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  1. Welcome to Berk. It's cold here most of the year and freezing the rest of the year, but that doesn't seem to bother anyone. After all vikings have lived here for as long as anyone can remember and with the addition of our dragon companions life around Berk has become a lot more interesting. It has been decades sense a dragon was befriended by a viking and now everyone seems to own a dragon or in some way the dragon owns the viking if its lazy and you can't exactly tell a dragon what to do. But everyone here is relatively happy and tensions between vikings and dragons are low, that is unless you're training at the academy, then all bets are off. The Chief of Berk Hackett the Wise constantly watches over the village to ensure both viking and dragon kind are happy often taking time out of his own schedule to fill their needs. While disputes often arise in the village they are quickly resolved with the help of the Chief. Like every village Berk isn't perfect, but its home. And the best part is when a viking turns 18, they must venture out to find a dragon companion of their own at a nearby dragon's nest. Once they succeed, Hackett holds a ceremony celebrating the new rider and companion. Then after the parties its time to get down to work. They have to get a saddle made for their dragon and some time at the academy to use their weapons on dragon back before they are truly ready to test their dragon to the fullest. After all is said and done there is plenty to do around Berk. From helping vikings to exploring the many islands scattered around there's bound to be more than enough to keep a young viking happy and moving. And once a Viking turns 18 its time for them to venture out find a dragon companion to become friends with as well as to compete with for the upcoming Alpha Tamer Tournament where all new Viking Dragon Riders participate for both bragging rights and a trophy. And this year its your turn. How will you write your story and what kind of dragon companion will you end up with? Only one way to find out.


    Halvar was just getting ready to get his day started. It was still decently early in the morning, but everyone knows vikings don't sleep that long. Especially when its such a special day. This would be the day more vikings would venture out to find a dragon to call their own. This would be the very day before he befriended Terrorwing, or at least tried anyway. It would be the day he would venture out with these new vikings to help them out. After all this would be his third year escorting the vikings, but he didn't mind. He enjoyed meeting new vikings and even dragons.

    He put on his armor and put the hatchets in their slots on his back. For now his day would go like it normally would. As he left his hut he noticed Terrorwing wasn't in his nest that he made of what used to be his tool shed. Hmm, must be out hunting some fish. Or hanging around the academy like he normally does. Well he knows where I go during the day. He thought as he headed to help out in the forge.
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  2. Roscoe hadn't slept, because of this day he would become a man and that he would have to train and create a bond with a dragon of his very own. Ross was out right behind the academy standing in the grass, his eyes focused on the target with his bow fastened in his hand, he had three arrows on the bow and two was his very best. Ross shot the three arrow, the first arrow hit perfectly in the middle, but the other two missed the target completely. Ross dropped on the grass with his hands on his face, giving a loud growl, he then stood up knowing that he should of gotten some sleep. But it was too late for sleep, because this is the day he would finally get a dragon of his very own.
  3. It was silent like a quiet night as the boats swept silently across the ice filled ocean. Everything was silent but the very wind softly breathing life into its sails. Rows upon rows of pairs of vikings stood ready in the ship as it moved across the sea with as much grace as the mist itself. Everyone was breathing calmly, yet the tension in the air hung heavily in the air. Countless eyes peered into the blue depths from the nine ships that had set sail, men with spears, harpoons, swords and axes stood ready and waiting for the slightest sign. The captains waving signals to each other from the commander, and soon they would wait in a big circle. The water was bubbling in the very center, and everyone was watching with a mixture of excitement and nervousness. However there were no fear they were vikings after all... and they would meet their gods with honor and glory. Soon their expectations came into fulfillment and they saw how the water would seem to ignite like fire. A Huge glowing eye from the depths... and soon its terror would show itself as a ship nearby was slammed into pieces by an humongous limb that shot from the waters.

    Shouting broke out, Screams of encouragement rather than panic as the Vikings sang of their victories already long before they could achieve it. They attacked the beast, the fiend from the depths... The one they had come to call Jörmungandr, the Snake of Midgar and a such a humongous Dragon that it was believed to have no equal in this world. They knew that not even the greatest Leviathan could possibly match the size of this fiend and thus they battled valiantly... Yet not a single ship would ever return from the trip nor any of the vikings.

    As Toppe watched the skies near the sheep pen he thought about the old stroy he hard about how his father had died valiantly at sea. However Toppe himself found it so hard to believe that such a creature could even exist without swallowing the whole world. He sighed a bit however, he missed his father at times but knew that there was nothing he could do about it today. Yet as he laid there he watched a group of Terrible terrors fight over a chicken causing him to laugh slightly as the chicken ran off while they fought. He then got up and stood a while to look around, then he nodded to himself as breaktime was over and it was time to go fishing agian. He wentured down to the docks and grabbed his fishing gear along the way before hailing the other fishermen and prepared his boat for a fishing trip.
  4. It was early but Sway was too restless to sleep in like she usually did, instead she was already up and about. After putting on her gear she hopped up from her bed and rushed out the door to her little hut on located on the outskirts of Berk. Seeing the sun rising on the horizon a big smile comes to her lips. "Yes! I'm getting my dragon today! Woohoo!!" Jumping in place from her excitement as she shouted that to nobody particular before heading to the academy. 'I wonder if anyone is there already....I bet everyone was restless last night...' Walking through Berk she waved at a couple people as they waved at her giving her happy hoots. 'Today is gonna be great!' She'd only been walking for a few minutes when she spotted Halvar leaving his home.

    Smiling Sway jogs over to him "Halvar! Good morning!" She calls out to him, stopping once shes a few feet away.
  5. Aslyn was not normally a morning person, and everyone in Berk knew that. She was a nocturnal hunter, which meant most of her kills were rabbits and the like. She would sleep the morning away and get up at noon to join the rest of the village. But not today. Today was a very important day. It was finally the day that she would get her own dragon. She wanted a fast dragon, like a Nightfury,but she wasn't too picky. She wanted a dragon that could take her place she hadn't been before. She was so curious about the world beyond Berk. Aslyn was up early this morning. She had decided to go hunting this morning with the usual morning hunters. They were surprised to see her, but welcomed her none the less. She let loose a little, catching a few more game than the rest. She brought the hall back with the rest and decided that was enough goofing around. It was time to get down to business. Dragon business. She hurried to the academy, but not before hearing someone calling out Halver's name. She gave a slight blush as she slowed down, looking at Sway and Halver from a little ways away.
  6. Halvar had just locked his hut when he heard someone call his name. He turned seeing Sway jogging his way looking extremely happy. "Morning Sway, you seem excited this morning. You must know its the big day then. I'm honestly not sure when Chief Hackett will call everyone out, but I'm excepting a decent group this time. Last years was a bit small in my opinion, but I guess that made my job easier." He said with a smile before looking around for a moment. "Say, you haven't seen which way Terrorwing went did you? He seems to like running out on his own without letting me know. I'm not really worried as I know he can handle himself, just curious where he ran off to this morning."
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  7. Avus sat up in his bed, stretching his arms and yawning expansively. He glanced out of his window, which showed a clear view of the goings-on in Berk, though there wasn't much to make out without his glasses. He let out a long, slow sigh, before looking up at the sun. His eyes suddenly widened in the realization that he had overslept... again.
    "Crap! I'm late!" He said, rolling out of bed and putting his glasses on. He quickly threw on some clean clothes, before hurrying through the house... banging his shin on one of the tables. Letting out a string of curses, he grabbed his shin and hopped a few times while still heading for the door, making for a fairly humorous sight. Letting his leg go, he quickly limped out the door and on his way to the academy.
    On the way there, he passed by Sway and Halvar, skidding to a stop.
    "Hey!" He called. "Sorry to interrupt, but have they started yet? Am I too late?"
  8. Nodding Sway starts backing backwards as she talks to Halvar. "Yup, I cant wait to find my dragon! Its gonna be so much fun. I wonder what kind I'll get....Hey when you got Terrorwing was he the kind you wanted?" She asked curiously. To his question she frowns tapping her chin. "Hmmm....Now that you mention it, I think I might of saw him grappling with some frisky fish in the Lug River on the west side. He looked both cute and frustrated." She giggles at the end thinking back on the memory. Seeing Avus running toward them she gives him a friendly wave before he skids to a stop. "Nope! We're just heading there now. Sleep in again did ya?" She teases Avus lightly. Glimpsing movement out of the corner of her eye she quickly turns her head to find the source, her more feral instincts automatically kicking in as her eyes narrow. To her relief it was just Aslyn off in the distance, relaxing out of her more tense state she waves at her. Unfortunately Sway had become so intent on Aslyn that she wasnt paying attention to where she was walking, her boot catching against a rock making her fall back onto her butt unless someone caught her. "Heh, oops."
  9. Halvar grabbed Sways right arm and pulled her up after she fell. "Careful there. Don't want to get distracted like that out in the wild, might trip over a Terrible Terror and that will not have a fun outcome. Anyway I guess I should have figured he might be out hunting. And as far as it goes I wasn't totally expecting to befriend a big dragon like Terrorwing, especially because he drove a hard bargain. We fought for a bit, well he threw me around a bit is probably the more truthful response. Eventually though he gave me chance because I was so persistent. I think he likes competition and that's what made him like me a bit. And well ever sense we've been the closest of friends." He then turned to Avus. "Don't worry I haven't heard anything yet so they are probably still getting ready. Should be soon, but for now I gotta run. Need to fix a saddle that one of the vikings Monstrous Nightmares chewed through yesterday. It was flame proof, but not quite teeth proof it seems. Anyway I'll see everyone soon enough. And if you happen to see T, tell him I'll meet in at the academy when the Chief calls." He then ran off heading to blacksmiths forge.
  10. "Pfft." Avus scoffed, shrugging it off. "Well, yeah. What do you expect from someone who's majorly sleep-deprived?" He let out a sigh, pulling off his glasses and rubbing his eyes. "Come to think of it, I haven't really had any sleep for the last two weeks. The most I ever get out of a night is maybe four or five hours."
    It seemed that today he was a lot more talkative than he usually was. Any normal day, he would have just scoffed at the teasing and left it at that... but today wasn't exactly normal. Today was the day he would finally get a dragon, secretly one of his greatest dreams. Even though he tried not to show it, deep inside the thought weighed heavily on his shoulders. Talking more than he was used to was a sure sign that he was nervous about something.
    He glanced at Sway when she tripped and quickly moved to catch her, but Halvar was faster. Deciding it was his time to tease, Avus chuckled a bit. "Jeez. Stand much?" He said to Sway with a grin, before nodding at Halvar.
  11. Miato Silverwing

    The skies beckoned to her, the wind whispered her name, and as she spread her wings she took to the skies higher than any other dragon flew. And as she dived down through the clouds she left thousands of other dragons behind her. Miato loved flying and soaring through the skies just as much or perhaps more than most dragons, she could fly four hours without end and never stop before she was totally exhausted. However as she came to the village on berk she slowed down and gently glided towards the village. The main reason was that she didn't want anyone to believe that she was hostile to them, because truth be told she weren't really a hostile dragon in the least. Miato actually liked humans pretty much, she actually just haden't ever had someone to ride her... and truth be told she was rather happy that way as she was unsure if she would actually like it or not. Having the freedom of not having reigns was pretty impressive however and as long as she helped out the humans a bit she was certain that they didn't mind her visiting from time to time. Approaching the village she would rear back slightly to slow her speed and then land near soundlessly near the chef's hut just about the time when he was out for his business. Looking around she would stretch near catlike before folding her wings back nad follow the cheif almost like a stray dog following a person of interest. She actually had little better to do and even if Terrorwing didn't seem to be around for her to mess with there was always something for her to do in the village. However she noticed that he had two younger humans close to him or well they seemed younger as they was smaller and in her oppinion seemed to be younger. "Greetins Cheiftain Halvar... How fare thy day?"she would ask in Dragonese as she certainly was a curious dragon in her own rights. ​
  12. Draugr was curled up under the trees, not currently glowing. The white dragon had her body wrapped around the trunk of a tree, and was rubbing herself against it to get herself to wake up. Although she had had different vikings ride her before, none of them had ever truly bonded with her. Some of them were daunted by the scar on her wing, others by her tendency to freeze them when she was upset with them. It didn't help that her kind were thought to be untameable and she wasn't much to look at when she didn't get the glowing algae. She also didn't eat fish. So what? Giving a little snort with her nose, she brought herself fully awake and peeked out at the village, wondering what would be happening today.
  13. Halvar stopped after he heard a voice. He recognized it to be a dragon, but never fully studied the language to understand what it was fully saying. Although he did hear the word 'Chieftain' which made him think it was calling him Chief. He turned back seeing it was the Windwalker that visited Berk every so often and even terrorized Terrorwing which he found amusing. He took a few steps back and rubbed the right side of her neck. "You are mistaken my scaly friend. If you're looking for the Chief you should look over by the academy or at his main hut. He should be around those places I would think." He said with a smile.
  14. Aslyn froze when she felt Sway's eyes lock onto her. She slowly moved out of the girl's eye sight and behind a tent. 'Oh my Gods! That freaked me out so much... Sway is kinda scary sometimes...' She thought to herself and slowly turned to head towards the school, taking a different path that Sway and Avus. She was deep in thought. Well, not thought but day dreams. She was thinking about Halvar and Terrowing and how they became friends. She hopped to be that way with her dragon, whom ever it was going to be. She shook her head and hurried on to the school, landing back on the main path and probably meeting up with Sway and Avus if they had kept walking like she had.


    Silver Tongue sped through the waters of the viking seas. She loved the feeling of a wave crashing over her as she swam under it. She slowed as she approached a familiar island. The Island of Berk. It was home to the dragon training humans that had spread though out dragon kind. The rumors were that they didn't hunt dragons or kill them. They lived together and even let the dragons do as they pleased. As she approached the cliff, she slowly rose her head out of the water, looking round at the land. Sil was a water dragon and thus couldn't be out of water for too long, but that didn't mean she could have her head above water. She slowly swam around until she was over by the dragon island. She was careful not to be seen. For now she just wanted to observe.
  15. Blushing lightly Sway takes Halvar's outstretched hand and hoists herself up. "Your right, I'll watch my step when we head out." Though Sway might seem clumsy when she was inside Berk, almost everyone knew she was careful deadly out in the wild. Giggling softly when Halvar tells of how he befriended Terrorwing "That sounds like T, I wonder if he'll make friends with any of the dragons we get." She thought out loud before waving bye at Halvar as he went to his duties. At the teasing remark from Avus she simply shot her elbow into his gut before walking off like nothing happened. Sway had noticed Aslyn run off after being spotted 'I wonder why she always does that around me....' Shrugging it off she makes her way toward the academy. "So what has you oh so sleep deprived this time Avus? Been out hunting again?" She knew Avus liked to hunt and fish in his off time.
  16. Miato Silverwing

    She looked to the man and tilted her head, this person certainly looked like the chief or at least as close t oa chief humans usually do. "Oh?. Is that so?...hmmm" she said and tilted her head slightly. "In that case I believe I must be mistaken. You are looking for Terror-wing are you not?... do you wish for me to assist you?, I don't mind you riding on me in the search" she replied kindly and laid down slightly to allow the man to climb aboard if he pleased to do so. ​
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