rule over nothing? Is it that you cannot see that, in the real world, you would be nothing? Come and fight us yourself, you coward!" She shouted, feeling a sense of rage at the king's behavior. The king stood up then, with a dark look on his face.

    "How DARE you insult me!? I have all the power in the world! I have cheated death itself! Just for that, you do not deserve to aid me in my quest for power. Guards! Dispatch of the one named Elyssa!" The guards then turned to Elyssa. "Violet, this would be a good time to turn into a dragon now..." Elyssa said, and shifted back into a dragon. She roared, and with a few flaps of her wings, flew up into the air. She tried to fly higher, to burst out of a window, but when she flew towards the stained glass, something crackled and shocked her. He electrified the windows! She thought, and landed back on the ground.
  17. Violet was growling at the King the moment he entered the room. She ducked away from the red flames and her eyes flashed. "Leave them alone.." She said, her voice like slippery snakes. The growl deepened as she grew into her dragon form, shaking her head. "Water is opposite, is it not?" She said, glaring at the king. She glanced up at the windows, but saw Elyssa come back down. "You have NO power! You are Pathetic! Useless! Greedy!" She growled at the king, shifting her feet every so often, but refraining from attacking. "You kill off a species to make YOU feel more powerful..but what happens when those left, kill you?" Her voice was dark and menacing, but had a slight flow to it.
  18. Elyssa roared and charged towards the nearest guard on the left. She quickly turned around and used her tail to knock over the guards, and she frantically looked for another exit. Then she was it. At the far side of the room to the left of the throne was the door the king used to enter the room. The king had gotten off of the throne and was walking towards it, face dark with fury. "Violet! Stop the king!" The king heard me and turned around, a smirk on his face. He pressed a button next to the door, and Elyssa heard a click as the doors behind them were locked. They were trapped, and the only way out was past the guards. Elyssa turned to see that the guards had drawn their guns, and that they were loading a tranquilizer dart into the gun. Vi could stop the king while Elyssa and the red dragon fought the soldiers.
  19. Violet nodded and let out another rumbling growl. She took flight, twisting in the air and diving straight for the king. Opening her mouth, she fired. Instead of hot-burning fire, she spewed a jet of water straight at him, a jet of water that would tie any regular human to the ground and possibly break their bones. She landed right beside him, staring him down. "You.." she growled, anger written in her blue eyes.
  20. Elyssa's catlike eyes widened as she saw Violet spew a jet of water towards the king. I didn't know that dragons could have elements. Well, elements other than fire. She silently cheered for Violet, but Elyssa had other matters to attend to. She whipped around to see a guard pull the trigger of one of the guns. Quicker than a flash, she instinctively moved to the side. The dart hit the wall behind her with a twang. Elyssa then took off into the air. She flew as high as the room would allow her, which was a good 50 feet or so, and then dove down, straight at a group of three guards. They saw the dragon headed toward them at high speed and scrambled to get out of the way. Elyssa landed on the ground, making the floors vibrate. The shock wave knocked the soldiers off of their feet, and they landed unconscious. Only five soldiers left. Elyssa tossed one guard on her horns, and she pinned down another with her claws. "Tell me how to get out of here or you'll be fried to a crisp. Is there a map? Anything?" She growled, narrowing her eyes to slits. The guard paled.

    "The-the king has a map that he keeps in his room! Please don't kill me!" He stammered, and Violet used her tail to hit him on the head, knocking him out. He would wake up with quite a headache later.

    Then Elyssa went to aid Violet. The king was getting up.

    "I am more powerful than any halfling, pest! You cannot kill me with a mere jet of water! One I get the true dragon's last drop of blood, I will be immortal! Then I will have my ultimate victory!" Elyssa narrowed her eyes. He was trapped. He was just spouting nonsense because he knew he was defeated.
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