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  1. Rowena wiped her forehead and exhaled heavily as she finished her final chores of the day on the family's farm, her attempts to cool herself down were pointless with the summer sun beating down on her. It felt like the day was never going to end, but it always felt like that when she knew afterward she and Odo would be taking to the skies to do their daily rounds to make sure all was well. With that in mind, her lips curled upward and she was quick to put the farming tools away before rushing inside with a call to her father to say she was finished.

    If she could, she would be a Dragon Rider all day, every day. She would work on her skills in the air and have herself and Odo perfect their teamwork together. They had been together for two years now and from what she learned, her dragon still had a few more stages to go through. He wasn't yet able to breath full streams of fire, but he was getting there. His wings were still powerful and strong, as were his legs and his scales may as well be armor.

    Being a woman, there were many things expected of Rowena and being a Dragon Rider was definitely not one of them. She should have been married by now, perhaps half-way through a second pregnancy. That was certainly the case with her sister. Yet...here she was, still living on her family's farm without a husband in sight. Her brother and his wife were ready to take over the farm, a little one on the way and her sister had literally moved on, having gone to another village. At least that made trading good.

    Wiping a cloth over her face to rid it of sweat and dirt, Rowena eagerly escaped to the forestry that was close to the hut they all lived within. Odo, she spoke through the link they shared, Are you ready for some flying?

    A soft grumble echoed through her mind as the trees around her began to quiver, I'm always ready.


    In the sky was were Rowena felt freest. There were no restrictions or limitations. She was able to scream, shout and say whatever she pleased without being judged. Well...without being judged by humans anyways. The setting evening sun hit Odo's dark green scales and the light wind tangled and teased at her hair as Rowena closed her eyes with a soft sigh.

    She was aware of Odo turning his head slightly to look at her as he carried them around the boarder of their village before turning back to face the way they were flying. Rowena...there's a problem. There's...there's other dragons.

    Immediately her eyes opened and Rowena was alert to Odo's warnings, leaning forward were she sat on his back to scan the horizon before locking onto the suspicious cluster in the distance. "They're coming in fast..." She mused and she cleared her throat, attempting not to panic. Odo was the first dragon herself and her village had seen in years. A group of dragons that large...that just smelt of trouble. "We should go warn the elders."


    They never reached the elders.

    The Dragons reached them first.

    Destruction. Fire. Rage. Burning.

    Rowena had no idea where to focus first. Her family were missing, she had no idea where they were. People were running, screaming, seeking any kind of shelter. But as soon as they entered their houses...flames engulfed them. She and Odo tried to protect them all as best as possible, but there were too many and it was too late.

    "Rowena!" A voice yelled for her in the smoke and her heart leaped, hoping it to be someone belonging to her family but upon Odo lowering to the ground...it wasn't, it was Jonathon. One of the elders. "You need to go! Warn the other villages! This could be coming down on them soon enough! Go, now! Don't waste any time! Go!"

    "But the villa-"

    "It's too late for the village! You must go! Now!" Jonathon gave her a shove to keep her on Odo's back before slapping the flank of her dragon.

    Tears filled her eyes and it wasn't from the exposure to the smoke. Go, Odo. Quickly. Her voice was barely a whisper in his mind and soon they were flying high above the attack after fighting their way through. The sounds of death and the crackle of fire fading behind them as they raced for the next village...but Rowena knew that what happened would haunt her forever.
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  2. Meanwhile, in a slightly more hidden village, everyone was oblivious to the destruction and fires going on in the other village just beyond the mountains. Mason, a sturdy, well-built young man was working in the fields in the heat of the day, and much like the female he was about to meet, was the odd one out in his village. He spent his days taking care of his father and little brother rather than going out finding a girl to marry and start a family with; he found the thought a bit silly himself. The tall blonde paused from his plowing to stand and wipe the sweat off his face, sighing heavily at the progress he'd made. It felt like he had gotten so much done, but due to having so much land, he'd only gotten about a third of the plowing done, "I swear I'll die out here before I get finished..." He joked to himself, about ready to start working again, when something caught his eye. Now Mason never really had the best eye sight; he was pretty near-sighted if you ask me. But anyone could tell that was smoke rising from behind those mountains.

    Should he think nothing of it? It had been pretty dry lately and fires would be a definete possibility. He would've considered dragons but no one had seen those creatures for years, and why on Earth would they come bother other villages now? Mason just shrugged to himself, deciding that heading back Ito the house would be a much better idea that staying in this heat. The young man chuckled as he watched his father come out and roll his eyes, "If I was your age, I could do a lot more than that." He grumbled playfully, "You can barely do half that field."
    "It's a lot bigger than you think, dad." Mason retorted, pulling his shirt back on, "By the way, what is with all the smoke behind the mountains? It's a bit odd, isn't it?"
    His father shrugged slightly, and rubbed his tired eyes, "Probably a forest fire." He sighed and smiled, "Nothing we have to worry about, Mason."
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  3. They lost track of just how long they flew for. It could been a day or two but it could also be a week. Without any supplies, they were going to struggle sooner or later. Odo did his best to keep her warm as they holed themselves up in caves by producing small fires and also tried to keep her fed by hunting whatever they could find. He also tried his best to comfort Rowena, who often woke drenched in sweat from mightmares conducted by what she had witnessed back home. Not to mention that the dragons were still there, possibily still feasting on their destruction, and that Rowena didn't see her family before she was ordered away. Little appetite, next to no sleep and poor hydration wasn't leaving Rowena in the best conditions.

    Rowena...Rowena wake up, her dragon's voice whispered gently to pull her from her light nap, looks like we've found the next village. Odo didn't seem to enjoy forcing her to wake up because of how rough she had it during the travels. Her gaze flickered along the towen before she glanced back toward the moutains, the smoke having long disappeared but occasionaly Rowena looked back just to check. She swallowed thickly and leaned forward so she was laying against Odo's cool scales, Almost there Nia. Almost there. You're going to have to explain why we're here.

    I don't know if I can, Odo. I'm so tired. You're so tired...

    Her gaze flickered reluctantly to the approaching village. A day away. That was all. Just one more day. Hopefully this village won't try to kill them.
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  4. Mason kissed his little brother's blonde head as he left the breakfast table, "I'm gonna go out and get a few things. Are you two fine without me? Do you want anything?" He asked, adjusting the sack of things on his shoulder quietly.
    "Mason, we're fine, just go do what you need to!" His father playfully pushed him, which of course didn't make him budge at all.
    "Ok, ok, I'm off!" Mason waved and went out further into the village, where people were trading and selling and buying. He looked around but, as usual, didn't find anything they needed, "Great, gathering again." The young man starting walking towards the forest, unknowingly in Odo's and Rowena's direction. He could take care of himself for the most part. He was a grown man, it wasn't like he was dragon-hunting or anything.
    Mason chuckled quietly to himself and kept going, quietly kicking a rock as he made his way into the shaded forest.
  5. Rowena was sleeping when Odo landed in the forestry, arms limply hanging either side of Odo's neck and her dreams nothing but darkness. She was filthy and her hair tangled with knots from constant exposure to the wind. Her cheeks were a burned red, as was her nose and forearms whilst her lips were chapped. All from the different weather they had, but more importantly the harsh sun. Odo had taken to flying closer to the ground, both to snatch up prey when possible and to make any possible fall closer to the ground so not as much damage would be done.

    She gave a soft groan as the impact of the landing vibrated through her aching bones and she reluctantly sat up. Rowena wasn't sure if she'd be able to leave the position she had been in, her legs having been bent that way for so long. Shifting around, she began to clamber off, knowing they had to get to that village quickly, but instead her legs decided to fail her and she slipped down Odo's one wing. Rowena!

    "I'm fine." She swallowed thickly, once more trying to get to her feet but having to lean against his wing, "We must get-"

    Someone is coming. They're close to us. Just to our left. Odo cut her off, head turning toward the noise. Immediately he brought his wings closer to himself and Rowena stumbled across to his front legs, holding onto them as her legs began to shake from exertion. What's a human doing so far from their village? Rowena wondered to him just to get no reply as Odo went defensive.
  6. Mason hummed to himself as he walked, looking for his favorite mushroom patch. Of course they needed mushrooms, they couldn't grow them very well. The young man smiled to himself as he spotted a few by a tree, crouching down to look over them. Mason took out his pocketknife that he always kept with him and started taking the ones that weren't harmful to people.
    After a few minutes the blonde looked up, thinking he heard something, "Probably some deer..." He murmured quietly. He stood and stretched, his muscles starting to get stiff, "Continuing on then." He sighed out, once again to himself, and kept along the path he created himself, still towards the dragon and the girl, unaware they were even there. Mason had never seen a dragon in his life. Close up, anyway. He'd seen then way up in the sky, not bothering the village, but never one on the ground and properly. The man picked herbs and such along the way, humming softly but staying alert.
  7. Soon he would hear the warning growls rumble from deep within Odo's chest the closer he got to both Rowena and her dragon. She by then had merely sat on the ground, her back against his one front leg with her eyes closed. Odo had fallen to lie down himself, both travelers exhausted from their week long journey, and had his wings curled protectively around the both of them. "Peace, Odo...no one would be able to take you down, even when tired." Rowena attempted to assure him gently, smiling fondly as she rubbed his strong front leg.

    Taking a deep breath, Rowena finally and reluctantly forced herself up to her feet as to prepare for the arrival of whoever it was in the woods. "Hello?" She called out, voice breaking momentarily from a lack of water after their last drink being almost a full day ago. "Whoever is there...please show yourself. We mean no harm." Her vision swam as she became dizzy for a brief second, exhaling heavily as she rested against Odo. "We need to talk to you. There's danger. Your village is next and you're all in danger."
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  8. Mason definitely heard the loud rumble that came from the giant scaley beast and walked forward with caution, catching the voice of a girl. Her voice sounded dry, like she hadn't drank in a good while. He frowned slightly, slowly, very slowly, coming into their view. The man blinked in udder surprise at the sight of Odo, blinking a few times before clearing his throat, "Danger?" He asked, raising an eyebrow, curious but also a little suspicious. The girl looked tired and weak, he figured she needed help. He wasn't too sure about her large companion, though, "If... you don't mind me asking, what kind of danger, exactly?"
    This village was fairly quiet, fairly put out of the way of things, you could say. He kind of had a right to her curious. But, being the kind person he was, shifted through his bag until he found his leather bottle filled with water. The female obviously needed more then he did. So quietly, Mason offered the water, so maybe she could elaborate more on her message.
  9. Rowena couldn't help but scramble for the water skin, opening the top and bringing it to her lips immediately afterward. Rowena, we have no idea who he is. He could have poisoned that. Odo chastised her, his dark eyes focused on the boy before them. "I couldn't care, let it be poisoned, it's nice to feel water on my tongue again." She answered out loud, knowing she would probably seem insane to the boy now but as she had said, she didn't care. Exhaustion and dehydration was enough to make anyone reconsider or forget being polite or making sense. Soon she handed the water skin back, accompanied by a sheepish grin as she had taken everything it could offer.

    "My apologies," she finally murmured, using Odo's front leg as a support as she stood to face him, "I promise you that Odo here means no harm. It's just because we don't know you...he doesn't take too well to strangers." Rowena smiled weakly and Odo huffed, grumbling lowly from his chest again. "Danger? Ah. Yes. Danger ah..." The Dragon attack, Rowena. Odo prompted softly, gently nudging her side and she sighed lightly, eyes closing briefly. "Right, right..." She waved him off and reluctantly opened her eyes. "We need to warn your village...a dragon attack...it-it took out our own village and homes." She began to explain, head leaning against the inside of Odo's front arm and eyes closed again, "No survivors...just us. We need to tell your people that they'll be next."
  10. Mason had to smiled as she eagerly took, and drank, the water he offered her, and listened as she spoke to her dragon, "No, poison is much too expensive, and besides, I don't have a reason to carry poisoned water." He chuckled, taking the bottle back when she was one drinking. The man listened and waited quietly as she explained the danger that was to reach the small village. He grew worried at the thought of his village burning, eyes looking off into the distance as he thought of his father and brother. Mason quickly snapped back into reality and nodded quickly, realizing how urgent this was, "Oh, uh, yes... but, uh... your dragon..." He paused to see how he could put this into words.
    "Well, I know he means no harm, but most of our people haven't seen a dragon, and all have grown up with the usual stories... do you think he could stay in the forest? While you're in the village, of course. That is, unless you plan to stay here." The man ran his fingers through his short blonde hair, "I don't know if you're planning to tell other villages, but if you are the least I can do it send you on your way with some food and water..." He didn't realize he was rambling on and on, he didn't that whenever he was thinking hard about something or nervous, his brow furrowed in concentration.
  11. Rowena paused, eyes barely able to flutter open with her exhaustion levels and Odo had to nudge her back upright a few times just in case. "My-my dragon?" She repeated and slowly shook her head, "If he is unable to come with me then I am unable to come with you." She answered stubbornly, "My apologies for being rude but I have no reason to trust you or your village people. I trust Odo here with my life." Rowena felt herself pitch forward slightly, beginning to stumble as her legs suddenly became weak but instead of the ground, she had one of Odo's large paws cushioning her fall.

    I will be fine here, Rowena. You must go with the human boy...even if I dislike it. I won't be far away. Just like back home. A simple mindlink away. Odo's soft yet gruff voice broke through but Rowena wasn't fond of being separated from her one and only friend. "But who will make sure you eat? Find something to drink or find shelter?" Her gaze reluctantly flickered back to the young male, studying him scrutinizingly for a moment, "If it would be okay...we would like to just stay for a few days, two at least...is there a way I could speak to your town elders? Explain the situation? Perhaps they'll allow Odo in too when they realize we can help protect you now we know this attack is coming."
  12. Mason nodded at her final plan, "Yeah, I can definitely take you to the Elders." He paused and looked at the dragon, "Also, if she gets harmed in my hands, you can punish me however you would like." He added and smiled slightly, offering his rather large hand to Rowena, "Would you like some help? We can get some food in you and your dragon once you've delivered the news." He said seriously, his smile going but his chocolate brown eyes soft and sparkling with concern. He would never think of hurting a female; that was incredibly low, and he was better than that.

    (Sorry, lil bit of writers block.)
  13. Tell him that I'd rather food be provided to both of us nefore we reveal any information. Odo informed Rowena, his dark eyes following each of his movements carefully as he extended a hand toward his rider. Rowena smiled quietly, eyes still closed but she eventually opened them once more and hesitantly took his hand. "My dragon and I would prefer food first. After a week of traveling and almost a full day without proper provisions...I'm sure you understand." Rowena finally spoke softly, meeting the young boy's gaze with a silent plea for him to understand as she asked him too. It wasn't that Rowena didn't trust him, but with Odo only truly having trusted Rowena and her family before the attack...it's understandable that Odo would be reluctant to give his trust to anyone else...especially after the attack. "Odo...he only really trusts me...please don't take it personally. Our whole village has just been wiped out...we only have one another..." Rowena tried to explain awkwardly as she used his hand to pull herself to her feet and used as balance, offering a small smile.
  14. Mason nodded quickly, "No, no need to apologize. I get it, really." He said after helping the girl up, not sure what to do, "Sooo... Does he eat meat... Orrr... What?" He really wasn't sure what the dragon could eat. Rowena was not problem, she was just a regular human female, she probably wouldn't take pounds and pounds of their meat supply. Odo, however, he wasn't sure about. Their village was small. He might be able to provide a deer or an elk, but it wouldn't be much. Plus he'd have to hunt for it, he couldn't take straight from his family and say he was taking a month's supply of food for a dragon. They would think he's crazy, and also go hungry. The point was, he was asking for a lot, but Mason was willing to do what he had to do to keep his family and his people safe, "I'm Mason, by the way, we didn't have time to give proper introductions." He finally added with a slight smile.
  15. Pausing and finally realizing the predicament they were in, Rowena turned slightly to look to Odo over her shoulder which meant that some of her weight lightly rested against the young man - whose name they still weren't sure of yet - and pondered for a moment. "Elk or deer most likely. We wouldn't ask your village to offer a sacrifice of sheep or goats or whatnot." Rowena finally spoke, her legs beginning to shake with exertion and exhaustion. "There's plenty of elk and deer in these forests, yes? I know some traps that we can set. Odo can't hunt in this sort of location, trees hinder his flying ability and then obviously we don't want your town people becoming spooked..."
  16. (Mason mentioned his name in the last part of my post. Lol. :3)

    Mason held her up a little better, watching her as she spoke. He nodded quickly, "Yeah, I can grab my bow and arrows from the village. And also food for you." He decided, soon thinking about what he could bring her, "I might be an hour or two with your dragon's meat, I'm not sure when that hoard of dragons you mentioned his coming, but I'll do my best to hurry." He looked at the girl with concern. Not eating or drinking for so long sure made her weak. Of course it could make anyone weak, they were human. He suddenly started wondering, "How often does your dragon eat?" He asked, shifting closer to the girl so she could use him better as a support.
  17. (Oops! Oh yes, sorry! Haha)

    Odo released a warning growl as he noted Mason's movement closer to her but Rowena gave him a strict look of her own, "If he was going to kill me, Odo, he would have done so by now." She got an irritated huff in response and from the look on Odo's face, he wasn't very happy either way. Rowena turned back to Mason and offered a small smile, "This is Odo...and the amount of times he eats depends on how big his last meal was." She informed him, holding onto his arm as he balance went momentarily. Taking in a deep breath and straightening again, "I'll visit him often and make sure he's okay but...but I'd prefer to remain close to him...even now. He's the only family I have left."
  18. Mason glanced back at the village and looked at the girl, "Well, uh, we're not too far from the village to be honest. It's only a minute or two away." He smiled slightly, "I can get you food, and then hunt for Odo." He said, holding her up when she put more weight on him, "You'll be fine for a half an hour or so, right?" Mason asked. Hopefully she would, he didn't need a dead or fainted girl on his hands. Her dragon would completely freak out at that sight. And if she wasn't going to be okay, then he'd have to take her into the village, but all this was really Odo's call, because not only was he scary, but he could easily burn his village as well.
  19. If Rowena had the strength and knew what Mason was thinking, she would have assured him that Odo was almost all...roar and no bite. Unless she told him to. Or he was truly angry. Her gaze lingered on her dragon, not enjoying the idea of even being seconds away from him but after a silent conversation with him, she finally gave her attention to Mason once more. "I'll be fine...just please make sure he is too. He's been through just as much." She briefly glanced back to Odo as they began to walk away, "I'll be back soon, okay? Promise." She smiled a little and then reluctantly left him in the forest, her hear tearing just at the separation, even if it was to be brief.
  20. Mason could see how much she cared about Odo. It was like the bond he had between him and his brother. If anything happened to him, he would never forgive himself, "I understand your bond between you and your dragon." He paused, "You uh... You never told me your name, by the way. I mean, you know mine." He murmured, keeping his brown gaze to the ground. He wasn't that comfortable around females. He just didn't know what to do. They could get offended easily and he just didn't understand how they worked or understood things. He was just so painfully awkward and that was obviously clear.
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