Dragonismia- The Return

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  1. Plot: Centuries have passed since Dragonismia's destruction by the hands of the select few. Now, under a new regime, the old dragons rise once again, revived by a dark lord to save their world from the new terrors it falls into. THey must get over their old grudges and learn to work together in this new world, meeting new dragons along the way- but can they do it?

    Accesories (optional):
    Stage in life: Baby / Child / Teen / Adult (delete as appropriate)
    Clan: Forest / Fire / Earth / Water / Mountain / Air / Underground (delete as appropriate)

    Basic Clan explanations:
    Forest: Generally has control over plants and nature. Stay in the green scale, although there are some mild variants into dark brown. No specific build. Fairly calm and kind to everyone, mostly healers. Allied with Water Clan.
    Fire: Headstrong, boastful, can sometimes be more bashful around dragons they like. The females are calmer, but still quick to anger. Generally stick to the red and orange hue. Generally the best fighters. Controls fire and lava.
    Earth: Brown hues, stocky builds, bold and brave. They tend to be the best defenders. Controls the ground and rocks. Allied with Mountain Clan. Not close to any other clans due to mistrusting them.
    Mountain: Dark silver, grey and black, stockily built. Other than their colour, they're difficult to tell apart from Earth Clan and are closely allied with them. Future-tellers often come from these clans, due to the ability to read the stars. Best guards.
    Water: Noble and strong, blue skin. Control over water and ice. The best rulers and leaders.
    Air: Pale silver and white, merging into a light blue. Control over air and the weather. Haughty, think they're better than others; but hold a lot of respect for Forest Clan.
    Underground: Not much is known about them. Their colours are fairly dark, but a select few can change colour to other clans. They're the best spies and assassins, and have almost any ability they desire. However, most clans despise and distrust them because of their untrustworthy reputation. They have no allies and manage fine on their own. Their security for passing into and out of the clan is incredibly high, so infiltrations hardly ever happen.

    Side note: Yes, dragons from mixed clans do exist. However, neither clan is very fond of them.

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  2. Name: Angel Wings (Will settle for just Angel or Wings)
    Gender: Female
    Looks: Angel Wings is a black scaled dragon with feather covered 'angel' wings for flight. SHe, however, is not the best flyer and prefers to use the rather weird method of tunneling. This comes from her mountain clan traits. She often feels lost in the air and prefers to have her feet firmly on the ground. She has a few distinct white marks under her eyes. Each looks like an oval although they increase in size - going from snout to ear. Her eyes are neon green in hue and, again, come from her mountain clan heritage. Finally, she has, adoring both her head and the tip of her tail, sharp, knife like, spikes.
    Accessories: Angel bares no real accessories other than a gem buried in her chest. Her scales and skin have grown around it though you can barely see the green sheen of it's glow.
    Stage in life: Adult
    Power: Angel Wings has the ability to telepathically maneuver items of earth such as rocks, the occasional tree or ice blocks. Although she does have trouble moving anything living or not classified as a solid. She therefore tends not to do this often as it takes an awful lot of energy to try and is, most of the time, met with failure. She did, at one point, have the ability to communicate with people telepathically but with the gem seemingly losing it's power she has now (thankfully) lost the ability
    Clan: Mountain.
    Family: Angel Wings had no real family. Not anymore. The closest thing she had to that were her friends and she's not even sure they're friends anymore. Not with everything that happened.
    Other: she is the former ruler of Mountain Clan.

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  3. Name: Twin Tail
    Gender: Female
    Looks: Turquoise scales and wings, two long prehensile tails, emerald-green eyes, black claws and horns.
    Accesories (optional): None
    Stage in life: Adult
    Power: Can generate tornadoes from her tails
    Clan: Air (Princess)
    Family: Dark Shade, her sister
    Other: Her parents were a mix of Underground and Air, after one spy had a run-in with her mother, the Queen. Dark Shade, her sister, was taken away to the Underground clan after it turned out her scales were of a similar colour to that of Underground Clan. Twin Tail was allowed to stay in Air Clan to inherit the throne. Having mingled with the leaders of Forest and Mountain Clan, she's learnt to heal and to read the stars, although not to the extent of the respective clans.

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  4. Name: Dark Shade
    Gender: Female
    Looks: Crimson-red claws and horns, dark purple scales with markings, scars running her body and ankles, darker purple bands around her legs, two horns protruding from either side of her tail like a pickaxe, made out of bone, red tuft of hair and bright violet eyes.
    Accesories (optional): Dark purple armour on her feet and ankles.
    Stage in life: Teen
    Power: When she goes insane, spikes cover her body, dripping with poison. However, she loses control of herself and will attack any living being in sight.
    Clan: Underground
    Family: Twin Tail, her older sister.
    Other: She's one of the fiercer fighters in the Underground. She knows how to move silently and often slips out to visit Twin Tail and spend time with her sister. She enjoys the company of her friend and role model, Flicker Shadow. She doesn't know much about healing, but basic bandaging skills she's rather good with. Her policy tends to be act first, ask questions later, if caught, although that rarely happens. Having been in plenty of battles, pale pink scars cover her body. She has a tough attitude, but to Twin Tail and Flicker Shadow she's a lot calmer. She serves her missions dutifully and never spends more than a month away carrying them out.

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  5. Wolf Eyes is brown furred and Angel Wings is black scaled. (Black is allowed for mountain clan, right? If not she is just a really dark shade of grey ;))

    Name: Wild Song
    Gender: Female
    Looks: Wild Song's scales are rose red in tone (effectivly a shade of pink), dotted with turquoise blue sploches. These Sploches crown her eyes and actually stain her black hors and spikes in some palces. Her claws, spikes, horns, any item of bone above her skin (save her teeth) are black. Her eyes are more of a navy blue similar to the lines that un along her feathered wings.
    Accesories (optional): Wild song has almost like threaded jewels adorning her horns and wrapped around the rows of spikes she has running along her spine.
    Stage in life: Teenager
    Power: Wild song has the ability to make things shatter by using a high pitched note she can create with her voice box. This talent isn't always useful but can deathen dragons and other creatures.
    Clan: Underground, although she does seem to have traits of a water dragon
    Family: her brother, Fire Drake; farther, Night Ryder; and mother Ghost Walker
  6. Name: Flicker Shadow (Will settle for Flick with friends)
    Gender: Male
    Looks: Dark black and dark grey scales, long black wings, glowing dark blue eyes.
    Accessories (optional): None
    Stage in life: Adult
    Power: Can turn into a shadowy blur, too fast to catch but only to be briefly seen as a flash.
    Clan: Underground
    Family: None, but he sees Dark Shade as his sister
    Other: Him and Twin Tail have been good friends since birth; he's a nephew to the King of the Air Clan after all, and so him and Twin Tail would meet frequently when they were kids. He took in Dark Shade under Twin Tail's request and has been looking after her since. He gets the job done quickly, quietly and efficiently. He prefers not to talk and so isn't an interrogating dragon. Him and Dark Shade work in tandem on those jobs, finding she's much better at getting needed information by force. He's been in many fights and would easily fight to the death for Twin Tail and Dark Shade. The latter views him as an older brother, and he treats her like a younger sister, knowing how rebellious she can get.

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  7. Phew, thanks :)

    Name: Wolf Eyes
    Gender: Male
    Looks: Wolf Eyes is named for his 'wolf like' eyes. They're a shade of dark green, ringed with specks of Gold. He has dark brown fur known of some of the Eath Clan breeds. He has white ringed markings along his eck, snout, the calves of his legs and tail. His wings are brown with white webbing although, similar to those of mountain clan, he prefers to walk, not fly. His normal weapon are his claw as he has no horns or spikes.
    Accesories (optional): none
    Stage in life: Teenager
    Power: Wolf Eyes has the ability to heal people although he cannot bring them back from the dead and is not always strong enough to heal their wounds.
    Clan: Earth
    Family: none known as of yet
    Other: he has been a long time friend with Angel. She is 3 years older than him making her tease him every spare second on the fact she is an adult whereas he has at least one more year before he can be called such.
  8. Name: Dawnlin
    Gender: Female
    Looks: Light grey scales, dark grey underbelly. Covers most of her body with golden plates. Green eyes, golden horns and golden spike at the end of tail. withered wings (I wasn't able to show that with the creator, but ah well :/).
    Accesories (optional): Adorns herself with jewellery and prizes from defeated foes.
    Stage in life: Young adult
    Power: No visible powers, but radiates a certain allure to surrounding dragons
    Clan: Underground (queen)
    Family: None alive
    Other: Can be power-hungry
  9. Name: Ashes
    Gender: Male
    Looks: Dark red scales, black underbelly, black fur on back and tail, golden eyes, black teeth, black horns.
    Accesories (optional): None.
    Stage in life: Adult
    Power: Can breathe and conjour fire from tail and talons.
    Clan: Fire
    Family: Pisces, his brother. Doesn't know if other relatives are alive.
    Other: I'm going to say that him and Nova haven't met yet, idk about othrs. though.
    I got to go in 2 minutes, but I'll be back at 8.
  10. Twin Tail dived through the clouds, whooping at the freedom it gave her. She longed to pass through trees again, but she was confined to Air Clan for a month after the incident. She knew it had something to do with whatever had happened four centuries ago. She also knew she, her sister and Flick were all involved, but she couldn't care less right now.
    Dark Shade slunk through the streets, searching for Flick. The dark streets and brown roof high above them surrounded the city containing strangely shaped houses to contain all the dragons. She was heading to a particular training ground, where she often met up with her friend, brother and mentor. She wanted to ask him a few questions about her past- it seemed no dragons could remember past three centuries ago, and she wanted to know why she couldn't.
    The dragon in question was curled up against a lamppost, napping. He'd spent too long waiting for Dark Shade, as always. She had a nasty habit of being late to training.

    Literally just say stuff about what your dragons are doing xD
  11. Angel Wings stood staring out over the mountain slopes below. The air was cool and sharp again her face from being this high up. Snow fell against the ground, melting almost instantly upon it. She breathed out a sigh, the weather not cheering up her mood.
    Wild Song sat a,one the various training equipment in the training ground. She had nothing really to do and in turn, found herself milling around and not really doing anything. Her brother was out, who knew where, so she couldn't see him and both her parents were on some sort of job so she couldn't vistit them either.
    Wolf Eyes sat with his back against the rough skin of a boulder. He closed his eyes and felt the sun beat down against his fur. He didn't feel like moving or doing much other than sitting and soaking in the suns rays.
  12. Finally, Twin Tail sighed, hovering over the Mountain Clan. She longed to go down and visit her friends there again. She wondered if Angel Wings could see her from here. She hadn't talked to the former queen since the last meeting and boy did she miss her company.
  13. Angel Wings studied the sky with gentle eyes and was surprised to find Twin Tail, the queen of Air clan, hovering above her. She smiled pleasantly and with a claw, gave a wave. She would have flown into the sky to meet her but with her dislike for flight she tended to try stay with her feet firmly planted on the ground.
  14. (Princess, she's not Queen yet xD)

    Twin Tail smiled. She glanced up at the sky, debating whether or not to go down or not. "Screw it," she muttered, and flew down to meet her friend.
  15. Owh ><
    Oops, sorry!

    "Hello," Angel Wings greeted with a smile. "How've you been? Sorry for calling you away from the sky, we can go somewhere else, if you'd like. The roof should be clear at this time of day," Angel Wings admitted, looking at the sun for an indication of the time.
  16. Name: Nova
    Gender: Female
    Looks: Lavender scales. dark purple markings on hands and red markings on feet. Irregularly-shaped head. Black whites and white pupils. metal stuck into the edges of her mouth. Purple spikes along back and on the side of face. Feathered wings
    Accesories (optional): Poison-leaking mace on her tail.
    Stage in life: Adult
    Power: While she has no special powers of her own apart from breathing fire, she can use different weapons used for changing her fire via hooking different types of muzzles to her face. Can also use poisoned mace.
    Clan: Apparently Mountain and Air mix, but many doubt, due to weird scale colourings
    Family: Jupiter is her brother (unless if Zubicu doesn't use him anymore, in which case none).

    Name: Pisces
    Gender: Male
    Looks: Turquoise scales with dark blue markings. Long, oily blue horns. Fins on head, back, tail and ankles. Yellow eyes. Has scar on left eye. Wingless and slimy to the touch.
    Accesories (optional):
    Stage in life: Adult
    Power: Can spray water from mouth and electrify water around him.
    Clan: Water
    Family: Ashes is his brother
    Other: Is more outgoing than his brother
    Thank god that's done!

    This is the colours for my characters:
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  17. It's fine xD

    Twin Tail smiled. "It's alright, I was bored anyway. I'm supposed to be banned from going to other Clans, but that's dull." she said. "We can go to the roof if you want." She quite liked the roof. For Mountain Clan it was quite nice.
  18. "I think I can do something about that. Say, the queen of Mountain Clan requested your presence," she teased with a grin before leading them both up to the roof. She wasn't sure exactly how the two of them had become friends. She just knew that they were and had been since they were pretty young.
  19. Good point, I could see her as both, come to think of it.

    Nova flew up into the air of the Mountain clan, her face covered with a golden muzzle, black gas seeping out of the gaps. She suddenly saw two dragons in the distance, possibly intruders. "Hey!" She called over to them, flying over towards them.
  20. Twin Tail chuckled. She knew Angel Wings would be able to help. They'd been friends since...well, as long as anybody's memory served, really. She looked over her shoulder, raising an eyebrow.