Dragons of Magic and Metal

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  1. For as long as mankind can remember, Magic has been the source of prosperity and peace. Magic was always readily available, as many could learn to use it and work, either as Mages or as simple service providers. The Gran Arcadia, a city-school, was the largest source of this knowledge. It sat on the border of three countries, claiming to be wholly independent from all government. Those seeking to learn the art of Magic, or to hone skills they know, traveled to The Gran Arcadia. A central location of many of the greatest works on the subject Magic, it is widely known across the land. Almost every ruling body has at least one or two high-ranking Mages as an adviser. However, there are many who do not know how to use Magic, and can never learn. To accommodate those who are untouched by Magic, The Gran Arcadia allows the creation of Magical items, to be used by anyone. While there are certain policies on the creation of these items, they are generally largely sold in any city. However, several hundred years ago, there was dissent amongst the Magically untouched, as they claimed they were treated as second-class citizens. Small factions grew, but they weren't any true threat. Until Allomancy and the Artificers came into being.

    Allomancy was a completely new form of Magic, and it was only useable by the previously Magically untouched, and the factions suddenly became more threatening. Several countries prohibited the Mages from attacking the Artificers and Allomancers, which allowed them to grow. Eventually, almost every Magically untouched joined the Banner of the Steel Dragon, a prominent family that had come to power. However, despite this, it wasn't a true war until the first strike. A small legion of Artificers attacked and destroyed a small Mage school in Borrun, killing all but a few Mages. Those who survived fled, retelling the tale to The Gran Arcadia. That was when war was declared, and The Gran Arcadia would no longer tolerate Allomancy.
    However, unbeknownst to many, there is a dark force rising. Something wants this war to happen, yet no one is aware of it. Not yet.

    Elemental Magic (open)
    Elemental Magic is the study of Magic that controls the various powers of nature. Wind, Water, Earth, Fire, and Lightning each have their own uses, strengths and weaknesses, but they all fall under the Elemental Magic category. Fire is doused by Water, Water is absorbed by the Earth, Earth is eroded by the Wind, and Wind is devoured by Fire. Lightning is outside the circle, unstopped by any of these forces, yet Lightning cancels itself out.

    Fire Magic is the art of combustion, allowing one to burn away anything in his or her path. By conjuring flames, they are able to destroy most obstacles in their path, and are very dangerous. Many Pyromancers who aren't very strong become smiths, using their Magic to heat metal. Others who aren't too powerful learn to enchant their weapons with fiery properties, and cut their enemies down with blazing weapons. The stronger a Pyromancer, the hotter and greater their flames become. How each Pyromancer uses their flames is entirely different, and as such, there are endless books on the subject.

    Wind Magic is the art of creating a mighty gust, usually used for defensive combat, though it has offensive uses as well. Aeromancers are usually not so combat oriented, and serve as defensive Mages. They can create mighty gales to slow advancing enemies down, or use sharp, concentrated strikes of wind to cut into enemies. Wind Magic is also used for personal transportation, as some advanced Aeromancers are capable of firing themselves into the air with their Wind Magic, and truly strong Aeromancers can oftentimes keep themselves afloat, though with concentration. On its own Aeromancy is a good Magic school to study, yet many learn other schools, then learn the basics of this class.

    Water Magic is the art of manipulating water vapor in the air, or controlling the water in a river. Aquamancers tend to be healers, as their Magic can heal most physical wounds. That is not to say it lacks combative abilities. Striking a foe with whips of water to break skin, or striking them with small bursts of water is a strong skill, and powerful Aquamancers can hit their foes with tidal waves capable of breaking bone. A common skill is creating a bubble of water and drowning a person in it, if they are immobile. Strong Aquamancers can often times manipulate the surface tension of water, allowing them to walk or run on it. A subschool of Aquamancy, Cryomancy is able to be mastered. Turning water into ice, Cryomancers are known to be very strong, as they can often freeze water particles in the air into groups, and cause icicles to rain down on their enemies.

    Earth Magic is the art of manipulating the very ground mankind walks on for various uses. Terramancers are known to strike their foes with the very earth, hitting them with boulders that were flung at them. Other Terramancers are known to create armor made of earth, and move fluidly as they strike their foes down. Terramancers also act defensively, creating giant walls of earth that enemies must scale, all the while striking them down with the very wall they are trying to get around. Many Earth Mages train in Magic and body, becoming physically strong as well. Truly powerful Terramancers are capable of forming and using strong crystal prisms, as opposed to just solid earth.

    Lightning Magic is the art of calling down lightning from the heavens to strike down one's foes. While this is known to be a difficult method, one is also able to conjure lighting from within one's self, though this is notably dangerous. Keravnomancers are known to be among the most powerful of the Elemental Mages, as their strikes of lightning can pierce through flames, cut through earth, evaporate water in an instant, and is unstopped by wind. However, it is also one of the most dangerous to be used, so few dare try to master Keravnomancy.

    Celestial Magic (open)
    Celestial Magic is a Magic that draws it's power from the stars themselves. It's origins are unknown, and few Mages can even draw Celestial Magic into them. It is widely used for healing, though Celestial Magic is capable of being used for combat. Celestial Magic seems to be pure Magic, and it's Magical properties seem to be unchanging. It appears in the form of a silvery white light. It is to be noted, however, that throughout history, females tended to be Celestial Mages more often than men. Why this is is not known, but is an accepted theory.

    Shadow Magic (open)
    Shadow Magic, also known as Void Magic, is an ancient Magic. It's source seems to be the space between the stars themselves, and, as such, are believed to be the opposite power to Celestial Magic. Shadow Magic is rarely learned, as there are few books on the subject. However, it is known that Shadow Magic cannot be used to heal, as it only turns the wound into a more fatal magical wound. It is used only for battle, and has no other uses aside for bringing death. It can be used defensively in battle, but it is used more often in all-out attack.

    Psyonics (open)
    Psyonics, or Mind Magic, is the Magic of Mind manipulation. Mind Mages are able to read the thoughts of others, usually with ease, although some non-Psyonics learn to place blocks in their mind. Mind Mages are also able to move objects with Telekinesis, and speak to those nearby with their minds. It is also used for placing illusions in one's mind, tricking them into believing something exists or is happening that is not. The stronger a Mind Mage, the more detailed the illusion can be. Strength also determines how many minds a Mind Mage can read or trick at once, thus creating greater illusionary mayhem. Mind Mages tend to be spies and informants, rather than Battle Mages, yet some have learned to use Psyonics for battle.

    Necromancy (open)
    Necromancy: Being able to fallen enemies to your side in battle is very powerful. And also, as many believe, morally wrong. The practice of Necromancy is outlawed in many countries, and, as such, pure Necromancers are a very rare sight, aside from those who are evilly aligned. Necromancy has two options, when attempting to reanimate bodies. One possible way is the reanimation of the physical bodies though means akin to a puppeteer's technique. The body has no soul or mind, and cannot act on it's own. If a Necromancer releases the physical hold on the body, it will drop and be useless. This method is more or less legal in many countries. The other method is the binding of a soul into a body, or the bringing of a spirit onto the mortal plane. Unless the soul bound to a body is the soul of some animal that was killed (and even still, many find this morally wrong), many countries that allow Necromancy will ban this method. The benefits of this are greater, as the Necromancer need not have constant control over the undead, and may make many others and rest in between. However, the soul or souls used may decide to rebel against the Necromancer, attempt to break free of his or her magical control, and if they succeed, are no longer his minions and may attack. Generally, only evilly-aligned Necromancers use this method. While many countries do not persecute Necromancers for being in their country, they will do so if the Necromancer is actively practicing Necromancy against their laws, or if that Necromancer is a known criminal.

    Holy and Unholy Magics (open)
    Holy Magic: Magic gifted to the Devout who follow a specific deity. Each form of Holy Magic varies from deity to deity, yet are all classified as Holy Magic. Unless a special agreement is made between Devout and deity, those who leave their religion will lose their connection with their deity.

    Unholy Magic: Magic granted to mortals by Demons. Generally, contracts are made between man and Demon, and the man is given Demonic or Unholy Magic. Their abilities vary depending on the contract and individual Demon that the person contracted with, yet Unholy Mages are very uncommon. Many Unholy Mages do not live long before the Demon comes for his end of the bargain.

    Allomancy and Artificers (open)
    Allomancy is the art of finding metals within the earth, drawing them upwards, and then magically mixing them into alloy spheres. Allomancers then shape these spheres into various shapes and often sell them. Allomancers may sometimes only be able to find various metals in the earth, while some can find any metals. Their strength determines how far down they can sense the metals, and how much of it. Allomancers are not combat oriented, and tend to be shopkeepers and such.

    Artificer is a term used to describe a person who is capable of operating various forms of technology. Artificers are capable of being Allomancers, and those who are tend to save much more money by finding and shaping metals themselves. Artificers have been described to innately know how machines work at a glance, and can often use larger golem-like machines with their minds. While many believe it is Mind Magic, it is false. Psyonics use another's mind to work, whereas Artificers simply seem to become a part of the machine they control, giving it various commands. It is an entirely different Magic. An Artificer's strength determines how many machines he or she is able to control at once, and how far away. The more there are, and the further away, the greater strain it puts on an Artificer's mind. As of now, Artificers as a whole have developed various clockwork guns, golems, horseless carriages, and other such machines. Artificers working directly for the Steel Dragon are creating and improving the Metal Dragons and the Metal Angels. Details on these are greatly protected, and many don't even believe in their existence.

    Post for Races is next.
  2. The continent of Eiloth is home to many races. Despite this, collectively, they are known as mankind. Each race has racial abilities, as well as racial weaknesses. This list will cover each race.

    Human: Humans are your average human. Varying skin coloring, hair coloring, ect. Humans are generally well rounded, able to use both magic and weapon with ease, yet they lack a true specific advantage. They are the most environmentally tolerant, and can thrive in cold and heat. They live up to about 70 years.

    Elder Elf: Elder Elves, also known as True Elves, are the oldest specie of Elfkind. They were natives of Eiloth, and ruled it until humans arrived and began colonizing. They have had a few bitter wars with humans in the distant past, but now, for the most part, they live in relative peace, though humans and Elves are both targets of racism by the other group, though not as often. Elder Elves are known to be magically attuned, and are most attuned to Water and Earth Elemental Magic. Their cities tend to be shrouded in or atop forests, and few leave their homes for good. Elder Elves often dislike using weapons such as swords, yet their armies recognize their use and employ them.

    Wood Elf: The Wood Elves are an offshoot of the Elder Elves. At some time in the past, before humans arrived, a civil war erupted between the Elder Elves. Eventually, one of these sides left, and became a civilization of their own. They soon became the Wood Elves. Their society is totally opposite of Elder Elves. Whereas the Elder Elves have grand buildings and cities, the Wood Elves have innumerable villages, scattered throughout the forests. Each village is ruled by an Elder, and these Elders convene once every five year to meet, or when there is grave trouble. Wood Elves are best attuned to Wind and Fire Elemental Magic. They prefer the Bow and Arrow, as well as smaller bladed weapons, such as knives, daggers and short swords.

    Dragonkin: At some point in the distant past, Dragons flew about the world freely. Sometimes, they would change their form to that of a mortal, and take on a mortal mate. The resulting children became known as the Dragonkin, and are part mortal and part Dragon. Their eyes are those of a Dragon and their ears are pointed, suggesting that the Dragons often mated with Elder Elves. Dragonkin have an innate Breath skill, allowing them to breath an Elemental power, though this is unchangeable. What Breath skill they have is inborn. Dragonkin are able to conjure magical wings to fly short distances, yet this is immensely stressful on their bodies, and tires them quickly. Dragonkin are greatly magically attuned, and as such, can wield Magic very well. However, they are also more vulnerable to Magic. Dragonkin possess great physical strength, and are often swordsmen and such. However, heavy armor prevents their flying about. Dragonkin are mostly attuned to Celestial and Shadow Magic. Nowadays, there are very very few of them, and they tend to remain hidden, fearing genocide, as humans are not fond of them. There is no known civilization of them, and the last known sighting was fifty years ago.

    Selvir: Also known as the Lizardmen. They are reptillian creatures that often resemble large snakes with arms and legs. Selvir hail from the marshes to the north, and are known to be sly thieves. They have various colored scales and horns, with yellow-colored eyes. They greatly detest the cold and dry countries of Eiloth. They are slightly magically attuned, and are greatly attuned to Psyonics, Earth and Water Magics. Physically, they are incredibly powerful, and magical attacks have less effect on them than other races. However, they can be slow when on land, and are the only race capable of breathing water. They are capable of swimming very quickly in water, even when in heavy armor. They can only wear armor designed for their unique physical build.

    Meisha: A uniquely mysterious race. Every Meisha seen by other races has been female, though many ask why. Meisha are similar to humans in appearance, yet are very slender and tall. They have tan skin, though of varying shades, and almost all have eccentrically colored hair and eyes, such as blue, yellow, green and any color in between. They are known to have a feline-like grace, and, despite their slightly pointed ears, are not Elven. Their eyes are drawn sharply more, and are tilted upwards more, giving them a cunning look. Despite their lithe appearance, they are great swordswomen, and it is believed almost all know how to fight unarmed and with kataras. They are known to be assassins, though none would tell one directly to her face. Little is known about their homeland or government, but it is believed that the men do not fight, and are simply businessmen and such. However, it is known that the Meisha have an Empress, and her word is law. Meisha are magically attuned to Lightning, Wind and Fire Magic, but cannot wield Water and Earth Magics, though for unknown reasons.

    -Character Sheet-


    ~Current Players~

    Moonlit Blade ~ Aeon
    Kitti ~ Avendry Samestill
    Torsty ~ Doromen
    Elflady ~ Tuliya Sorrel
    Tenchi ~ Aren
    Shavynel ~ Alesiar Ferrofel
    Xion ~ Veritas Aequitas
    TheFoxMaiden ~ ???

  3. Name: Aeon
    Age: 220
    Gender: Male
    Race: Dragonkin
    Appearance: Aeon is relatively tall, standing at about 6'2". He has messy white hair, though only because he doesn't comb it. He has a long piece of cloth tied around his head, covering an eye, though a fiery red scar can be seen coming from underneath, dragging down his right cheek. His left eye, which is visible, is a dark blue, with specks of gold. He wears light chainmail underneath his blue tunic, and wears black pants, tucked into leather boots. He wears a cloak around him, which seems to resemble the midnight sky. He has very pale skin, as if he rarely goes out in the sun. His right arm is completely wrapped up in bandages, and he wears fingerless gloves over that hand, to prevent the bandages from being torn when fighting. While no one has seen what kind of wounds his arm has sustained, it is obvious that when he uses it for anything more than daily activity, such as fighting, he suffers from waves of terrible pain. Because of this, he often fights left-handed, wearing his sword on his right hip.
    Personality: Aeon is a relatively approachable person. He has a dislike of injustice and almost wishes he could hunt down and lock up or kill bandits and marauders, but it seems as if something is holding him back. He doesn't seem to have any friends, yet it appears as if he is willing. He often comes off as lonely, even saddened. He can be quick to anger, and will go all out when he believes he needs to. When angered, however, he will rarely listen to anything until the target of his anger is dead or gone. He also seems to have some innate love of rare treasures, though they need not always be monetarily expensive.
    History: Aeon was raised by his mother when he was young. She died to a group of bandits when they attacked her lone home in the woods, and he was left to fend for himself. By then, he was 14, but had no fighting skill. His mother had hidden him away, and Aeon could only watch in shock as she was butchered before him. The bandits had taken everything of value, except for a single sword that had been hidden with Aeon. His mother had called it a "katana" and had said it was from their true homeland. She had told him it had been his father's, and she had recovered it after he had been slain. Taking the sword, Aeon left to find someone to train him. It was two years before he found another Dragonkin, a powerful warrior who had been hunting down criminals. He was surprised to meet Aeon, and agreed to train him in the ancient ways of swordsmanship. Aeon was twenty by the time he had finished his training. His mentor told him his teachings were unorthodox, but effective. During those years, he also taught Aeon to use Shadow Magic, noticing Aeon had a great affinity for it. Eventually, his mentor left, telling him he must grow on his own.
    Magics: Shadow Magic. Lighting-based Breath Magic.
    Weapons: Karatana, an ancient blade from his homeland. It is capable of cutting magical attacks and temporarily absorbing their properties. It can also dispel enchantments for a short time, though only depending on Aeon's and the blade's strength. Aeon, at times, notes that the blade whispers to him, as if instructing him.
  4. Sweet~

    I'll totally be making a character. ^^

    Would you be open to a character who was born with innate magic but because of backstorybackstorybackstory renounced it, refused to pursue it, and instead became an Artificer?
  5. Name: Avendry Samestill
    Age: 87
    Gender: Female
    Race: True Elven

    Standing at approximately 173 centimeters in height, she is taller than many humans but in comparison to most he would come across, her height is not impressive in the slightest. Due to her ears, which, while still bearing the telltale shape of elven ears are atypically rounder, there is some suspicion as to her lineage. Her features are common, if pretty, but hardly remarkable. She possesses green eyes of almond shape, a small snubbed nose, and a heart-shaped mouth. Her long hair is brown with hints of red to its shade, typically separated into two braids-one on either side of her head-bound at the bottom with a single thick gold bead.

    Polite and conscientious, she's a strangely pure soul, through no real fault of her own. She's led a fairly sheltered existence and has never experienced much in the way of meanness or anything other than familial kindness. In particular, the vast number of people with different appearances excite her, since she's always felt so isolated around the wood elves, who shared a fairly common appearance unlike her own. She's not particularly outgoing and she's a bit socially awkward, but she has a fair sense of self-confidence and is a very stable person.

    Secluded for much of her life in a small village where peace was kept at the expense of knowledge of the outside world, there was always something a little different about Avendry from those that she was surrounded by her whole life. Only when danger threatened the little village did she learn of the outside world and of races beyond her village.

    When Avendry was little more than a babe, one of the wood elves of the village found a dead woman clutching the child in her arms, the infant girl barely clinging to life. The woman was a human, presumably stealing the child or caring for her after another tragedy, no one could be certain. Unsure of what to do with the girl, the wood elves allowed a female of their village to raise Avendry as her own.

    From the time that she was small, Avendry had a talent that set her apart from many of her her fellows - the ability to manipulate water magics. More than one child of the village, despite its small size, was capable of using wind or fire but not water as she was able to do. This talent was fortunately nurtured, instead of bullied, and she grew well into a power hydromancer.

    Though being young for her people, it was still unusual that she never took a husband but her secluded life did not lend itself to such previously. All of the men in her village were people that were either much older than herself or that she had known since childhood and she had no romantic inclination toward any of them. She was prepared to lead a life of solitude and study when a rogue allomancer attacked her village. The survivors, though unsure of the reason, suspected it to be because the village had an unusually high number of elementally gifted children.

    Since that time, Avendry set off in search of answers and, more than that, knowledge outside of her experiences. She's led a bit of a sheltered life but she is quite adaptable and capable of learning quickly, which she is trying to do as much as possible.

    Magics: Hydromancy. HYDROMANCY, I SAY.

    Weapons: A rosewood staff with inscriptions from her adoptive mother, the staff being crafted by her adoptive father. She also carries a small, plain dagger in her waistband.
  6. I'm in.

    Doromen(Elf-name generator)



    Wood Elf


    Doromen is the adventurous type who prefers travelling to new places at any time. He likes to meet new people and share extraordinary times with them, but he also doesn't mind travelling alone. With these features in mind it's not too hard to figure out why he chose the dangerous line of work that he did.

    As his name indicates in elfish, Doromen is a married man. So who would be crazy enough to marry an elf who occupies himself with mercenary work and assassination missions? Someone of the same breed, Tondis, is also the adventurous kind. Both spend their days travelling whenever they're not back home in the village taking a break from their stressful occupation. Their relationship is considered odd since they spent more time apart then together even after they got married.

    Doromen grew up in the woods in a remote hut. His parents have since moved to a village due to Doromen's fear of who or what might threaten his elders out in the wild. Doromen spent most of his youth perfecting his skills with the bow while also taking an interest in his magics.

    Doromen has no children of his own, but his brother and sister have many whom he consider like his own kids.

    Wind Magic, Fire Magic.

    Bow and arrow(primary), twin short-swords(secondary)

    Think I'm about done now
  7. Name: Tuliya Sorrel
    Age: 94
    Gender: Female
    Race: Wood Elf
    Appearance: Standing close to 5'9" Tuliya is slender and agile with long black hair that she often keeps at least partially braided and ice blue eyes. She has creamy skin without much of a tan as she lives in a large forest, her ears also give her great hearing.
    Personality:Tuliya is normally kind and open towards others, she has a hard time letting people really close as she fears she will loose them but when she does Tuliya is very loyal and would never break that trust. However open minded she is though, Tuliya is suspicious of True Elf's as the feud between their races is very old and has not been mended. Being a generally quiet thinker who loves to read Tuliya is filled with a mix of careful planner and impulsive daredevil, she often changes depending on the situation and not always for the best. Usually carefree and outgoing yet polite Tuliya have a hidden flare and if provoked she shows her hot tempered side, though she dislikes disputes so she can never be angry for long. She prefer is everyone gets along and that's also the reason why the bow is her </SPAN>favourite</SPAN> weapon, she almost never needs to get into close combat so she feels the violence and hate is further from her. Ever since being a child Tuliya has been deathly afraid of snakes making her freeze in fear when she sees one, she is therefore very apprehensive of the Selvir race as they resemble reptilians.

    History: Tuliya and her twin sister Yulia were born to a loving family in one of the Wood Elf's villages in Eiloth, deep inside a large forest. She and Yulia were identical in mannerism, looks and personality though as they grew older </SPAN>Yulia became the more daring of the two while Tuliya were the calmer and more thoughtful person. The two sisters where inseparable and loved playing tricks on people by changing places, but when they where barely young adults Yulia died from an unknown decease that no one seemed to be able to cure. After that she seemed to take on some of her sister's traits, becoming more daring and neglected to think before she acted. Climbing through the trees of the forest all day whenever she wasn't training her archery, Yulia had always been the more skilled one so Tuliya tries surpass her sister although she is dead. Right after her sister's death she took up training with daggers as well to get her mind occupied with something else than her loss, using her agility and lithe body to her advantage in close combat situations.</SPAN></SPAN>

    When Tuliya got older and had become a quite skilled Aeromancer she decided to start learning to use fire, also that was to keep a tie to her sister. Ever since they were young the sisters had affinity for magic and that was one of the differences between them, Yulia was more skilled as an Pyromancer while Tuliya where the better Aeromancer. She still isn't very skilled as a Pyromancer but when she conjures fire Tuliya feels the bond between her and Yulia just as when she climbs trees or practice archery.</SPAN></SPAN>

    Magic: Elemental - Air & Fire. She has trained with air all her life and is quite skilled at using it but fire she recently started with so Tuliya can conjure small flames that only lasts for a few minutes at the most.

    Weapons: Bow and arrows that Tuliya can infuse with her magic, speeding on her arrows so they can fly longer and use her small skills with fire to set the tip aflame. She also carries two daggers for close combat.
  8. Elflady and Torsty, you're both good! We can start once everyone is done.

    Also, Shavynel, that is fine. Keep in mind though, those with innate magic cannot learn Allomancy. So your character can become an Artificer, but won't be able to sense and retrieve metals from within the earth.
  9. Name: Aren
    Age: 156
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: View attachment 10911

    Personality: Aren is relative to his dragon side of him. Most of the time he keeps things to himself and keeps pride at the top of his list. This makes him one of the most stubborn people to talk to. While still a hard-head, Aren secretly has a golden heart that fights to protect the wronged.

    History: When Aren was born, his parents were immediately killed, but there are rumors of his father still lying around. Without the care of his mother and father, he was raised by a princess in secrecy. She treated him like a little brother and when he quickly came of age 18, she vowed to marry him. She was 21 and was able to decree it. Years later they finally married and made a happy of just the two of them. But one day his wing ability kicked in and revealed to the kingdom of his species. Like most; they hunted him down and his wife for loving him.

    As they escaped his wife became heavily injured and needed to treat her by magic. He only knew fire magic, however, he didn't know much of his people's magic. After a long while travel and keeps his with supported with all he can, they came across an Ice Dragon. The dragon saw of Aren's dying wife and had a problem of his own; dragons are dying. The dragon offered to preserve his wife for him, if Aren would stop all dragon slayers. He was desperate so he agreed. His wife was quickly frozen and he was under the influence of a dragon.

    Now, for almost 160 years, his wife has been preserved in perfect condition, dragon slayers are dying, and Aren is lost.

    Magic: Fire and Celestial. His wife knowing his species, she believed he would be better at fire.

    Weapons: Steel long-sword and a crystal shield given to him by the ice dragon.
  10. Name: Alesiar Ferrofel
    Age: 34
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human

    Appearance: Alesiar stands at 5'10" with broad shoulders and a tapered back. His eyes are hazel and always seem to winkle with joy, especially when he's working with his creations. His hair is a dull brown color that he keeps tied back in a low ponytail. While once he had the athletic build of a swordsman, he has let those skills fade in favor of crafting mechanical creatures.

    He can usually be seen with at least one of his mechnical creatures. One that is his constant companion is Kiloveer, a clockwork squirrel that can shoot darts (though spends most of its time running around).

    Personality: Alesiar is something of a genius when it comes to inventing and building machines, but a rather careless one. People have accused him of being controlled by his skill rather than in control of it. Though he works closely with the top tiers of the Steel Dragon, he doesn't have the same sense of serious loyalty. No one would fault him for not working hard, but some question whether his heart is in the right place.

    He is a bit whimsical. The machines he create often mimic animals and creatures in real life. And while they do have practical uses such as being a mount or shooting arrows and knives, many accuse him of spending too much on superficial details like the ears and legs. When the mood to create something catches him, it's hard to pull him out of it until he's done. Fortunately, he works rather fast, so you probably only have to wait a week at most.

    History: Alesiar grew up in a clan of mages. However, his best friend, Kiloveer had no magic and seemed unable to learn it. As such, he never revealed his own gift of psyonics. When Kiloveer was killed (in an attempt to force magic out of him), Alesiar left his clan. He had been training to become a fighter, and figured he could make a living as a sellsword. Eventually, he came upon the Allomancers and Artificers who intrguied him. Many had no magic, but they made due and didn't treat themselves as secondary. At first, Alesiar worked to protect them for money, but eventually he would only work for those that would sell him materials or train him.

    At one point, Alesiar decided to make a "pet dragon." His final creation awed the children, but other Artificers looked at it and saw the potential for Metal Dragons that could actually fight. Thus, Alesiar was one of the first to work on the Metal Dragons and the Metal Angels. However, he still has a tendency to disappear into his workshop and work on smaller, less useful (to the Artificers) projects.

    Psyonics - It's unknown what Alesiar's limits are when it comes to mind magic, but there are three things he knows he can do. First, he can detect truth and lies. In all honesty, he cannot ignore it and can tell honest men from not, but he treats them the same to the best of his abilities. Second, he can hear a person's thoughts before they say it, but it gives him a headache. This he blocks out. Lastly, he can know where people are before he sees them.

    Artificer - Alesiar has made many a creation. Most mimic living animals and he "imbues" in them those characteristics. He's worked on Metal Dragons, but refuses to operate them himself. Destruction just isn't his style.

    He knows how to handle swords and daggers, but now-a-days, he prefers to rely on his trusty army of metal. Most of them stand idle in his workshop. Well, except Kiloveer, who is always running around.

    Kiloveer - can shoot darts, but is usually friendly
    Ksayur - mount with a flamethrower tail and a bad bite
    Essar - quick little bunny with scissor ears
    Tiaretat - a little guy who can fly and spy
    Jirru - back can open up to reveal a knife launcher

    Ta da~ Let me know if I should change anything.
  11. Okay! We can start soon! Before we begin, everyone should think of one reason why your character would track down a group of bandits! We shall meet via a common cause, killing off/capturing/taking something back from a group of bandits!
  12. Name:‚Äč Veritas Aequitas

    Age: 33

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human



    Personality: Veritas is an overall pleasant person to be around, all smile and charm but he can be quite cocky about his own abilities at times. He is extremely flashy, preferring to make his entrance one that draws attention instead of subtle.

    History: Veritas was born the defiant son of a rich merchant. Popular in his younger years and teenage years among the women due to his boyishly handsome looks, he was the envy of the town's men. When it was discovered that he had magical potential, he himself set out for the Gran Arcadia; it was the least he could do to get away from his fate of becoming the heir to his father's trading business. He still had another brother to do so, after all. Upon arriving there, Veritas found that his only talent was in the usage of Psionics, and even then his ability was confined to casting illusions. He had absolutely no ability in anything else. Many of the students had mocked him, telling him that he was going to be useless in combat, 'like most psionic mages', they said.

    Motivated to break that stereotype, Veritas started out on swordsmanship, and over the years he honed his skill and forged both swordsmanship and illusions into a fighting style that relied on both a swift blade and misleading illusions to defeat one's opponent. Aside from that, Veritas strays away from the traditional swordsmanship of battering at one another, and instead he learns to be smooth and fluid like flowing water, like a falling leaf and he incorporates many ground-fighting techniques and throws into his style, which makes him an extremely deadly opponent to face in combat.

    When the Artificiers attacked the smalltown school, Veritas left the confines of the school, having long graduated on a sort of crusade. He has an inkling of an idea that these Artificiers didn't do all this for nothing, and he wants to know why.

    Magics: Veritas mainly focuses on the usage of Psionic Magic. Even then, he specialises in only one section; illusions. Ninety percent of his time has been spent honing illusions, and he has foregone the ability to read minds and telekinesis in order to perform the most realistic illusions anyone can do. It has been said that his illusions are almost unrivalled in the land, safe for one or two other practitioners. Although unable to tell truth from lie entirely, he is able to get a 'gut feeling' that has about a 80/20 chance.

    Weapons: A sword made of a special metal that allows him to focus his Psionic magic better. A set of enchanted armour that makes it extremely light but retaining protective capabilities like any normal plate armour.
  13. im reserving a spot ill post a character sheet later today...babysitting right now so kinda hard to write loles
  14. Wass'happenin?