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  1. I love Dragons, I love romance. It's simple as that. I'm looking for someone who's just willing to role play a couple of Dragon-loving idiots that keep getting into wars and such.

    Like the Eragon book series, but slightly less intense war wise, more on adventure and love.

    They can be gay/lesbian if you'd prefer, honestly I'm good with almost anything! :D
  2. I wouldn't mind doing something like that. Pm me on how you would like to go about on this, I'm quiet interested.
  3. This looks like a ton of fun!
    Shoot a PM my way if you're still taking role play partners. :)
  4. i would love to join for a rp! send me a pm if you are still looking ^^)
  5. Alrighty, I'm closing this because I've gotten enough people! ;)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.