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  1. Two bats dipped and dodged around their heads while Becca led her boyfriend Scott to the statue on the far end of the town park. When they got there scott set her down on the concrete base. The surface was cold on her feet, sending chills up her body. Becca set her handbag on the base of the statue and rubbed her arms. Her teeth clattered and she hugged the stuffed cat Scott had recently won for her at the town fair tightly to her chest until her body got used to it. The air was perfect for a summer night, but the bugs would soon be eating them alive. The sun seemed to touch the earth, the sky a mix of deep blue, pink and orange. The clouds had turned a deep pink color and were floating over them like giant balloons. When they reached the field the clouds had disappeared into the sky.</SPAN></SPAN>

    Scott kept his distance from her, his hands jammed in his pockets, his face was flushed, but Becca couldn’t tell from her place on the other side of the statue.</SPAN></SPAN>

    “I really like you….”</SPAN></SPAN>

    Becca’s face flushed with his admission of attraction and she lost her balance, weaving back and forth. Becca landed on her hands and knees on the loamy soil the earth felt fragile under my hands. Her sundress was splashed with mud and the dirt began to disappear, as if being sucked down into the earth. Before she knew it she was sinking down into the ground, her hands sliding beneath the surface. The stuffed cat was already half under when she franticly looked at Scott, who had not heard her fall and was still rambling on.</SPAN></SPAN>

    "SCOTT!" Tears were streaming down Becca’s face and she couldn’t move her limbs. Scott’s body swung around, seeing only Becca’s head above the surface.</SPAN></SPAN>

    "BECCA!" His voice was blunt and frightened and then; she was gone. </SPAN></SPAN>

    Becca was holding her breath, expecting death to grab hold of her with cold slender fingers. she landed against something hard and winced in pain, not daring to open her eyes; Afraid that some sort of hellish monster was going to be there when she opened them. She could still hear Scott screaming for her. </SPAN></SPAN>

    "Becca!!" he called, his voice was cracking with fear and she could hear his fists beating on the ground. Becca felt around, her back was against something cold and wet, the texture still felt of soil. Little rocks and sticks were up against what felt like a wall. She wiped her face clean of the mud that she had just fallen through and opened her eyes cautiously.</SPAN></SPAN>

    Had I really just been sucked underground?</SPAN> </SPAN>

    "What the hell?!" It was deep and ominously dark. The void seemed to stretch forever shaded with mystery. The fall wasn’t extreme, but it wasn’t within her reach. Sticks and little rocks were all pressed into all surfaces. The walls, ceiling and most of the floor were completely covered.</SPAN></SPAN>

    ‘Where am I?’</SPAN></SPAN>

    Becca’s body shivered with the thought. There was no way this was a natural phenomenon. Panic quickly set in and the hairs on her arms stood on end. She was on my feet in seconds. Sharp stabbing pains shot up her back but she started to walk around in little circles, attempting to get as much of the caked dirt off of her dress and body. Becca couldn’t forget about Scott frantically screaming up on the surface.</SPAN></SPAN>

    "Scott!?" Becca used her hands to carry her voice upward. She squeezed her eyes shut, hoping he would hear.</SPAN></SPAN>

    "Rhea, Are you alright?” He voice was muffled through the thick layer of earth that separated them.</SPAN></SPAN>

    "I'm alright, I'm underground..."Becca couldn’t wrap her head around the situation. She felt a panic attack setting in. Hot tears streamed down her cheeks, washing away some dirt.</SPAN></SPAN>

    “What do you see?" Becca could hear him lower himself closer to the ground. There was no doubt that he had his head pressed against the dirt trying to hear her better.</SPAN></SPAN>

    Becca looked all around, taking in whatever she could. The cavern was dark, but tiny holes in the surface let through just enough light. She followed the walls down into what looked to be a cramped hallway. Whatever lived here wasn't here now. Becca swallowed hard and called up to Scott, her voice stinging her throat.</SPAN></SPAN>

    “Go get help!"</SPAN></SPAN>

    He jumped to his feet; Some of the dirt fell into Becca’s hair and startled her. </SPAN></SPAN>

    “Stay right where you are!” He called as he began running; soon enough all she was left with was the silence of the cavern and her own breaths.</SPAN></SPAN>

    "Where the hell would I go?!” Becca flailed her arms helplessly.</SPAN></SPAN>

    The light from the surface was fading but it struck something reflective in the distance. Becca walked toward the light, stumbling over a few rocks. She tripped, yelping as she fell. When she finally landed face-first into the soft mud at the bottom, she wiped off her face and looked back up towards where she had fallen. her ankle hurt really badly. She could feel her blood trickling to the ground below herself, coming from a long thin cut on her leg. She tried her hardest to keep the mud out of it, wiping it over and over again.</SPAN></SPAN>

    Becca pushed herself up, trying to stand. Her knees gave out and she fell forward hitting her head on a jutted wall.</SPAN></SPAN>

    "Damn, it’s too dark in here..." she was starting to get frustrated. Becca had to get a good look around. Nothing in her life topped this moment. She was almost wiggling with joy as she scanned around the rest of the long, narrow room. After a while she began to feel strange. Shivers found their way up and down her body. No one was here with her, but it felt like she was being watched. Becca’s feet got stuck in some areas of the floor and it took some wriggling to get them out. She was almost positive she had mud covering her entire body. </SPAN></SPAN>

    I probably look like I belong here…</SPAN></SPAN>

    The sun was almost completely set, but despite the encroaching darkness; she saw the shimmering again. Becca let her eyes focus on it, walking carefully over to the other side. She bravely ran her hands over the walls, dipping her fingers into cubbyholes set in the moist dirt. The object was circular, cool to the touch and smooth, like a bowling ball, or a watermelon.</SPAN></SPAN>

    Her hands shook as a gentle pulse began to press out of the orb onto her palms. Becca pulled her hands back, letting it fall to the ground. I could feel it in my mind now, a heartbeat slow and consistent. It was almost like music beating along with the sound of her own heart. </SPAN></SPAN>

    Becca crouched down and picked up the orb, her fingers still shaking. She rubbed the pads of her fingers over the surface as she limped slowly back to the entrance.</SPAN></SPAN>
  2. Long ago when dragons roamed as kings and queens of heaven and earth; harmony rained since the beginnng of time. Knights of the human race hailed empires, magic was a common use, but witch-craft in other countries. The blessed plains of Navarus were truely as the Gods wanted, woorld peace for all eternity. There are several types of dragons in the world, all with their own unique ability within thir blood. Giving them something special or a great truth for their future.

    The standard dragon is strong, but is as of name, standard. They breathed fire, fly at powerful speed, and have strength beyond that of any animal. Elemental dragons hold the ability of specific elements, all determined by their personality, a magical change in dragon lifespan. Elder dragons are the oldest and wisest of dragon kind, aswell as the strongest. With each construction of a dragon is as well as their own system of government. The elder dragons ran a council, muc like that of the Round Table but more expanded. They all answered however to the High Dragon King, Auriel. Said to be a dragon god and birth fathr of all dragon kind, and forger of prophecy. Along side him was his brother Midus, and Auriel's beloved Angelus.

    Auriel one day forged a prophecy telling of a dark dragon being born. It would rise to the world and destroy all living beings to create a world for itself. One of pain, torment, destruction, and eternal darkness. Harsh by nature, as were most Gods of the world. Realizing his doomed creation for mankind he forged within the plot ofa human that would ride the back of a God-like dragon, born with hidden abilities inside the two of them, a hero. As king he made it so, and as king he also had an enemy among them... his brother.

    "Take haven, Angelus." he said to her as he looked down from the clouds, standing beside his Queen. "A clouded mind is dangerous when running a kingdom, worse a world." Angelus placed her hands on the back of his shoulder as she stepped behind him, pressing her chest into his back. "My love, it is something grave that clouds me.... I fear of betrayal in our council."

    "Betrayal? My queen our brothers and sisters of Navarus would all fly, burn, and roar for our lives. We are family, our subjects would never arise to betray us." he said as he placed his hand over her's, looking into her golden eyes. "I had a prediction, my lord. A warrior of blackened heart will strike you down, not in vengence, but jealously..." Auriel turned around and grabbed Angelus by her arms. "If it will come to that, then I shall fight." he said, "It will start a war!" she replied "Then so be it! We gave this world life and ifit repays us by trying to take mine, than I shall end theirs.." he said with a growl.

    "My king, listen to yourself.. You love this world, you know it would never turn against you, yet you would destroy it without thought." He eased himself slightly and let out a sigh, then placed a hand over his Queens belley. "I know, my queen.... The rider will be born.. The vision will only be ust that. A dream..."

    But they didn't see the coming months to take place....

    With the following four months, Auriel's brother started war with the human race. It was a distraction used to draw the attention of most dragons and the council. But Auriel and Angelus saw past this deception and fled... a long with their new born egg. Crimson as a brick and hot as flame, his mother fleed the heavens and the country, flying until her wings became sore with her child in arm. Auriel stayed behind and slew as many traitors that came to aid his brother; only to be overwhelmed and slain.

    "Good bye, beloved.." she cried silently to herself as she soared away from the fire in the sky. Dragons of blackened skin chased steadily behind, Angelus loosing faith in her escape.

    Just as she looked behind her she was tackled by a dragon and went tumbling to the ground. Her egg was cusioned by leaves and landed within a cave in a bed of dirt and rubble; with her following behind her child. A broken wing, bloodied body, and weak magic within. o save her child, she brought down the cave into a cavern, and froze herself within the earth, time around her preserving her body. But her egg untouched.

    Centuries later....

    The egg pulsed gently, the touch of something soft warming it, like that touch of a mother. The embreo inside began to feel stonger, and may just survive with it's new founder.... A human girl..
  3. The room seemed so empty and nothing felt real. Her mind whirred with what had happened the night before. Without opening her eyes, she turned her head and reached over for a remote she could use to finally silence the newscaster that had been talking for the past two hours about her own sob story. When her mother called the park office, they made a big deal of it, saying they had never seen it before. Her mother quickly got the news station involved to warn other unknowing park-goers. The story was so big that the owners of the park were paying for her hospital bills. Right now, the only down side to the whole thing was the throbbing injuries.</SPAN></SPAN>
    The blunt ‘click’ of the TV and the calming silence that followed it felt almost too good. Becca let her hand drop the remote back on the table. Her body ached and her eyelids felt heavy.</SPAN></SPAN>

    Did any of that really happen? </SPAN></SPAN>

    It must have, the pain she was in was far too real. she was only in the hospital because of the fall. she got away with a bruised tailbone and a twisted ankle. She decided not to count the cuts and bruises on her arm and legs as major injuries. Although, they hurt all the same. She had almost forgotten about her curious new friend. The bright lights up above Becca were shinning off the pure white walls; stinging her eyes. She reached over for the strange little orb that was sitting so perfectly on the bedside table. The bed rails made a strange snapping noise as she pushed up against them. Her hair dangled over the side in thick waves. Her fingers were inches from the orbs strange comfort when the door creaked open with the turn of the handle. </SPAN></SPAN>

    “Good morning!” Her nurse, Emily came in with a tray of generic waffles and orange juice. She had quickly pulled her hand back from the table and rested it at her side. Her fingers wrapped around the old gray T-shirt her mother brought for her. </SPAN></SPAN>

    “Don’t strain yourself sweetie.” Emily said, reaching her arm over her body to grab the bed controller and slowly raise Becca to a seated position. Her bed was supposed to be flat, to conform to the pain. Having a bruised tailbone made it impossible to get comfortable</SPAN></SPAN>

    “We’ll get you comfortable. I promise…” Her voice trailed off as she placed the tray on her lap and crossed over to the other side of the bed, scribbling on the clipboard that hung over the side. Becca was about to poke her plastic fork into one of the pancakes when she turned her round body to Becca again. Her ebony skin seemed to absorb the warmth of the sunshine coming through the wide hospital windows.</SPAN></SPAN>

    “How is you’re pain today? Not too bad I hope?” She smiled and ran her hand over her hair, which was plastered to her head in a tight knotted bun. </SPAN></SPAN>

    “When do you think I can go home?” Becca spoke with what little voice she had.</SPAN></SPAN>

    “Slow down sweetie. It’s going to take at least three weeks for your ankle to heal. I’m almost positive of that. And you whacked you’re hind quarters pretty hard…you’re a lucky girl all things considered.” She had a bright smile on her face the entire time, at least one of them could. </SPAN></SPAN>

    “The doctor said you can go home at any time after 4pm tomorrow.”</SPAN></SPAN>

    Becca wanted to complain, but she was right, she was really lucky. Becca wasn’t worried about her ankle because she very well could have died. She stabbed into one of the waffles while she unhooked Becca from the machines that hovered over her head. </SPAN></SPAN>

    “Are you alright sweetie?” Emily must have caught her eyeing the bedside table.</SPAN></SPAN>

    “I’m just exhausted.” Becca shrugged her shoulders. She smiled, tucked her hair behind her ear and sat down on the lower end of the bed; the itchy white blanket pulled under her weight. She leaned forward, placing her hands on her knees. Becca slid her leg away from her nervously. </SPAN></SPAN>

    “What was down there?” Her brown eyes flickered with interest.</SPAN></SPAN>

    “Nothing but mud…” Becca felt bad for lying, but the whole thing was her special secret. She just gave her a childish grin and shoved another pancake in her mouth.</SPAN></SPAN>

    “I’ll check up on you later sweetie…” She sat up and took the chart with her as she exited the room. When Emily sat down, the bed shifted enough so Becca couldn’t grab the handle of the end table. She lifted the food tray and gently moved it off her body, placing it on the chair that was squeezed between her bed and the wall. The dishes clattered together and her heart beat jumped from a crawl to a sprint. </SPAN></SPAN>

    Twisting her body around, She reached for the drawer handle, her tongue slipping between her lips. She got a good grip on it and pulled it out. Her hand searched blindly around in the drawer, guided by the gentle tug of the strange pulse coming from the orb. When she managed to capture it in her hand she hugged it greedily to her chest. Its comfort confused her to an extreme. She felt a thin layer of calm wave over her as she slowly inhaled its earthy. Her fingers ran over the smooth surface, flicking off some grime. </SPAN></SPAN>

    “Becca, you have a visitor.” Emily’s voice made her jump. She was smiling extra big. She looked down at the orb. “Would you like me to send him in?” She pursed her mouth in a puzzled look.</SPAN></SPAN>

    “Who is it?” </SPAN></SPAN>

    “He said his name is Scott. If you don’t want to see him right now, I can tell him to come back?” Emily ran her fingers over her hair.</SPAN></SPAN>

    “Yea, I guess Scott can come in. It’s not that big a deal…” Becca tucked the orb under her blankets and nodded.</SPAN></SPAN>

    “He’s the boy who pulled you outta the mud isn’t he?” She raised her hand to the side of her mouth and swooned. “Boy is he handsome! I would let him carry me anywhere!” She wiggled with happiness. She saw Scott in hallway, waiting for Emily to either reject him or let him in. </SPAN></SPAN>

    Becca bit her lip nervously and decided to wave. She was sure it looked just as awkward as it felt. Emily winked at her and grabbed the food tray from the chair, making her exit as Scott held the door for her. She heard her say something like ‘thank ya handsome!’ and it made Becca laugh again. Scott came in and took off his light gray jacket, setting it on the back of the door with a chuckle.</SPAN></SPAN>

    “She seems nice.” He chuckled while he watched Emily eyeing him from the nurse’s station. </SPAN></SPAN>

    “She’s good to me.” She tried to laugh along with him but he looked at Becca and made her feel horrible.</SPAN></SPAN>

    “I’m sorry I caused you so much trouble …” Becca tried to hold her emotions back but they betrayed her. He took a couple swift steps over to her side and slid his hands over her face. His warmth was even more soothing than the orb she held tightly under the covers. He placed his hand under her chin and tilted her head up. She couldn’t help sighing heavily when forced to stare into his perfect ice blue eyes. </SPAN></SPAN>

    “You shouldn’t be the one apologizing Becca; I should. If I got to you faster, grabbed your hand at least, you wouldn’t be in the hospital. I could have saved you a lot of pain. I was just too shocked to respond fast enough. This was my fault.” His words filled her with an uncomfortable anger that she just couldn’t identify as her own. </SPAN></SPAN>

    She left the orb under the blankets and crossed her arms over her chest.</SPAN></SPAN>

    How could he think that he was the only one responsible? </SPAN></SPAN>

    A big part of her was happy she fell. Becca was grinding her teeth together the more she thought about it. It made her especially irritated, because without falling, she wouldn’t have found the orb. Moments before Scott came in to visit, everything was still worth it.</SPAN></SPAN>

    “You act like all of this is your fault Scott and it’s not! None of this is your fault. I’m actually really happy that it happened.” He gave her the strangest of looks as she paused to catch her breath. </SPAN></SPAN>

    “You’re sitting here injured! How can you expect me to not feel responsible?”</SPAN></SPAN>
    He sat down on the bed and bent over, his elbows on his thighs with his fingers burrowing into his temples. Despite the pain, Becca leaned up and reached out for him. Her fingertips lightly grazed the sleeve of his shirt and he turned to look at her with injured eyes. She pulled her hand back, instinctively cuddling it into her collarbone. She didn’t want to look at him anymore so she looked at her ankle. </SPAN></SPAN>

    “Becca….” </SPAN></SPAN>

    “Scott.” She said his name fast as to not give away her sadness. It hurt her to know he was blaming this all on himself. He refused to see it the way she did. </SPAN></SPAN>

    “I’m going to take care of you while you’re held up. It’s the least I can do.” He patted his hands against his legs and stood up, looking down at her with confidence. “When we first met, I thought you were really nice…and when you showed up at the park; I was scared.” Scott continued rubbing her hand. She took a deep breath and continued.</SPAN></SPAN>

    “Becca…You’re one of the most interesting girls I’ve ever met.” His hand was still roaming over the side of her face. He cooled her blush as he slid his fingers over her cheeks and forehead. He tilted her face up to his and she had to fight back tears.</SPAN></SPAN>

    “I’ve never felt so terrible for something happening to someone. When I saw you go under, I thought my heart was going to jump out of my mouth and chase after you. When I found out your injuries, I’d never felt so responsible; like I had to do everything in her power to heal you. We haven’t known each other long but I feel the same; I really like you too…” </SPAN></SPAN>

    His hand had wrapped around to the back of her neck, holding her attention on him. He used his other hand to gently run over her chocolate curls. Becca couldn’t help but smile. There was something very positive about being this injured; she got to lean against Scott as much as she wanted. Happy tears rimmed her eyes as he embraced her gently.</SPAN></SPAN>

    “Scott?” </SPAN></SPAN>

    “Yeah?” He lifted his head from Becca’s and looked into her eyes. She felt the perfection of their moment permeating around them like a cloud.</SPAN></SPAN>

    “Are you going to kiss me yet?” </SPAN></SPAN>

    He smiled and gently lowered his head to hers. A bolt of electricity shot through her spine as their lips gently melted together. A shiver of joy caused a throbbing pain in her back and then it was over. Their moment had disappeared into time and it was perfect.</SPAN></SPAN>

    As Scott said his good bye and walked out the door, all Becca could think about was how confused she was. She rubbed her eyes to make sure She wasn’t dreaming. She reached under the itchy blanket and pulled out the hypnotizing tear shaped orb.


    Finally, it was time to leave.</SPAN></SPAN>

    “Becca cheer up it’s not as bad as you think” Becca’s mother was trying to be chipper but she was simply not in the mood. She twisted her head and looked back at Becca, sprawled out to conform to her backend. I’d been in the hospital for two days letting the nurses and doctors loom over her plethora of cuts and bruises, broken ankle and worse of all…Becca’s bruised tailbone. She let her mind wander over the past three days as her father drove cautiously down the road.</SPAN></SPAN>

    She covered every detail of the journey that She could remember. The fall, the orb, the 911 call, It all seemed so strange; like it was meant to happen. The orb pulsed in Becca’s hands, matched up to Becca’s own heartbeat. The orb felt like it was a part of her own self. She didn’t know how to explain it, but it was connected to Becca’s heart. </SPAN></SPAN>

    “We’re here!” Becca’s mother was halfway out of the car and opening Becca’s door to let me out.</SPAN></SPAN>

    A few hours after being home, Becca carefully settled down in her room. She was taking her time, wallowing in all of her delicious misery; eating chocolate the cake that Becca’s mother prepared for her return home.</SPAN></SPAN>

    Becca’s room was better than the hospital scenery, but the boredom was all the same. She was limited to her bed, occasionally slipping into nightmares about the underground. She would wake up sweating with her heart racing wildly. Becca reached down, rummaging through her messenger bag for the orb, holding it close to her body.</SPAN></SPAN>

    The smooth exterior was hypnotizing and warm, though she still had no idea what exactly it was. Becca laid in bed, cuddling the orb and enjoying it’s warmth, wondering what could possibly be inside.</SPAN></SPAN>
  4. By the next morning everyone was scrambling to clean up a bit around the house. Becca's mom and dad were outside in the yard working on the garden, her little brother and sister were coming over to help with the house. While the other house member, the cat, decided to walk around and pester around a bit. A common trait when animals can smell something strange. And what Whiskers could sense was the rapid growth of the infant in Becca's egg.

    "Bill, can you bring me my little shovel? These weeds are being a pest." asked Marry, Becca's mother as she picked and ground at the dirt ripping out weeds. With each weed she tore out it was like another was back at her throat. Gardening was her specialty but it was hell to handle. Her husband Heuy was busy watering one side of the lawn why'll his wife was picking at the garden. He turned his head and looked at her with tired eyes and shut off the hose. Heuy brought her her small shovel and she began digging straight into it. While inside the house, furry evil was working it' paws....

    Whiskers started scouting around the house in the living room where he usually spotted everything. As he heard the other two humans park outside and walk in cleanly, he crawled his deviant self over to he front door and sat down. He looked up as Becca's brother and sister, Adam and Sarah, Adam gave the cat the finger, while Sarah pet it on the head. Then he ran off and started toying with everything.

    Whislers ducked low and started climbing on the drapes in the living room. Adam picked up a pillow from the sofa and tossed it at Whiskers like a grenade. He let out a meow of anger, then leaped down and ran away into the bathroom. While in Becca's room, the egg was beginning to respond to her heart. It could feel ther life energy becoming one.

    While the grey tiger in the house was skulking around the medicine cabinet, knocking over perscriptions, licking toothbrushes, and clawing at soap. When he started pawing at the sink, he made the faucet turn on and scare him into falling off. A loud thud followed him, then he sprinted back up and wandered into Becca's room. She was still sound asleep, the egg firmly nesttled into her breast. By a stroke of chance the cat leaped onto the bed and rolled the egg from her arms, making it bang against the floor loud enough to wake her up.

    The cat started looking at the egg that ranged around it's size. Two feet long and a foot wide, crimson as the meat of a watermelon, and warm like it's own fur. He kept slapping at it making a pop sound with each strike but doing no damage to the orb. If the cat was smart it would leave before Becca woke up.
  5. Becca's eyes shot open when she couldn't feel the orb next to her any longer. She had even felt it in her dreams, which had been non existent until that moment. It was like all she was listening to was her heart, thumping in time with something else; something new. suddenly her dream changed, as if she was falling further away from herself, drifting off into an oblique darkness that sucked the life out of her.

    "Huh?" She sat up suddenly, looking around her. When she saw the orb on the ground, she scrambled to pick it up, swatting at Whiskers and shooing him out of the room. The cat fumbled, mowing in argument.

    "Stupid cat..." She held the orb close to her chest again. "What's happening to me?" Becca closed her eyes feeling the anxiety of losing the orb fade away. She heard her brother and sister downstairs-great. Becca got her ankle brace, buckling it and standing up slowly. She walked over to her dresser and grabbed a change of clothes, getting a shirt that the orb could fit into.
  6. The smooth shell of the egg was pressed against her stomach beneath her shirt, and the cat fled in terror. The egg was beginning to bend it's mother effect into her blood, when he is born the bond will be complete. The birth of a dragon was more than just a growing embryo. The magic builds within them as well, a bond, and soon when the creature inside arises a pact must be made. Their life would become one with a rule that binds them into partners for life.

    The cat scurried into the living room and hid under a couch. WHile Adam and Sarah started sweeping the kitchen and organizing the dishes in the cabinets. Heuy came inside and left his shoes at the front door. His wife Marry went into the back to check on Becca, she was always a little bit clingy when it came to her kids.

    "Becca, come out here and help your sister." she called as she lifted a few boxes into the back closet in the left corridor of the house. The egg was warmer than usual, the baby uinside was fully grown. And when the time is right tomarrow, it will finally hatch to it's mother.
  7. Becca rolled her eyes, giving in to her mothers commands.
    "fine" She murmured as she started walking, trying not to lean on her ankle too badly. Becca was happy she was going to be moving into her own apartment in the next coming days, Piles of boxes lined her room in a unorganized fashion. She placed her hand on her stomach and smiled- ironically, she hated the idea of children, so the belly-look she was sporting was a little silly.

    Becca helped her sister with the dishes and finishing packing her up. Her sister was thrilled to be taking Becca's room, wanting to move in right away.

    "Sarah, just wait one more day, god"
  8. "I would wait if I could, but when will I ever get another chance to steal your room?" Sarah said with a smirk, then dipped on ther heel and dashed past Becca. Adam came from behind his older sister and patted her on the back, "Don't worry, she'll change her mind once mom and dad start spying on her." He knew how that felt because he had a different girlfriend almost every two weeks! He wasn't wise on love, but he was decent with life.

    Heuy closed the front door and took a seat at the kitchen table, they were just about finished working for the day. It was around 7:45 PM, dinner time, and tonight they were having his favorite. Fried fish, mashed potatoes with gravy, green beans, and red velvet cake for desert. He could taste it now the sweet savory taste of hot gravy, the sugary delight of cream cheese frosting on his moist cake. "Mmmmm.." he hummed to himself.

    Marry started preparing dinner while Sarah and Adam finished up. As they went over to sit down at the table and wait, Sarah looked at Becca's stomach and saw the small bulge from the egg. "I didn't know you got knocked up.." she said with a smart attitude.

    "Sarah! Watch your language," shouted Marry.
  9. "What?!" Becca said, jumping up from her place at the table. "I am not!" She flailed her arms at her sides. She thought for a moment that it would be easier to tell her parents she was pregnant. How would they believe she had some sort of bond with an inanimate object? "shut up Sarah" Becca rolled her eyes and sat back down, looking at her father with red cheeks.

    "Dad, tell her she can't have my room if she's not nice to me!" She nagged. Their father just sighed and didn't even bother to look at his youngest daughter

    "Sarah, quit it"
  10. "You all be nice to each other!" Marry shouted from the kitchen. She finished the last of the fish and had Adam smoothing over the last of the frosting over the cake. He took a few wipes of his finger while she wasn't looking, but knew she'd find out about it. Marry brought the big pan of fired fish over to the table, the pot of mashed potatoes, and Adam sat down the beloved Red Velvet cake.

    "Yeeeee, doggie I'm starvin'!" shouted her father with a Texan accent. Lets dig in, family. They all raised their hands in the air like they always did, and said like a chorus, "That looks tasty!" They would always say this because it was the first words that came out of Becca's mouth as a baby. At least from what her mother could remember. She never expected for her to grow so fast.

    Adam and Sarah started digging into the fried fish and potatoes, gravy wasn't even on the mind. Heuy and Marry took it slow and started with the potatoes, Heuy getting up to grab some ice tea from the fridge. Sarah grabbed another piece of fish and Adam grabbed the same one, they tugged at it until they scowled at each other like animals. Sarah settled it by leaning over to his hand and biting it like a chew toy. It almost brought tears to his eyes as he moaned and flailed his arms in pain.
  11. Becca laughed at her families hilarity, taking a piece of fish and taking small bites. She looked down at her stomach, where the egg was resting, wondering what it was. She noticed the family cat, Whiskers walk into the kitchen, trotting over to Sarah's chair and begging for food, like usual. Becca laughed when the cats small head poked up above the table, it's long feline whiskers twitching and it's nose sniffing her plate.

    "Sarah, get the cat down" their father said again without looking as he shoveled another bite in his mouth.

    Becca was happy to be moving out. She was twenty four and it was time to be out of her parent's home. When she finished her dinner, she stood up stretching her legs.
  12. "It's my fish!" growled Adam, Sarah didn't even look at him and grinned. She held the piece of fish on a fork and bit down on it as if he wasn't even there. She made a proud sinister smile and winked at him, he frowned and almost felt like crying. "You should've wanted itmore." she boasted, shrugging her shoulders and shaking her head. Adam grit his teeth and went back to swallowing his food like a beast. His parents just took a drink of their tea and stayed out of it.

    As Becca stood up to stretch the egg reveled itself slightly from under her shirt. Sarah thought she saw it but assumed it was just a halucination. Marry turned to look at her and smiled sweetly, flashing her caring eyes. "Are you down already?"

    "She could have fooled me." said Sarah. "With a stomach lik that, I'd say she's stuffed!" she laughed at her sister. But as time went by, the baby inside the egg began kicking slowly, gently and growing in power with each kick.
  13. Becca felt the kick, wondering if it was her stomach grumbling. Then again she felt it and she knew. it's not my stomach, it's the egg...she thought to herself, quickly standing up and taking her dish to the sink.

    "My stomach isn't feeling too good, I'm going to my room.... Thank you for dinner!" She pretty much spewed the words as she ran to her room and closing the door, locking it behind her.
  14. Heuy kept his head in his dinner, the crunch of the fish was seductive to him. Marry was confused as to what as happening, but let it happen. Sarah didn't think of anything else except that she was pregnant. No one has a large stomach all of a sudden in her mind. "Maybe she's having contractions?" Sarah commented, followed by Marry tossing a cup at her head.

    "Where you found your vaocabulary, young lady I'll never understand." She shook her head in an aggrivated manner. Then she got up and took her plate over to the sink. Adam just sat there and started stuffing his face again.

    While in the sanctity of Becca's room, the baby she carried in the crimson orb was coming to life. It's heart beat began picking, quickening as it's blood started flowing. As the creature began to change so would it's owner, their bodies were to become that of one. She would inheret strength, speed, and accuracy like that of a dragon. And magic unseen to the human race for a thousand years. The egg was preparing to hatch for tomorrow.
  15. Becca found herself acting strangely maternal, grabbing a box of blankets and towels and opening it up. She placed the orb inside, for some reason feeling inclined to kiss it gently, like a mother would when putting her child to bed. Becca knew she would be moving early in the morning, so she placed the box directly next to her bed and waited. She watched it with a strange feeling that she couldn’t explain, waiting for something; anything to happen. </SPAN></SPAN>

    Finally the day had come. Becca and he parents loaded her belongings into the moving truck that would take her to her new apartment out in the country, where Becca would honing her skills to become a veterinarian, working on a ranch taking care of horses and other animals. She had her own house that she was going to be renting, located right next to an abandoned barn. She was really lucky, not needing to pay for the rent but just having to care for the animals instead to pay it off.</SPAN></SPAN>

    It didn’t take long to get Becca’s boxes into the house, considering it wasn’t very big. She had a bedroom, living room, kitchen and good sized bathroom all to herself. </SPAN></SPAN>
    After Becca’s family left in a rather emotional display, she got to unpacking. The first thing she took out was the box with the towels and blankets, where she had tucked the orb in so it would be safe. She pulled it out, cuddling it to her chest affectionately. </SPAN></SPAN>
  16. It could feel the eyes of it's owner watching it closely; staring almost into the egg itself. The creature inside could feel the gravity around it moving and shifting as it was transported in the back of a moving truck. The orb shined bright blood red in the dark of the container, as it bounced lightly in a bed of blankets. Along with it was a land of boxes, furniture, and items. Becca had initiated her plans to move just in time for the birth. Her home had wide enough space, an abandoned farm house, and an area far enough from civilization.

    The truck finally came to a stop, and the container door slid up letting in the family. Marry took out a few boxes with Adam and Sarah, Becca claimed her special cargo herself. She carried it away to her safe haven and nestled it to her bosom. The warmth of it's shell laying into her chest. On the inside the creature opened it's eyes and began kicking a bit more.

    The time had come...
  17. Becca had begun cleaning and putting out her belongings, making the place more like home. She filled the bookshelf and placed a small pot of flowers on the small dining table in the kitchen. She kept the orb nearby, propped up now in a box with a peach colored towel, sitting on the kitchen counter while she stored away pots and pans. The cleaning was going well, and the place finally started looking homey. She noticed the orb wiggle from time to time, but blamed the illusion on her tired eyes.
  18. As the egg sat upon the counter it started kicking more, and began pecking at the shell. He soon started scuffling and rumbling inside his egg, so much until it tip off the counter and cracked it open. Letting out the creature inside, the baby dragon. His parents name him Legna, The Dragon of New Beginnings. His skin was brown as wood and was covered mostly in spikes.

    Newly hatched but still new, he crawled from his broken shell and scurried away in to the house. He was about as big as a new born puppy, same interests and intellect too. He didn't know much about the world or what it held, the house would provide somewhat of an education for Legna. All over the place were tall pale skinned beings who were walking back and forth with boxes, stacking them one way and another.

    For some reason he couldn't help but rush his way upstairs and enter a room. As he came in he sniffed the air faintly, then crawled on top of the bed, he forgot the rest of his egg followed him. It was stuck to his tail from the yolk-like substance in his egg. He pulled himself up by the edges of the covers touching the floor and scurried over to the center of the bed. The smell that lingered on it seemed soothing to him.

    He curled up in a circle and closed his eyes, falling asleep on Becca's new bed.

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    Down stairs, everyone were finished helping Becca move her stuff and would finish helping unpack in the morning. Everyone loaded up as Marry shouted, "Sweety we'll be back tomorrow! Be good now!" Then loaded up and drove away.
  19. Becca finally finished unpacking the kitchen, and when she looked over and saw the box she had the orb in was empty and on the floor, she began to panic.</SPAN></SPAN>

    “Where did you go?” She called out, feeling insane for searching for what at the moment, she still thought was inanimate. Becca searched the living room and the downstairs bathroom, looking under the sofa and between some of the books on the bookshelf. Her inquiry finally took her upstairs- where she searched the hallway bathroom and found nothing.</SPAN></SPAN>

    She started walking toward her bedroom and her foot crunched on something strange. When she looked down, it looked to be part of a shell, the same color as the orb she had found just days prior. </SPAN></SPAN>

    “What happened?” She whispered to herself as she found more and more pieces of the ‘shell’ littering the floor of her room. </SPAN></SPAN>

    Finally Becca’s gaze was directed at her bed, and her body jolted. It looked like a little lizard, balled up and sleeping in the center of her comforter. She walked slowly towards it, her heart thumping hard in her chest and making her nervous. She was cautious, reaching out a hand to gently touch it’s head- just to make sure she wasn’t dreaming.</SPAN></SPAN>
  20. Legna curled up tighter and wiggled his tail, the smell of a familiar being drifting critically close. He lifted his eyes open slowly and blinked once, looking at a large hand steadily approaching. He was afraid at fist and hesitated to approach it.

    He stood on all four legs and sniffed it a little, peering his head from behind her hand and making a childish squeak. Then jumped down from the bed and sniffed her feet, lifting his right paw to be ready to leap. Soon the smell blended in his thoughts and came to memorable state of mind, it was his care-taker; his mother. Legna hopped happily and sat back on his hind legs, wagging his tail like a puppy and spreading his wings, his tongue hanging out with a grin.

    He pawed at her feet and looked up at her, sure that she knew what to do with him.