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  1. Hi there! I'm Crow and welcome to 'throw stuff at IC until one takes flight'.

    I'm actually considering putting this gig in the porn section because...

    ... I always do. But hey, let's see what is up.

    So here is the brief summary of my plan:

    Humanity, oh humanity.

    Dragons & Faeries alike believe that humanity is corrupted by the blablabla they sin and stuff. You know, THAT.

    However, they believe that they can raise humans in their image. Instead of taking the violent approach of mass genocide, they choose to do this.

    The Dragons simply whisk young children away, while Faeries substitute them with Changelings that wither and die in a matter of weeks.

    Both the Dragons & Faeries chose to raise humans as their own, in hopes that they will become like them and not like the fiends they see humans as.

    The humans soon realise that there are fewer young to replace the old, and thus suspect that the beings in the woods have performed this action.

    So yeah, this is my brief plan and stuff. Ain't a Crow RP without the 'humans-raised-by-non-humans' trope eh? At least it isn't a goddamn Microraptor. Hey, that'd be pretty cool...
  2. lol interesting enough
  3. This seems pretty interesting. Would the humans end up investigating the Dragon and Faeire folk because or their suspicions? ​
  4. Yes.
  5. Possibly interested-- depending upon the writing level.
  6. This sounds pretty interesting; I'd be interested in joining.
  7. Hey-hey Crow~~!!

    Kay so like is this Modern times or Medieval-ish?

    Oh and Dragons whisking away kids, eh... ;D where have I seen that bef--
    "...porn section..?"

    Wait. Wut. PORN??@@??

    Giant Dragon...? Little Fairy...? Nonononoooohhh you poor, pooor, poooooor litle fairy... boom. chicka. wow. wow..?

    ~flees sobbing heavily~
  8. Medieval-ish.

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  9. *slowly raises hand* I may be interested. It has been a while since I have done anything though....
  10. Due to interest and me dropping some dead RPs, I might consider making this.

    So - Libby or regular?
  11. I feel ridiculous asking, but Libby or Regular? Somehow I am not understanding.
  12. Let me rephrase that for those who don't speak slang:

    For mature audiences or an all-ages galore?

  13. I would say mature is the safest bet. ​
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  14. Libby - Libertine. Wow, I am a dolt. My apologies.

    But I vote Libertine, just to be on the safe side?
  15. No objections.

    I see.
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  16. Warily interested. I'll fully commit depending on the writing level.
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