Dragonball Z: Broly's Return

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    • Frieza's attack on Planet Vegeta doesn't go as planned, the combined power of the Saiyan race stops his devious plans of taking over the planet. Everything seems to be at peace until Broly reaches his adolescent stage of life, the rage enthused saiyan lives off of pain as he belittles his classmates. One day he goes too far and murders two of his victims, resulting in him becoming permanently banned from the Saiyan planet.

      In a final attempt of anger he rushes at the Saiyan Prince, Vegeta. But before he mercifully pummels him to death he's stopped by many guards and is forcefully put on a ship, sent out as far as they could send him into the unknown traverses of space. Broly, isn't to be seen ever again. What was to be the strongest warrior in all of Saiyan history, became an uncontrollable force that had to be reckoned with.

      But what happens when Broly returns with a familiar face and the only two that could stop them are-wait what? Lower class saiyans?!

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  1. Summer days on Planet Vegeta were blazing, but it was still Cress Oritat's favorite time of year. The smell of the of the chipped sidewalks boiling in the heat, the sun beaming against his dirty face, the subtle sound of sizzling with every step he took on the streets. This was the perfect weather for every Saiyan growing up in the Slums, unlike the rich folks from in town who spend these perfect days indoors with a conditioner. Cress never did like rich folks for that, letting life fly past them as they live in comfort. But at the same time, he envied them for never having to go through the problems he goes through on the daily.

    He stepped out of his little chantey his parents could barely afford and stretched his arms out happily as the heat of the sun hugged him. A wide grin grew on his face, stretching from ear to ear as he looked around. Korra shuffled out of his house around the same time, he scuffed at his crotch and took a sniff before twisting his face in disgust. As always though, he shrugged it off and looked over to notice Cress who seemed to catch his eyes at the same time. He half smiled, waved, then held up his fingers telling me to wait. He ran inside of his house and rushed back out with his twin sister, Kori who seemed to still be half asleep.

    "Let go of me!" She whinned and before he could force her over to Cress, she hit him with a haymaker. Cress could've swore he saw some skin from Korra's jaw besmirched on her fist, but he was already used to his sister's violent attitude. She walked over to him, arms crossed, messy hair spiked up onto one side. This was one Tomboy that nobody messed with, except for Cress. She had a soft spot for him, or at least she was less violent towards him.

    "I don't know how many times I gotta tell him not to grab me," Kori mumbled as she shambled over towards Cress, her dirt stained face and scratched up arms gave her a tough look. But that was the basic look for all Saiyan's that lived around here. She was wearing a crop top, made out of what Cress guessed was a saber tooth and really short shorts, which was her usual apparel. He smiled when he couldn't smell the musk off of her.

    "Your parent's were actually able to get you a shower?" He asked, almost jealous.

    "Yeah, but my idiot brother decided not to take one."

    Almost as if on cue he rushed over and jumped on his sister's back, "Why take a shower when you're from this rathole!" He joked and laughed as she tried shaking him off, "Plus, I like the smell of the saiyan 'animonotonimy'. Yeah, I learned that word in school!"

    She took a hold of his arm and launched him at a pile of rust, "Get off of me idiot!"

    Korra exploded with laughter and Cress shook his head at the two, "Calm down Kori, let's go pick up Ginge," He told her as he started walking ahead. After a little bit of clamor between the two they were right behind him walking up a hill and past two blocks towards Ginge's house.
  2. Ginge scratched her green hair as she sat up on the mat of the makeshift bed. She glanced around the room, though there wasn't much to see to begin with; she was lucky enough to have her own room. She yawned, stretching as she pulled herself into a crouching position and looked around for the second set of clothes she owned. This one was just as dirty as her other set, and she absently thought to give them to her mom. Maybe the woman could sneak the clothes in with the ones of the higher saiyans while she did their laundry. The woman was a maid and often times that's how they got clean clothes and soap. Though soap was much rarer than clean clothes.

    She pulled off her night clothes and quickly dressed herself, brushing her unruly hair and finally deciding that it was fine as is. She didn't have a mirror so there was no way for her to tell exactly. With a heavy sigh and a shrug, Ginge exited her room and out into the living room where her brother was seated on the floor, eating out of a small bowl. Her parents were nowhere to be seen--gone to work early in the morning they wouldn't be back until really late, trying to get pay. If only they'd let her work, but they were adamant about Ginge not working until she was of age, which sucked. They needed the extra money, Ginge knew it.

    "Hey," She greeted quietly, her morning personality much different than her actual personality. Her brother looked up, then gestured to the bowl across the low table. It was still slightly hot, showing that he'd recently made it.

    "You going out today?" He asks. Ginge shrugs, but they both know she will. Her friends would probably be coming for her soon enough. She sat down across from him, tail curled around her midsection as she picked up the bowl, not caring about the raw heat radiating off of it. She picked up the spoon, shoveling the slop into her mouth without a care. It wasn't like she had much of a choice.
  3. "OHHHHH GINGE!" Korra exclaimed as he hopped through the broken window pane and fell face first on the floor. His tail twitched as it flicked left and right in the air before he raised himself on the floor. "Yo guys, Ginge has breakfast! You're sharing right?" He rubbed his hands together and licked his lips as Kori came inside through the front door along with Cress. Kori rolled her eyes at her brother's attitude and shoved him back onto the floor as she stepped into the room.

    She nodded over at Ginge, she had some type of mutual respect with her considering they were the only two girls in the group and then looked over at her brother before looking away. "Hey Ginge," Cress said with a big smile as he stepped over Korra's body, he scratched at his nappy hair as a yawn escaped his lips. "It's really hot outside today, looks like a perfect day to play mud tag over at the swamp!"

    Korra sat up from the ground rubbing the back of his head where he just had been walloped by his sister. He grunted slightly and shook of the pain, his tail resting calmly besides him, "That would be fun. Only if Kori here stops being such a bitch."

    "Watch your mouth," Kori growled and Korra just stuck his tongue out at her.
  4. "Stop," Ginge rolled her eyes, "The both of you." She puts the bowl down, having had her tiny share and slides it across towards teh two. Her brother does the same, getting up and leaving the table. He had his own friends and really didn't like hanging out with Ginge and hers, which was fine with her, they lived together, they didn't need to be with each other the whole day. "I think you guys are onto something, though. It is really hot. We can practice those moves we saw those guys doing in town and cool off in the mud, yeah?"

    It was a little hotter than normal, Ginge would admit, but that didn't mean that they couldn't start their self-training. After all, they were Saiyans and Saiyans loved to fight, not just play around. She wondered how her parents powered through the primal urge to fight. It was so obvious in every movement Ginge did that she was born to fight. She thought everyone felt like that, but her parents didn't, or so it seemed. ginge inwardly shrugged, they had things to deal with, so that made sense that they didn't want to fight.
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