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  1. Dragons: Stories of Berk

    Welcome to Berk. It's cold here most of the year and freezing the rest of the year, but that doesn't seem to bother anyone. After all vikings have lived here for as long as anyone can remember and with the addition of our dragon companions life around Berk has become a lot more interesting. It has been decades sense a dragon was befriended by a viking and now everyone seems to own a dragon or in some way the dragon owns the viking if its lazy and you can't exactly tell a dragon what to do. But everyone here is relatively happy and tensions between vikings and dragons are low, that is unless you're training at the academy, then all bets are off. The Chief of Berk Hackett the Wise constantly watches over the village to ensure both viking and dragon kind are happy often taking time out of his own schedule to fill their needs. While disputes often arise in the village they are quickly resolved with the help of the Chief. Like every village Berk isn't perfect, but its home. And the best part is when a viking turns 18, they must venture out to find a dragon companion of their own at a nearby dragon's nest. Once they succeed, Hackett holds a ceremony celebrating the new rider and companion. Then after the parties its time to get down to work. They have to get a saddle made for their dragon and some time at the academy to use their weapons on dragon back before they are truly ready to test their dragon to the fullest. After all is said and done there is plenty to do around Berk. From helping vikings to exploring the many islands scattered around there's bound to be more than enough to keep a young viking happy and moving. And once a Viking turns 18 its time for them to venture out find a dragon companion to become friends with as well as to compete with for the upcoming Alpha Tamer Tournament where all new Viking Dragon Riders participate for both bragging rights and a trophy. And this year its your turn. How will you write your story and what kind of dragon companion will you end up with? Only one way to find out.

    Rules(always with the rules)

    -Follow all Iwaku rules

    -No one liners (at least three sentences to a paragraph)

    -No godmodding (train a dragon right away, be able to kill a dragon or person with one hit)

    -No mary sues and gary sues

    -Romance is allowed, but please keep it minimal. Any explicit content must be taken in PMs. Seriously there are kids in the room.

    -There will be no fighting(unless in the IC thread) or bullying of any kind. Any problems that arise will be settled in a calm manner or else the instigator will get the metal boot.

    -If you plan to kill off someones character, please PM them and ask if that's okay (only if they agree to it)

    -I ask that you at least post a few times a week unless you let us know you are going away for a while. I understand sometimes unexpected things happen and you need to disappear for a while. If that is the case let us know at your earliest convenience when you might be returning.

    -No text talk in the RP, only in the OOC

    -All viking characters will be considered 18 years old. You may message me for exceptions, I promise I won't bite....hard.

    If you have any questions you can PM me or the Co-GM @Foxtrot and we'll help you out how we can.

    It should be noted I will be taking the part of the Chief and my character will be older and act more as like a guardian or chaperon with his own dragon, but he doesn't mind having fun and I will try not to drag on things for too long for other people to get their dragons. However it is an adventure, so it won't done right away.

    Accepted Characters:

    Toppe (@Iatos)
    Hackett the Wise (@Cloudjumper)
    Halvar Gentry (@Cloudjumper) -With Terrorwing
    Avantus Bloodborn (@Alex B.)
    Livana (@Sugar_n_spice)
    Jay (@Sugar_n_spice)
    Sway Pride (@*~Nightjade~*)
    Roscoe (@Foxtrot)
    Aslyn Kore (@Yorika)

    Smoke Breath - Night Fury (@Foxtrot)
    Thorappion - Skrill (@Iatos)
    Draugr - Flightmare (@firejay1)
    Terrorwing - Stormcutter (@Cloudjumper) -With Halvar
    Moon Dove - Albino Night Fury (@Sugar_n_spice)
    Spit Fire - Stormcutter (@Sugar_n_spice)
    Lightning - Skrill (@*~Nightjade~*)
    Silver Tongue - Sliquifier (@Yorika)
    Miato Silverwing - Windwalker (@Iatos)

    And everyone's favorite parts, the Character Sheets

    Viking Sheet -

    Appearance(Picture Preferred)-
    Part Time Occupation(What does your character do for to stay busy up to this point?)-
    Dream Dragon(What dragon does your character hope to bond with, like a favorite species.)-

    Dragon Sheet-

    Appearance(Picture optional, any specific markings the dragon has.)-
    Dream Tamer(What does your dragon look for most in a Tamer. Kindness, competitiveness, or could they care less?)-
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  2. I will have my characters up sooner or later, but feel free to post what you got for the time being.
  3. WIP

    Skadi The Ethereal Eld
    Nickname- Icy
    Gender- Female
    Part Time Occupation-
    Weapons- Höggspjót [polearm] Knifr [Viking knife]
    Dream Dragon-
    Other- She has more armor, I just like that picture ^^

    Gender- Male
    Species- Mystery class
    Dream Tamer-

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  4. Sure, the more that join the better.

    Name- Hackett the Wise
    Nickname(optional)- Hackett
    Gender- Male
    Age- 46
    Personality- While he looks tough and in fact is considering he is the Chief of Berk he is considered one of the toughest vikings in the village he is very kind and easy to talk to. He seeks the good will for both viking and dragon so that the village runs smoothly. However he is never afraid to wrestle other vikings or even dragons if challenged all in the name of a friendly competition which he most of the time wins.
    Appearance(Picture Preferred)- [​IMG]
    Hackett and his personal guard Frey.
    Occupation- Chief of Berk
    Weapons- Trained with hatchets and battle axes. But rarely carries either one.
    Bio- Hackett was raised as the heir to the throne of Chief of Berk and took on a lot of responsibilities at a young age. As he grew so did the peace between viking and dragon despite the death of his father Jogar from a serious illness. Soon after Hackett became Chief Berk was filled with the creatures. Some vikings were still hesitant as some of the dragons required training to learn not to burn down the houses, but soon they began to see the plus side of it. Dragons were able to lift heavy loads by themselves that would normally take a few vikings and they would not be as weighed down. The dragon's fire helped keep the blacksmith's fires burning bright and even in the coldest rain their fires kept everyone warm. He was over joyed to see both viking and dragon working together after such a long stalemate. While what caused the peace went with Jogar to his grave, Hackett is happy to see the village in the shape it is today. He even plans expansions of Berk to house even more vikings and dragons in the near future, but for now he stays to his duty to maintaining the village and its warriors of both flesh and scale.

    Name- Halvar Gentry
    Nickname(optional)- Hal
    Gender- Male
    Age- 21
    Personality- Competitive, but very friendly to others. He is pretty well known around Berk like a son to Hackett as he often helps him out whenever he can. He doesn't mind helping anyone out, but if someone raises a bit of competition he will go all out to win it fairly.
    Appearance(Picture Preferred)- [​IMG]

    Part Time Occupation(What does your character do for to stay busy up to this point?)- Works at the Blacksmith's shop helping make saddles for new riders and helping Chief Hackett around the village.

    Weapons- Dual hatchets that he can lock together to create a double bladed halberd.

    Dragon- A Stormcutter named Terrorwing.
    (For easy reference)

    Bio- Halvar was raised in a blacksmith's shop most of his life. There he learned to make weapons until it came his time to hunt out a dragon himself. Eventually he found himself a Stormcutter that he attempted to befriend. However initial attempts failed and often never even made the Stormcutter turn his head. He was able to catch the creatures attention with a friendly duel knowing they would never turn down a challenge. Although Hal had the Stormcutter on speed its sheer force quickly knocked him down, but he didn't surrender. Even after nearly the half dozen time the Stormcutter took him down he still stood back up. Through all the bruises and pain he felt he didn't falter. The dragon felt a bit of respect for the young viking. Despite being clearly outmatched he continued to fight on. The dragon finally gave him a chance and soon they became the best of friends. Because of his size and four wings he ended up calling him Terrorwing as he did look rather fearsome. When they compete in the tournament they ended up taking third overall Hal blamed himself for not thinking some actions through that costed them points in the events. Terrorwing merely shook off the loss and helped Hal forget about it. While competitive, sometimes a trophy isn't always the best thing to win, T helped Halvar learn that. And now they spend some of their days every year during the Tournament helping out new dragon riders with gear and maneuvers. It gives him a chance to showoff with T and help others learn, and that's a win-win in his book.

    Crush- None

    Other- Shares a lot of the traits of Halvar, although he often enjoys watching events at the academy more so than participating. Sometimes anyway. Sometimes referred to as T by Hal.
  5. Name-
    Smoke Breath

    Night Fury
    Dream Tamer(What does your dragon look for most in a Tamer. Kindness, competitiveness, or could they care less?)
    Smokey looks for a Tamer who would be brave and loyal as he is to the tamer, even though he will act vicious and try to attack you when it first meets you. But most of all Smokey wants a tamer that he could bond to and can befriend but doesn't like anyone that is cocky about themselves.
    Smokey was born with a lot of siblings, his mother was very protective and wouldn't let them leave their cave they stayed in. Smokey was always rebellious so he always wanted to see what else was out there. So when smokey was five, he got his little brother and sister to come with him to see what is out there, but when they went out a few vikings grabbed them with a net and they were taken from their mother when she was going to find food.

    Smokey and his siblings were all separated and put into different islands for money which he was sent to berk. Smokey didn't know where his other siblings where or if they were still alive, but always felt like it was his fault for his siblings getting taken. Smokey broke free from his cell in berk and ran away to a grassland of berk where he met different dragons who would show him how to fly and hunt.

    None yet.
  6. question.

    are we making both a dragon & a viking or just one or the other?
  7. You can either make one or the other, or both if you want. I'm hoping to keep it balanced so noone is left out. I don't have a rule in action that requires you to make both yet unless things get too one sided. So until then its entirely up to you.

    BTW Accepted @Foxtrot
  8. thanks
  9. [​IMG]
    Name- Toppled-Tongue Ravenholt
    Nickname(optional)- Toppe
    Gender- Male
    Personality- Brave, Defiant, Somewhat Foolish. And have a bad habbit of ending up in the ocean.
    Part Time Occupation- Fisherman.
    Weapons- Sword and Bord.
    Dream Dragon- Toxic Adderwing

    Crush- N/A
    Other- Dosen't really like fish that much.

    Dragon Sheet-

    Name- Thorappion
    Nickname(optional)- Rappie
    Gender- Female
    Personality- Quick To act but not as quick to think. Easily angried but rather clumsy when unfocused.
    Species- Skrill
    Apperance: A rather regular looking skrill with a few whiter stripes along the sides of her back.
    Dream Tamer: Someone who is brave to the folly, who dosen't back down from a challange or fear Rappie yet respects her A trainer is not a 'come cuddle' type of trainer, but someone who can earn Rapps respect and trust through shows of skill and contest rather than through lowering themselves. In general someone who Rather 'Rise up' to meet a Dragon's level rather than to try to lower their own.
    Bio- TBA
    Crush- Smokey
    Other- Likes Rubies and other Red shining things.
  10. Accepted, can't wait to see what their backgrounds are.
  11. Thanks xD, I really couldn't come up wit hanything for the moment xD....

    But I will.
  12. I'm making my flightmare for this!
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  13. Awesome sauce ^^
  14. Name - Draugr
    Gender - Female
    Personality - She's a very mature, calm, sensible soul, but she was born in the wild and is a strong believer in using her own senses, instead of blindly listening to someone else's instructions. She never panics, no matter how bad things get, and she's never afraid, but she's smart, and knows when to withdraw. She's also got a strong maternal streak. She thinks for herself and hates loud and rude people who think they know better than her when she knows for a fact they don't. That said, she is a pretty gentle teacher.
    Species - Flightmare
    Appearance - She's a Flightmare on the smaller side, with a flatter, sleeker design than most. Instead of being blue, she's a ghostly white, somewhat resembling the moon when she does quick little spins.
    Dream Tamer - She wants a tamer who will respect her and will occasionally defer to her desires and decisions. She will refuse to work with a bully or a commanding know-it-all. She also wants them to be teachable, but with a strong soul and heart for others, dragons and humans alike.
    Bio - She was discovered on the edge of the glowing algae river with a torn wing, but nothing other than that is known about her.
    Crush - None
  15. Accepted @firejay1

    We seem to be slightly unbalanced between dragons and vikings, but it's still early so I suppose its alright.
  16. Name- Avantus Bloodborn
    Nickname(optional)- "Avus"
    Gender- Male
    Personality- Despite his quiet, antisocial demeanor, he tends to be quite humorous. But even with his mysterious stature, he is overall very kind and loyal to those he can trust. A very quick learner, yet stubborn at times. He always puts other people's/dragon's wishes before his own, and holds them in high respect.
    Appearance(Picture Preferred)- [​IMG]

    Part Time Occupation(What does your character do for to stay busy up to this point?)- Hunting/Fishing
    Weapons- Viking Sword, crossbow
    Dream Dragon(What dragon does your character hope to bond with, like a favorite species.)- Nightfury or Flightmare
    Bio- When he was very young, Aventus's parents left him on his own. He has been adopted multiple times, yet no family ever held him for long, for reasons he himself could never discover. Always distancing himself from other children, he was often bullied for being seen as different. He has very seldom made lasting friendships. Anyone he has grown to trust often betrayed him, giving him major trust issues with most people.
    Crush- To Be Announced
    Other- On his right middle finger, he has a silver ring in a spiral design that holds two black onyx stones, though he never tells where it came from. He is almost never seen without this ring. He usually spends his free time with dragons, feeling that they are better company than most humans.
  17. Accepted @Alex B.

    Depending on how things look by the weekend we'll probably start on friday or saturday. I work both days so we'll see.
  18. Name- Livana
    Nickname(optional)- Liv
    Gender- female
    Personality- will develop in RP
    Appearance(Picture Preferred)-
    Part Time Occupation(What does your character do for to stay busy up to this point?)- seamstress (makes clothes for riders mainly but other stuff to)
    Weapons- amazing with a bow and pretty good with daggers.
    Dream Dragon(What dragon does your character hope to bond with, like a favorite species.)- she really likes stormcutters, but likes all dragons.
    Bio- doesn't talk about it.
    Crush- secret ;)
    Other- none

    Name- Jay
    Nickname(optional)- none
    Gender- male
    Personality- will develop in Rp
    Appearance(Picture Preferred)-
    Part Time Occupation(What does your character do for to stay busy up to this point?)- black smith apprentice
    Weapons- sword and throwing knives.
    Dream Dragon(What dragon does your character hope to bond with, like a favorite species.)- a darker dragon or a stoker dragon.
    Bio- will come out in RP
    Crush- secret ;)
    Other- none

    Name- Moon Dove
    Nickname(optional)- Moon
    Gender- female
    Personality- She is very aggressive when it comes to meeting her for the first time, it's hard to gain her trust but once you gain it she will give her life for you. She is extremely playful and likes to messy around, but don't offend her she won't take it.
    Species- Night fury
    Appearance(Picture optional, any specific markings the dragon has.)-
    She is albino with blue eyes.
    Dream Tamer(What does your dragon look for most in a Tamer. Kindness, competitiveness, or could they care less?)- she is looking for someone she could mess with but still see each other as equals, she doesn't want anything to do with any snobby or rude people who want her because she's rare.
    Bio- will come out in Rp
    Crush- Smoke Breath
    Other- none

    Name- Spit fire
    Nickname(optional)- King
    Gender- male
    Personality- he is very proud and sofistocated, he will stand up for what he believes in and is very loyal. He does not take unkindness or mockery. He will be your best friend if you understand him and he understands you.
    Species- Stormcutter
    Appearance(Picture optional, any specific markings the dragon has.)-
    Dream Tamer(What does your dragon look for most in a Tamer. Kindness, competitiveness, or could they care less?)- he wants someone who will respect him and that he can respect as well, he wants a friend not a boss.
    Bio- will come out in Rp
    Crush- Thorapprion
    Other- none
  19. @Sugar_n_spice got the 4 for 1 deal going on huh? Works well enough for me.
  20. Is this still accepting?
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