Dragons and Humans

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  1. Claudia was a Human among humans, she was odd and clumsy...she never really fit in.
    However, every night, when the moon reached the sky, she would watch as the Firey mountains of Peak Padew, the silver lake of Lake Montigue and the Night sky of Lua swarmed with one of the highest forbidden things in this village, dragons!
    However what Claudia didn't know, was that dragons have evolved over decades! They could now change into humans whenever they wanted so their species wouldn't become extinct.
    Claudia snuck away from camp and visited a lake filled with faries.
    The teenager already made friends with faries, they told her stories about dragons and how beautiful they are.
    As the girl sat down in front of the lake, it started to glow a white color.
    A single fairy came from the lake and stood in front of her. It was Silvia, her best friend.
    "What are you doing here?" Silvia asked flying up to her "we need to start changing the seasons so that spring can come!"
    "I know, I know!" Claudia said "but I just need to know more about dragons! I've been writing all the things you've told me in a journal! So, that being the case...is it true that faries are the only creatures that can calm an angry dragon down?"
    Silvia nodded her head smiling "it's also true that you can only see a fairy if they let you!"
    With that, Silvia dissapeared instantly, Claudia groaned and put her journal in her sachel before walking home through the forest.
  2. (Hope you don't mind if I join!)

    Edward Heller.

    When this name was spoken, humans would have no idea who you were talking about, however dragons would rip you apart before the full name could even be said.

    Edward was a hybrid, not of races, but of two different species. A dragon and a human. His mother human, and his father, of course, a dragon. Edward was able to hide that fact about him for most of his childhood. Heck he didn't even know he was half dragon until his 10th birthday when he "accidentally" set a house on fire with no evidence of a torch or match. Once he hit the age of 16 the features began to become more noticeable. Scales began to replace his skin. His eyes began to match those of a dragon's. Since that day he's been on the run. He abandoned his mom and family. He was scared and thought he would be better off as a nomad. It was only recently when he discovered he had retractable wings, but it was also recently when he discovered his father was the alpha dragon of the land. You would think "Edward is simply the heir to the thrown!" You're terribly wrong. As Edward ages, he gets stronger, and at a certain point in his life he'll be able to morph into am actual dragon at will. A dragon that could dominate his alpha father. The goal for every dragon on this world is to permanently eradicate Edward Heller.

    Edward flew as fast as he could through the air dodging fireballs that were being spit at him by none other than a dragon. One of his father's pawns to be more specific. It wasn't long until one fireball ended up nailing Edward on the left wing causing him to plummet to the earth in a spiral. As he fell, the dragon chasing him flew closer to him to grab him. He tried to squeeze the life out of him, but Edward was able to escape and jump from his hand to punch him in the eye hard, almost causing his eye to pop out of his skull. He barked in pain, and began to plummet to the earth with Edward on board. They fell into a forest taking down so many trees. It was at that moment Edward was able to pick up a broken tree and stab right through the dragons flesh to reach his heard and impale him.

    Still injured, Edward dropped off of the dying dragon only to fell to knee once hitting the ground. His vision began to blur. His wing obviously broken and slightly burnt. He looked up to see a figure. Maybe a female, but he couldn't tell. He began to lose consciousness and fell, face down. He was out.
  3. Claudia couldn't believe what she saw, a real dragon laid before her.
    She just stood there in shock and awe before snapping out of it.
    She cautiously walked over and examined his wing. She felt the different bones gently before finding the parts that were broken. She wasn't a part time nurse or anything but her father did teach her how to splint a broken arm...however the wing was a different story.
    The girl ran away then came back with a bunch of tools and objects. She might be able to make a dragon splint, after all, she was an inventor.
    As she started drawing the dragons wing she saw a distant glow and looked up, Silvia flew there in midair completely shocked. Dragons haven't been seen for over hundreds of years.
    "I know! Isn't it amazing!" Claudia said putting her dark brown hair in a ponytail. "It's an actual dragon!" She smiled so excited.
    "But won't the dragon kill you if he wakes up and finds out he's been discovered?" Silvia said flying to Claidia.
    The young woman kept drawing her skimatics. "That's where you come in, remember how you told me that any fairy could calm down an angry dragon?"
    "That's true" Silvia said "but dragons have been gone for millions of years Claudia, I have no idea-"
    "You will be fine!" Claudia interrupted
  4. Yukikaze was sitting in her tree playing a leaf, with her bow srtung across her back. She was known as the guardian of the dragons. That's when she heard the crashing of trees behind her and turned to see a dragon crash land. She dropped from her tree to see a human approach the dragon. She took her bow off her back and strung an arrow. She slowly approached. "What are you doing to that dragon."
  5. Claudia gasped and backed up "please...I can heal him..."
    Silvia then flew from Claudia to the skimatics. "You need fairy tears?" She asked looking at Claudia who nodded. The fairy then disappeared without a trace leaving the hunter with the girl.
  6. "I'm drawing schematics to heal a broken dragon wing...I absolutely love dragons!" The young girl said as she looked at the dragon. She then gasped and flipped through her journal, "any person seeing a dragon would try to attack by now...you must be their guardian! How exciting!" She said.
  7. The girl watched as the girl was still holding the arrow to her "give me a chance" she finally said before she started working on her contraption. Within hours it was done. "Okay now to wait for-"
    Suddenly Silvia appeared with a glass necklace that was shaped like a tear, inside was clear liquid.
    "Right on time Silvia" Claudia giggled and put one drop on each broken part. "Fairy tears help numb the pain and heal broken bones within three days" she explained to the gaurdians as she gently put the steampunk looking contraption on the dragons wing.
  8. Edward's eyes fluttered open. The pain he'd vaguely remembered before he lost consciousness was not as intense now. He brought his hands under his chest and pressed into the ground to push himself up. It was then he noticed the girl. Knowing his wings were still out, he widened his eyes. "You're not supposed to know I'm alive...I'm not a dragon...um," in panic, Edward jet passed her and then began to flap his wings and fly away. He had gotten about eight feet in the air before crashing down onto the ground. He looked back at the wing that failed him and realized there was a contraption around it. Almost like a splint. Still panicked he picked himself up and contemplated.

    She's seen me....I can either run, knowing she will probably follow or kill her.

    He looked back at the girl who had the emotions of shock and fascination on her face. He didn't want to kill anyone, especially a female, so he booked it. He ran as fast as he could, not really caring where he was going.
  9. Yukikaze lowed her bow as the dragon got up. She was surprised to him try to fly but due to the splint he couldnt. As he ran off she looked back at the girl. "Yes I'm the guardian of the dragons. It is my job to protect them from humans."
  10. She looked at the dragon then the hunter. "Uhh..bye" she waved then ran towards the dragon. It wasn't hard to track him since he was breaking every tree in his way. The girls contraption caught onto the branch making the dragon stop, giving the girl enough time to catch up to him.
    "Please, don't struggle! Let me help you! Your wings going to rip off if you don't let me help!"
    Silvia wasn't around and she needed to do something fast.
    "You have to believe me, I absolutely love dragons..." The pretty young woman said. "I would never hurt you...or tell anyone"