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  1. Dragonball Fans!
    So, I've been wanting to make an rp group based on Dragonball, or rather the universe. I was thinking an alternate dimension where the canons aren't around or are dead.

    The primary plot would probably revolve around either a time perios where the world is at relative peace at first and it revolves around either the world tournament, the Dragonballs, or both. Or, an alternate timeline in which Frieza conquered the Earth, and the players must eventually take the planet back from his forces.

    Note: I've decided to include examples in the interest check just to gauge people's preferences over potential systems.

    Mechanic wise, this rp would be a little different. I'm leaning towards either a health system in which a player either has a set amount of health and such, or a system In which characters can take different damage settings from attacks until they are defeated. If people would prefer, there will be no health system.

    Health System Example (open)

    Goku begins fighting with Vegeta.
    Goku hits with a Kamehameha, which has a damage rating of 5.
    Vegeta's health drops from a base 100 to 95.

    Damage System Example (open)

    Vegeta and Goku are both in Healthy Condition.
    Vegeta strikes Goku with a series of blows, and finishes the assault with a Galick Gun.
    Goku's condition changes from Healthy to Injured, causing a penalty to his stats.

    In addition to A potential health system, there is very likely going to be a ki system to determine how well and how frequently characters can perform energy attacks. I may very well have the setting be primarily Dragonball era at the start, so, ki attacks won't be as prevalent to begin with. This is simply for balancing purposes.

    Ki System Example (open)

    Goku and Vegeta are battling, and both are fatigued, having only 50 ki left of the base 100.

    Goku and Vegeta both use a standard ki blast attack with a ki cost of 5.
    Regardless of whether or not the attack succeeds, both characters are reduced to 45 ki remaining.

    Characters will have base stats, as well as an allotted number to distribute at character creation. Their stats will determine a variety of things, including how efficient they are at different actions, which skills, abilities, and techniques they can use, and as a means of comparison between character's strengths and weaknesses.

    A list of skills, techniques, and perhaps more will be provided. Players will be able to choose from these to give to their characters. Each will have requirements to meet, otherwise they will be unavailable. During the course of the rp, new skills will become available as characters grow, and their stats increase.

    Because this concept is designed for a fairly sizeable group, I would need help to monitor such things, as such, we may begin with a simplified version.

    So, with all this, is anyone interested in this at all?
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  2. You know i'm interested!

    Just making an appearance and showing others that I am interested.


    P.S: I also would prefer. "an alternate timeline in which Frieza conquered the Earth, and the players must eventually take the planet back from his forces."

    However would love for the RP to initially start out like "Dragonball era at the start".

    So we start at a dragon-ball sort of era. Then as we get into the groove of things, Frieza and his armies take over earth.

    (However I'm just suggesting ideas, nor am I a gm. So please just take this as my opinion or input to the situation. :D )
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  3. Lykaon...Look at the groups for a moment, you will see an invite. I will tell you more in PM >.>
  4. I would still like to do this...especially since you haven't started up either. If you'd like to pm me info about your idea, feel free. Besides, no need to use that face. You know?

    Ishnorb, I was thinking more like he had taken the planet over since time ago, and was elsewhere until the time came when the rebellion was strong enough. However, we can do it that way instead. Lol
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  5. Is this still up or no?
  6. I'm still here, I will do everything in my power to help facilitate this idea and help it prosper!
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  7. Still up, yes. Just hoping for a couple more. Lol

    Thank you for your interest.
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  8. Since we're pretty much waitinf right now, I suppose I may as well give you guys some info. I'll post up an ooc here soon with the present info, and I'll start on race information as well.
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