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  1. **Takes place in a fantasy/steampunk universe in the Victorian era.**

    Your Character is a thief, living on his own and trying to survive in anyway he can. Your character is very skilled in thieving, as if he was born in the shadows... Maybe he was... No one seems to know a thing about his past except for him.

    Well, one day, it was announced that at this grand museum a new relic was to be revealed and show cased for the first time... And it was said to be priceless. For a thief, it sounds pretty damn enticing... And Your character couldn't help himself. Not only wanting to find out what this mysterious artifact was... But to steal it.

    So, the night of the big reveal, Your character slips in under guise as a guest(or a guard maybe) to see what this artifact was and why everyone was buzzing about it... It was a giant shock to everyone... Your character never expected something like this...

    As the sheet was torn from the artifact and what was hiding beneath it was revealed...

    A dragons egg.
    Very big inside, being propped up by a gold stand. Though it looked quiet clear, you could barely see through it, like a mist was hiding what might lay inside.... It was the last dragon egg anyone has ever seen. It would make Your character rich beyond belief he could hardly believe his eyes. But how to steal it? It was gigantic! It simply could not just be plucked from its giant case... Your character was stuck in quite a conundrum.

    So, waiting until all the guests had left and the guards that were suppose to be watching were asleep, he made his way back to the egg. Your character was stuck there pondering for quiet a while, when he suddenly and a bit hesitantly reached out to touch the magnificent dragon egg. Your characters curiously was peeked the moment his eyes laid on such a prize. This particular dragon egg was actually incredibly smooth, though very hard. Unlike dragons in the past(from what he had learned) had been very rough... This egg was the complete opposite.

    Too caught up with admiring the beautiful egg, Your character hadn't even realized that it had started to crack. Your character heard the loud splitting sound, and his face flashed with horror. Barely having enough time to duck for cover when the eggs shell suddenly exploded out... Your character peered out from behind the trash can he had ducked behind... Waiting for a clawed hand to reach out of the egg...

    He was completely thrown off guard when a pale human hand was suddenly trying to claw its way out....


    1) My character is the dragon shifter. He has a human and a dragon form. Your character is the thief.

    2) I would like to play the bottom/submissive/uke character in the relationship, however that does not mean my character will act like a delicate flower. :3

    3) 1-3 paragraphs please. I do not do one liners. Also, I would like this to be in third person,

    4) I do not mind doing mpreg. Cute little dragon shifter babies right? XD that doesn't mean we have to do it if you are not comfortable though!

    5) This will take place on the libertine threads!

    6) I am fine with anime/realistic/Asian/celebrity pictures! I know people like to use those kinds. Please make sure that your character looks like he belongs in this time period! :3

    7) comment below or pm me! ^.^
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  2. I would love to do this with you! But would you be okay if the thief is a switch? (Sub and dom) I play many dom males. It would make a nice change to play a switch. ^-^
  3. I would love to do this with you so much ^.^ I'm not always 100 percent accurate about time periods, but I love dragons so much
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  4. Sweet! ^.^ pm me! :)
  5. O...M....G... It's like you stepped out of no where and said the same way my long time OC had come about. XD I have a dragon kin OC that plays a part in my sisters Manga she is working on. Long long ago he had been stolen away and now guards my sis's OC Family of fire dragons while he is a water dragon. XD Such close relation, such wow! I commend your idea, so much more detailed! Simple beautiful. and I am totally being serious here.
  6. Sounds amazing! :) Thank you so much! That is very nice of you! I am very glad to hear that! I try my best to go into detail with my ideas! XD
  7. Indeed it's the detailed people that always end up bringing me back from the brink of giving up. XD {{You}}
  8. Awe, I'm touched. ^///^ Thank you, you're so sweet! :)
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  9. I'd be interested in this, but I am so freakin rusty it isn't even funny. D:
  10. Lol, I'd love to rp with you. :) it's fine if you are! I'm not picky really! ^.^
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