Dragon's Nest: The Beginning of The Fall

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  1. A raucous sound emanated from the classroom as the professor walked in. He was old and withered, whatever hair remained on his head was gray and falling limp. He walked with a slow dignified gait. In his prime he was a man of honor and integrity, that seemed to follow him into his old age. The man took his place at the head of the class and looked over the sea of students. Most of them were throwing paper balls around and talking about what they had for lunch or how they couldn't wait to go home. There was something odd about this group of people though. They appeared as normal as any other human, but upon closer inspection you could see they were something more...the shadows on the ground did not mimic that of a human, but of a beast....a dragon to be exact.

    "Settle down younglings! Listen to an old dragon spin a tale. Alright...where do I begin...maybe I should talk about how you gained the form you have now..well let's see...SIGIL WAKE UP BOY! You fall asleep again and you get to spend the night cleaning all the bathrooms! And you! Aegis! Stop talking. I swear, younglings these days...no respect. Back in my day your tails would be lit up. Evil little creatures ye be! Ahem...now where was I? Oh yes...the tale of the Dragons....."

    For a millennia the dragons and the humans ruled over the continent that would be North America. The human's bringing technology and great minds, while the dragons brought ancient magic and their wisdom. Together the land knew peace and prosperity. However this peace would not last. The humans feared the dragon's power and sought a way to destroy their allies if ever the need arose. Soon a human by the name Razak al Tokimaru forged what would be the weapon of our destruction. With a combination of dragon magic and human science, he forged what was known as the Dragon Soul. Able to penetrate through any dragonic wards and destroy the dragon, rending it's body and absorbing it's soul into the orb. Thousands fell victim to the orb, entire cities fell, and the dragon race was at it's limit.

    To avoid extinction, the dragon's cast a powerful spell, altering their bodies to that of a human, temporarily giving up their powers in the process. The dragon's needed to blend with society and rebuild. To do so, they constructed massive walled cities surrounded by multiple wards. They were the new Nests, the safe haven for the new generation of dragons.

    Razak's paranoia and lust for power ended what could of been the most peaceful era the world had ever known. Till this day, tales of Razak's treachery are being told in the Nests across the globe.

    As society and technology advanced, so did our Nests, growing to accommodate the humans as well. However our identities must remain a secret, for we know not where the Dragon Orb is or if Razak is still alive. A new era of peace has fallen over our world, but we shall never forget what has happened to our people. We shall teach you dragon whelps everything we know and prepare you for a future unknown.

    The man reared back in his chair as he finished his story. "Well..that's your little history lesson for today. Now I want everyone to go home and practice on using your Legends. It's very important for you younglings to be able to use it. Back in my day when a dragon received his Legend, it was a time for celebration! And you kno-" Before he could finish his sentence an explosion rocked the entire building...

    "Younglings! Head for the tunnels!"

    Alright guys! Hopefully you guys survived that massive wall of text. You'll have to forgive my grammar my spelling. It's been a while since I've rp'ed and I figure I would start up again, so I decided to start with a bang.

    So this is Dragon's Nest. The goal for you guys is to simply survive. Make it out of the Tunnels and out of the Nest to the outside World.

    I'll explain the Legend. The Legend is a dragon's weapon. It manifests itself when they become strong enough, or during certain circumstances. Even though this is a modern setting you can still use weapons like swords and shields/lances etc. Everyone is going to start off unarmed. If you think quickly enough you will be able to come up with impromptu weapons and the like.

    Now then, I've explained what a Legend is. I'll now explain the other 2 things about the dragons.

    1) Every dragon has a certain power. It doesn't have to be just elemental stuff like fire, ice, lightning, wind, etc. Your power could be telekinesis, or it could be the ability to see past events by touching an item. Be *creative*. Sometimes the most destructive power is a huge bane. You might have the power to transmute inanimate objects into food. Which is key for your survival. You don't need to have destructive super powers to be effective.

    2) At a certain point, you will be able to assume your dragon form. However, you will not be a massive dragon can toss buses. You would be about the size of a football player and you'd be a great deal stronger/faster/resistant. But reaching your dragon form will be something that will take time or *very* special circumstances.

    With all that said, sorry if it seems like a lot, but I really wanted to try this type of RP out, and well, there is no time like the present. I will give you the option of playing a human, in which case, you do not have any powers. But you will access to better technology. You may not be able to participate in fights and everything else, but you're just as vital as the dragons. You both need to rely on each others strength to cover their weakness.

    Here is your character sheet.
    Race: Human or Dragon?
    Age: (note, if you're in the school, you're probably no older that 15 ~16. If you're a human you can be as old as you want as you're not in the school)
    Power: (Can you control ice? Can you use a sonar like a bat? Can you make optical illusions?)
    Legend: (Is it a sword? A Shield? Is it an axe? etc)
    Bio: (Uh, I want something close to two paragraphs.)
    Appearance: (I would like a picture to accompany your character, but you can write if you want)

    There you guys have it, that is everything. I will post my character bio up here once everyone else signs up.
  2. I love this plot and the history you've brought to it. I'm in!

    Race: Dragon

    Name: IiNak (Pronounced Enoch ie. E-knock)

    Age: 16

    Power: Able to manipulate his own and others' parietal lobe affecting the brain's ability to receive and interpret the five senses

    Legend: Wushu rope dart made of a single hardened dragon's claw roughly 7" long with a red and yellow tassel attached to a 12' long rope made of black horse hair

    Bio: IiNak is the cliche warrior-poet and yet he is unavoidably a teenage boy.

    The warrior-poet part of him is derived from his power. His power over the senses gives him a unique perspective on the physical world. In order to better understand his ability, he turned it upon himself. In one year increments he first denied his brain a single sense and lived his life in its absence then amplified that same sense the following year. The first sense he "deadened" was his sense of smell. He expected this to be the most benign sense and so chose it first. However, his year without the sense of smell almost left him dead from starvation. Without smell he found it also nearly impossible to taste and without taste he found it difficult to keep an appetite. Slowly his body weaned itself from food and he unintentionally became severely anorexic. Fortunately, his condition, being strictly a physical reaction, reversed itself when he re"animated" his brain's ability to receive inputs from his sense of smell.

    As disoriented and unprepared as he found himself without his sense of smell, experiencing an amplified sense was even more so. The smells in the world around him were overwhelming. The smell of grass was blinding. The taste of food, deafening. His nose did not magically become more capable, rather his brain became more sensitive by magnitudes of which he could only guess. Or perhaps it was simply allowed to use the magnitudes it always contained but never utilized. He didn't know. At first, the magnification of the one sense effectively diminished his others (apart from his ability to taste) so that for a week all hearing was muffled buzzing, all seeing was light and shadow, and all feeling was if through thick cotton. Slowly, he had learned to control this side effect by "allocating" enough of his brain to receive and interpret his other affected senses in a capacity that was equivalent to their un-amplified levels. At the same time he began exploring the world through his heightened sense of smell. He learned to distinguish the smells of people he knew and would be aware of their presence if they happened to be somewhere in the same building as him. In time, if the environmental conditions were right, he could pick up particular people from what he guessed must have been close to a mile away. He also learned to distinguish the changes in people's body chemistry that accompanied various changes of mood or emotion such that he learned to tell when a person was excited, or scared, or unhealthy. He couldn't read people's minds or understand their thoughts but through a focused attention on the subtle ways the scents of their bodies changed he could "read" their emotions. He continued exploring his power through the "diminishing," "deadening," "animation," and "amplification" of his other senses throughout the years.

    Once he had learned how such a power worked on himself, he began testing it on others. In this capacity he soon learned that "deadening" someone's vision or hearing had definite "tactical" advantages and he worked hard at finding ways to use his power in conjunction with his Legend.

    The teenage boy side of him is strictly hormonal and has a lot to do with female dragons which he finds both overwhelmingly beautiful as well as mind-retardingly confusing much like his first years learning his power. While he has come to a sort of mastery over his senses, he finds that he is once again an infant in understanding and controlling the new sensations they have aroused in him. To make matters worse, the way they look, smell, and feel at times threatens his control over his power causing him to act in foolish and uncharacteristic ways.


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    http://0.tqn.com/d/asianhistory/1/0/b/8/-/-/BeadsCancanChuGetty.jpg (Link for picture if it doesn't show.)
  3. Looks interesting count me in!

    Name: Calvin Thatcher

    Race: Human

    Age: 19

    Tech: Access to various resources from family's business, such as vehicles, weapons, shelter, things that money can buy.

    Twin custom revolvers: tumblr_m3qyvyvesC1qdkeiao1_500.jpg
    These were Calvin's first weapons, given to him by his father when he was first sworn into the society. They highly effective at close range and against multiple opponents. Aside from firing high-caliber rounds, each pistol is also equip with a miniature grenade launcher which can be used to fire smoke, flash, incendiary, or standard frag grenades.

    Bio: For generations, the Thatcher family has been part of a society dedicated to the assistance of and maintaining peace with dragons. (I'll leave the name and plot significance of this society up to Kibas) The Thatchers in particular have always been insightful inventors and tinkerers, creating technological wonders that were years ahead of their time. When Razak began to lead most of humanity in the slaughter of the dragons, the society with it's small numbers and lack of combat training were powerless to stop him. Instead, they sunk into the shadows, helping dragonkind when they could and devoting themselves to a new purpose: training themselves in order to protect the dragons from any and all threats. The Thatchers took the guise of a military arms manufacturer in order to fund the society's efforts, quickly making millions with their ingenious inventions.

    Calvin Thatcher was born into wealth earned from these efforts. He grew into a energetic, fun-loving, headstrong and slightly narcissistic young man under the effects of such wealth and comfort. He lived a carefree and privileged childhood, receiving the best education, toys and care money could buy. At the age of fourteen his father informed Calvin of the Thatcher family history, as well as their involvement in the secret society dedicated to the dragons. One year later Calvin was sworn into the society, beginning his training and education on the dragons and what he would need to help them. Four years Calvin lived his public life as a sort of celebrity, the media keeping close tabs on the rich young man's excessive parties and extravagant money-fueled adventures. However away from the public eye he trained with his father, preparing for his chance to help the dragons fight back.

  4. Name:Aura


    Age: 15

    Power: Short ranged teleportation. (Wondering if it can level up with time)

    Legend: A slick long flashy katana with a black hilt and a talon hanging from it. Its embedded with the element of lightning.

    Bio: Aura is the decendent of Aello the Great Storm Wind. (The meaning of the name) Aello was fabeled to be a feirce warrior dragon that lived many years ago. He was rumored to be unimaginably fast and dangerous at any range.(Hence Auras name and power). Every generation of children in her family were harshly trained to live up to the same expectations as the great Aello, even when the generations were at peace. They've had to completly master their specific power( including being able to successfully ue it in combat) by their early or mid teen years and then their dragon form soon after. Harsh physical trainning has caused her to become a withdrawn girl with a somewhat militaristic mindset. She was tought never to hesitate in a fight and has been known to abuse her power during one aswell. Other than that she gets straight A's but lacks in the friend area due to her fear and mistrust of strangers and even classmates. Outside of a battle she is extemly fragile and frail. She's shy, nervous( especially around the males) quiet and submissive at times.