Dragon's Rising

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    Spectral beauty touched the ambrosia sky, lights dancing upon the stony hide glittering in a fashion beyond the mere comprehension that was the mortal realm. It was born from fire and bathed in blood. A beacon that formed as a crucial structure between the numerous breeds of the fire belly leviathans. Natural and neutral colors dappled upon its beauty contrasting in subtle tones that belied its importance making it appear as if it was created with purpose from the earthen bed that was Gaia.

    Mortals tended carefully and beasts gave it solitude. Forever lost in its purpose, its only need now in the world was for those bold enough to gape at its haunting serenity.

    It like others in this world of building and flesh stood proudly without reason to existence. Once aflame with life slowly faltered in the greater age of man. A portal that stood with scale of all colouring now reeked in melancholy that what was.

    Only those born in the age of crimson fire or blessed by the tongue of a elder knew that the crystal landmark presented a haven of species like no other. Dragons ruled the roost with grandeur until the mortal man became hungry for sins. Raising steel and forged stone against those, slaying relentlessly. Blood bathed the streets until the cry of the great beasts drove away from the middle grounds of their ancestors, spreading upon the lands in hiding or reforming burrow grounds for their clutches.

    But life will not halt even for those whom have taken flight away from the dark intent of mankind. An time comes that when the youth and the elders must return to the Apostle and begin to repair what has been destroyed.

    Our world is teetering on the brink of extinction and only those born with fire in their hearts and heat in their minds will the world of dragons be returned to a new glory.

    Find your way to Apostle, and find those who will ally in the Rise of Dragons. But beware, where your blood may take you to the purpose of noble rebirth, there lies dark intent of Dragon Hunters unlike what you've ever seen.

    Do you dare take up the mantle and face the foe that has desecrated the lands of your ancestors?

    Dragon's Rising
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  2. Xenophos, red

    A hurricane sweeping through the trees. Torches, meant to blaze through the night, extinguished in the wailing onslaught. Children awake in tears as shutters are torn from their frames. Mothers hold them tight whilst praying for mercy. The men rush from their homes, alternatively brandishing crossbows and spears or pitchforks and kitchen knives. They take their positions, remembering the drills they had hoped would never apply to them. Some stand fast, hoping for glory and honor. The putrid stench of piss fills the air around the fearful. They will make easier targets.

    Another whirlwind rips through the village. Now they can hear it clearly: A bellow, a roar of an ancient fiend echoes into the night. The more experienced among them know the beast to be a giant. The roar seems to come from every direction. The great lizard is nowhere to be seen. Suddenly, the rain begins. Hardly the clear water that nourishes their farms and feels good upon the bare skin. It is a thick, black pitch that falls in large gobs. It is searing to the touch, and not removed easily. Many of the bowmen are distracted and caught off guard by the matter. And then the horror began.

    The tar is replaced by a waterfall of liquid flame, falling on shelter and soldier indiscriminately. Screams are heard as roofs collapse and families are trapped in their burning homes. Several soldiers abandon their posts, only to be hit with another waterfall. The orderly phalanx of militiamen is broken in a matter of seconds. Those who survive scurry under what nonflammable shelter they can find. The fire-rain stops. Some tentatively poke their heads out from under their cover, seeing nothing but chaos and death, and hearing no more than the agonized shrieks of the burning. They are the first to see an entire house smashed when the beast lands. Its clawed foot shatters the very foundations sweeps the wreckage into another building. A great shadow moves like a leopard in the haze of smoke. The braver fools fire a few volleys of quarrels into the smog, incapable of knowing whether or not they hit the beast. But they do get its attention. The great head, invisible behind a grey veil, tours toward the archers. A great maw of darkness opens, and Hell leapt from it. The firestorm burned so hot it gave off an unearthly bluish glow, and incinerated all in its path. Swaths of the village were destroyed as the great tail twisted and wormed its way through the air, and the ruins were obliterated with a breath of flame.

    The devastation lasted a full hour, though most had been destroyed in the first half. Now, only one remained. He raised his spear, slippery with blood and cinders. A cold sweat running down his back was warmed by the dying flames. He was the last, not only of the garrison, but of the entire village. He was surrounded by the charred skeletons of his friends and loved ones. Not one twitched nor made a sound. He became aware of a shadow gaping over him, and slammed his spear into the thing behind him. The tip clanged against metal, and the shaft shattered. He stumbled backwards, now face to face with his killer. The nightmare before him made his mouth gape open, the reflection of a armored demon burned into his eyes. He was suddenly swept from the ground by the beast that was the dragon's tail, the very impact vaporizing his skeleton. As he lay dying, the last soldier's eyes were filled with the image of the Great Lizard dancing in the ashes of his home.

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  3. Bristling scales shook catching the vibrancy from the pouring light above the spreading canopies, the babbling brook close by proved to grant a relief of the heat that not many could understand besides herself. Emerald greenery rolled between the spread of moss and foliage alike, soft serenity such as this came as rare as finding a true diamond in the soil or as common as that of word written in story book pages, it wasn't something that was naturally graced to that of her similar bloodline.

    Smoothing the stretch of her tongue upon the white coat of feathery soft white spread of her scales, wings folded neatly upon the ridge of her spine only granting a bit of a cross over at the very tips.

    The spread of jungle was long as it was wide, famously rumoured to be the heart of the continent that was once the hold of the higher races. An active volcano stood close to the centre of the steeping valley, pits of old routes that cratered the hot lava making curious bends and marks into the land; she only recently arrived here due to hearing that it was the place to find others of similar behaviour to that of herself. Though honestly she doubted it.

    There were numerous villages circling around the general area making flight incredibly difficult for long periods - knowing how differently the heat effected her compared to another- the young dragoness moved carefully through the brush of the jungle. She had come looking for others in perfect truth knowing that the old legends spoke of ways to bring back their own species but knowing the less than perfect idea that it was so easy. Actually with a careful thought she hadn't actually seen many of the dragon race in the last ten years and that wasn't all that long for a dragon.

    Yet she was still coming this far away from the tundra cold in search. Perhaps she was still a dreamer for her youth.
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