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  1. Hello, my name is Ambra, but you can call me Ketori, Dragon, or whatever else you wish to call me as long as it isn't offensive. I'm an avid roleplayer; I love writing fantasy and romance, especially in areas that one could consider fandom. You might want to know a little about me before I actually state what I'm interested in doing, so here we go!

    - I mostly play female, but I can play male as well.
    - All of my ideas must contain romance at some point.
    - I write at an advanced level (at least a long-ish paragraph per post with few errors in grammar) and expect my partner to do the same.
    - The age range of my characters range from late teens to mid twenties.
    - I do not RP, or do I RP with, LGBT+ characters. This means I do not make homo/bi/pansexual characters, and I feel a little uncomfortable with RPing with someone that prefers to make them that way. I have nothing against different sexualities, however. ^^
    - I prefer to RP fandom as most of their universes are really interesting and colorful.
    - I am friendly and cheery, and expect to make all types of friends as I write.
    - I prefer to RP with people who are 18+.
    - I want people to guide the plot with me, not put it all on my back.

    Okay, that's basically it about me. Now on to the fandom list!


    *= means I have some sort of idea for the plot.
    Bolded= means I really want to do this idea.
    Space followed by italicized paragraph= the plot of the idea I have.
    Italicized= means that while I really like the idea, I might prefer something different.

    Dragon Age *
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  2. I'm still looking, guys!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.