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    What are we like?
    •Characterisation and involvement in our immersive plot is very popular within our community. Our plot is rolling along nicely, and is getting more epic by every new thread!
    •Quality and story value are utmost priorities.
    •Being new isn't an issue; Dragons Cove roleplayers are tremendously supportive to both new roleplayers, and seasoned roleplayers.
    •What about dragons? Well, hopefully you’ll love our extensive range of dragon breeds as much as we do, though playing a dragon is not a requirement. Small, tall, fast or strong, we have all sorts of dragons you might get to play. We also have a wide range of Non-Dragon characters, from humans, elves and avians, to goblins, water sylphs and liches!
    •A DC welcome is like no other, our community is super-friendly and active. There’s always someone online to chat to, be it the morning, evening, or even midnight. We’ve been running for 4 years, and are still going strong!

    The best part... we’re not even exaggerating; we are truly excellent. Come find out for yourself.