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    • Lola led him out of the throne room and down the hall. "That's the kitchen," she said as she pointed at a closed door with lots of noise behind it, "I'm not allowed in there, and this is the dining room." She pointed at a cracked door and as she pushed it open, a huge, decorated table was revealed.

      "Nice." Sam said as he kept following the princess. He nodded as he looked around. "What is your favorite spot to be my princess?"

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  1. Lola's eyes lit up at the question. "The gardens! They're really pretty..." She led him over to the windows that looked out over the large gardens, filled with so many plants, pathways twisting between them. "I like to play games in the gardens, hiding and making my own little paths." She said quietly with a soft smile.
  2. "Nice. So, would you like to play a game?" Sam asked as he looked out of the window. "It is a very nice garden as well." Sam smiled at Lola.
  3. Lola's eyes widened as she looked at him. "You like playing games?" She gasped, happy surprise in her eyes. "What games do you like?" She giggled.
  4. Sam looked up at the ceiling. "Well let me think. How about tag." He said with a smile. 'Well if I have to babysit to do my mission. Fine by me.' He thought to himself.
  5. Lola giggled. "Tag sounds fun!" She said, looking back out at the garden. "C'mon, I'll show you the way to the garden." She said, happily turning away from the window and leading him towards the hall again.
  6. "OK." He followed Lola. He was wonder if he can still play tag or the other games.
  7. When they reached the garden doors, Lola gently pushed the door open. She giggled and skipped onto the path, then ducked under a low-hanging rose branch into a small clearing.
  8. Sam walked out side and he was in all when he fully saw the garden. "This is a beautiful place." He said as he followed Lola.
  9. "Mhm." Lola giggled, turning to face him in clearing. "Who's it first?" She smiled happily.
  10. "Mhmm. Let me see." He said as he tagged Lola. "You are." He started to run away form her.
  11. Lola giggled. "I'm going to get you!" She said, cutting around through another entrance in the bush. She started following the paths, listening to try and figure out where he went to catch him.
  12. As Sam ran, he looked behind him. 'Where did she go?' He thought to himself as he stopped and looked around.
  13. Lola stopped behind a small cherry tree. She could see Sam just a few feet away. Smirking, she paused before bolting towards him to tag him.
  14. Sam watch Lola was she tagged him. "Were did you came form?" He asked as he started to chase after her.
  15. Lola giggled as he fingers brushed his shoulder. She then dashed off into a row of trees and large bushes and ferns, darting through and between them. "From behind the apple tree!" She giggled in response to his question. "Catch me if you can!"
  16. Sam followed Lola as she ran form him. He smiled as he got caught in the bushes. "Oh. Well do not make it easy for me." He said as he got out of the bushes. He looked around to see if he could hind her. "So, were are you hiding?"
  17. Lola, having realized he was no longer behind her, hid inside a bush. She held a hand over her mouth, watching.
  18. Sam kept walking around looking for her. He wonder if he should cheat and use magic to help him find her. "Na. She should be here somewhere. Oh princess where are you." He said as he walked pass the bush she was in.
  19. Lola stayed silent, smiling faintly. She didn't move, watching him cautiously from the bush.
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