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Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Luminosity, Apr 11, 2015.

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  1. Hello there!

    My name is Luminous, and I am looking for some people to roleplay some topics with me. Fandoms are my favorite, so I am currently looking for one partner. I will say this is filled once I get said partner.

    About Me

    I am a literate roleplayer and I expect my partner to be the same. I cough out two paragraphs at average per reply, and well-written ones at that! I can write more, especially if I am motivated enough to write. If I have writer's block [which is absolutely horrible, mind you] I will give you a one paragraph response at minimum.

    I expect more or less the same thing out of my partner. I don't like to roleplay with people who don't have a sense of correct writing.

    All of my roleplays require romance. I only do MxF, though, and I am better at roleplaying the female. I don't use canon characters in my RPs [mentions of them are allowed]. I hope I don't seem too demanding.

    I am definitely friendly and will communicate with you! I love a partner who will talk and discuss plot with me, along with personal things [how have they been, preferences, etc]. I'm not good at digging out plots by myself, so I'll need the help!

    If I, however, am not into your plot/character, I will tell you. Please take no offense-- it's better than ignoring you.

    Fandoms I Am Interested In

    Note: ones marked with an * are the ones that I really want to do!

    Fire Emblem (Awakening/Made-up Universe)*
    Katekyo Hitman Reborn*

    Pokemon (Honestly depends on the plot)

    Original Plots

    Note: I prefer anime-styled roleplays, even if they are original.

    Medieval Fantasy

    Open to more ideas!

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.