Dragonismia-The Return OOC

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  1. I'm not sure if anyone is online or what not but I am. I'm probably going to add in another two dragons or so, just trying to figure out who. XD
    Hope that's ok.
  2. I'm online too :). Unfortunately, I can't upload files from my PC onto my iPad, so I gave to wait until I'm on my PC. SO PUMPED FOR THIS AGAIN!
  3. Me too! XD
    :D Dead! Haven't spoken in a long time ><
    How've you been?
  4. I've been quite well, thx. How about u?
  5. Hello, everyone! xD
  6. Alright, now I need to completely remake my dragons so they fit in with the forms in Dragonismia x3 This should be fun.
  7. It's probably going to take me all day to do that myself XD
  8. Yeah xD Oh, Beel, you might wanna do that for yours as well. It makes things easier if they fit the descriptions.
  9. Also, I was thinking of making a new character. Would it be okay if they were the ruler of the underground clan, or would that be consider god-modding or making them too OP?
  10. No, that would be fine x3 Twin Tail's gonna be the princess of Air Clan, so it's all chill :3
  11. I've been fine thanks :3
    Sorry, if had to go do chores ><
    I already did that with Angel. I'm just deciding who to add and who not to.
  12. Are we re-starting to a certain extent or continuing? Just so I know >< XD
  13. I was wondering that myself. Can anybody else remember where we even left off, or am I just being dumb?
  14. We're restarting, as the plot kind of explains x3
  15. Ok! So, none of our characters know each other then?
    I'm not sure where it finished because I left Moshi for a couple months, almost a year really. I remember that the world had died and they were trying to restore it using the gems.
  16. I think Twin Tail and Wolf Eyes should know each other, both being heirs to the throne and all xD And Cords's new dragon, when it's made. Other than that, though, I don't think they should, no.
  17. I'm cutting Wolf Eyes as being Angel Wing's Daughter. I might make them old friends instead. Wolf Eyes is going to be in it but as a member of Earth Clan. Angel Wings is still going to be the ruler of Mountain CLan for now (providing that's ok with everyone) though she does not wish to be the leader and mainly leaves her 'stand in' in charge.
  18. Alright xD You know you'll probably have to recolour them somewhat if that's gonna be a thing :/
  19. Yeah, black's fine for Mountain Clan xD