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  1. Hehehe I just think it's funny i've been working on my own Dragon Rider type site for about two months now, but i just started noticing all the other ones LOL. Luckily I haven't found any other sites that replicate/or are to similar to one another. Lol anyone else have have this happen when you built a site?
  2. I'm bored thought I'd talk about this to pass the time while working in my own Dragon Rp Forum. I thought by now there would be more Dragon Rider type movies and thems. Idk maybe it's just me but I believe the movies and games and such could go so much further in this genre. I mean don't get me wrong now! I LURV Both of the How to Train Your Dragon Movies, and the 'Dragon Riders of Pern' & Eragon book series, but it's like other than those three the dragon rider genre is just well ... Small!

    Maybe that is why i made my rp lol, I wanted to help that genre grow. But comments? Discussion? Anyone? Me iz bored!
  3. I wish there were more Dragon stuffs. O___O I guess the time of dragons was in the 80s when fantasy was super big.

    I'm SURE dragons will come back in style, though. >:3 We just need a super good dragons book or movie to come out!
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  4. If we're talking about dragon RP, I think the issue falls into a few categories:
    • People play them as just scaley humans.
    • People play them as monsters with no intelligence.
    • They're using them to fulfill some fantasy. We know the one.

    Sorta miss doing dragon RP, even if my dragon was basically a Neltharion sorta clone mingled with Smaug and a touch of other dragons from fantasy.
  5. I love dragons! They're intriguing, powerful, and so integrated in the world of fantasy that it's almost an instant-escapism to write or play a story about a dragon, BUT


    (it's actually a dragon-positive article, but it brings up some points about why dragons may not be as popular as they used to be)
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  6. I agree with the link @Minibit posted. Dragons are awesome, but only when the plot itself is good. Doing a few RPs in the past, I have gotten to play around with dragons, but they were not the main focus. The fact the world was falling apart, and time itself was ending was one that comes to mind right away. In one world you had fantasy, and beast-kin. While in the other the sky was cracking apart, because the fabric of reality had been skewed so much that it could no long support itself. The characters then had to travel between worlds attempting to fix what was wrong.

    Dragons, yes. Plot, yes. Was it bad? Eh, could have been better. Just a great idea at a low point in willingness to see it through.
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