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  1. Richard examined his hand, looking for any signs of red, any skin tougher than usual, any sign that the dragon soul was wearing off. It wasn't that it'd been a while since he'd had one - indeed, his last conquest couldn't have been mroe than a few days ago. However, he couldn't afford to be any less vigilant. The witch's curse wouldn't let him. He was in no hurry to hide his hand, though. The tavern he was in was known for its unsavoury crowd. Nobody was unwelcome, as long as they didn't give anybody any trouble. Nobody bothered him, and that's how he wanted it.

    Bar, of course, the person who was supposed to be his guardian. he didn't know how they had gotten to such a position, but he wasn't complaining. He was loose cannon, with the fuse lit. He was a liability - he knew as well as the next person that he needed someone to keep him in check. Whether it was by force or with words, he needed someone to stop him from going over the edge. He only hoped that this person was actually able to stop him - a person that regularly tussled with dragons. It was obvious that he wasn't to be taken lightly.
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    Carol tapped the bar counter that, for some odd reason, was transparent. She wondered why in the hell a bar would be designed this way, but she didn't think about it too long, as she wasn't here to study the tavern itself. She was here to meet the man she was supposed to accompany on his journey to remove his curse. She was familiar with dragons, growing up in a town that killed them to make a living. She didn't enjoy killing them, but it got her through childhood and kept her family alive. She hadn't dealt with a dragon in a bit, but she hadn't lost her skills.

    Carol's appearance was stunning, or so people had often told her. She had long, cocoa brown, curly hair that stopped down at her waist. She had a fair complexion, bright blue eyes, and her body shape was curvy. She shifted in her seat, studying the various types of alcohol that were lined up against the wall. She sighed, and assumed perhaps this man had been given a picture of her so he could find her easily, because she sure didn't get one. She turned around and now studied the people in the tavern.
  3. Richard, conversely, had been given a picture of the person that was to be his guardian. It was only a sketch, but he had been told that it would be enough to go on, as her appearance was highly distinctive. And, when he spotted her, he saw why. She as, he had to admit, quite attractive. She certainly wasn't the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen - being a traveller, he'd seen a lot of women - but she was certainly amongst the best-looking of them. And, amidst the common rabble of the standard crowd, she stuck out like a sore thumb.

    Richard checked his appearance in one of the few clean flagons left that had a reflective surface. His red hair was a little messed, and his yellow, reptilian eyes were one thing that he would never be able to hide properly. But at least they worked to his advantage, here - they distinguished him. Carol should have at least been given a basic description of him, so that she could recognise him when he came up to her. Affirming that he was good to go, Richard tapped Carol on the shoulder, and cleared his throat.
    "I've been told that you've been sent to guard me. You ARE Carol, right?"
  4. Carol turned her head a bit and when Richard finished his sentence, she turned her entire body his way. "I was, and I am." She tilted her head and looked him up and down. She had been told she must keep from becoming attracted to the men she worked with, and so far it had been easy. But Richard, oh she already knew she'd have a hard time keeping her feelings at bay. She realized she was staring and looked back up, noticing his eyes. She didn't shiver, as most people would, only continued with what she was about to say. "They didn't give me the slightest description of you. I don't know what the hell they were thinking." She crossed her arms, thinking of what she would have done if Richard had lost the sketch.
  5. Richard continued to speak, his tone as flat as ever. Not that he meant any offence by it, of course. He just had to keep his emotions in check - years of having to suppress strong ones tended to do that to a person. He did, however, take on a slightly puzzled expression when it was mentioned that he wasn't even described to her.
    "Didn't they? How odd. The people I contact are usually far more thorough. I can't think what happened here."
    He pondered it for a moment, but dismissed the thoughts. He had decided to ignore her staring as well - he was the person she was guarding, so he figured that it was only natural for her to examine him.
    "Anyway, it's a pleasure to meet you. Would you like a drink, while we're here? It's not the prettiest of places, but the drinks make up for it."
  6. She shook her head at his offer, "No thank you. If I have one drink, it'll turn into another and by the end of the night I'll be passed out. I don't think that's the best idea to be drunk on the job." Her cheeks turned a shade of pink at the thought of him seeing her drunk. She was completely different when she was drunk, and not a good different. "Oh, sorry! It's a pleasure to meet you, Richard." She smiled a bit, her teeth glistening in the light. She pulled her hair up quickly and sighed. "So where is this warlock? They gave me brief details, and left the rest for me to ask you."
  7. Richard seemed to perk up at the mention of the warlock, if only slightly. This was a subject he knew about - and he'd display this knowledge to the best of his ability. A map was set out on the counter, and he pointed to a section on it, and began tracing his finger long it.
    "I'm glad you asked, actually. See, I haven't been able to pinpoint his exact location, but I've managed to get a good idea of where he is. It's likely that he's somewhere near the peak of Mt Eternal - you know, the one where the mana concentration is supposedly so high, even elves have trouble staying there for too long."

    Richard then pointed to where they were, and began tracing a route.
    "Now, we're here, so I think the best path is along these parts. It's long, I know, but it avoids major settlements. It's just a precaution due to... Well, you know..."
  8. On that note, Carol looked around cautiously and nodded in agreement. As she was looking around, she caught the eye of a few people at tables, whom she guessed had been staring for a bit. Strangely enough, they didn't avert their gaze when she met their eyes. She bit her lip and looked at Richard again, whispering. "People are staring." This was one of the parts of her job that she hated. They weren't safe anywhere, well, almost anywhere. She continued to glance around the room, realizing that more and more people had began to stare, only a few actually averting their gazes. She felt as if they were burning a whole in her head.
  9. "Of course they're staring," Richard replied while leaning in, tone hushed and eyes flitting about, "You stick out like a sore thumb around here. And - forgive me for saying this - you don't look especially tough."
    Richard suspected that nobody would bother attacking them. It wasn't worth starting any trouble. That, and the tavern's owner was rumoured to be the kind of man that could snap a giant's neck in two with just one hand, while using the other to wrestle a troll to the ground.
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  10. She understood his remark on her appearance. She got that a lot, honestly. She continued to glance around the room, and more and more people began to stare, their whispers were now all that filled the room. Some people averted their gaze when she looked at them, but not all of them. She was uncomfortable, and had a terrible feeling. Even if they didn't pose a threat, it was still very discomforting. She had a feeling soon enough, she would have a chance to prove that she was tough.
  11. While he didn't notice her discomfort, Richard was not exactly happy with their current situation either. He looked about he tavern, and stood up.
    "How about we take this somewhere a little less... public." He said to her, making sure to keep himself quiet, while still allowing her to hear him. He took frequent glances behind him, as if he was expecting someone to be behind him. Given their location, nobody could blame hhim for being a little paranoid.
  12. She saw the discomfort in his eyes as well, and nodded. She stood up and straightened her clothes before looking up again. The stares continued, the feeling of eyes on them constantly still lingered. She wasn't going to argue with his idea, because she was ready to get out of there; and fast.

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  13. Richard stood up, and moved out without a further word. He was keen to leave, to say the least - even he got a few funny looks in there. And, given that someone that didn't exactly fit the usual image of the patrons had begun talking to him, he was getting far more.
    He took her to an alleyway - bit cramped, and it didn't smell too pleasant, but it was a general rule of thumb around those parts not to disturb anyone that looked like they were making shady deals.
    "So then, let's get down to business."
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    She nodded, looking around. An alleyway. Classic. She was glad they managed to get out of there before somebody decided to approach them, but an alleyway? It smelled like sex, and she hated it. She returned her gaze on him, figuring he was about to pull out a map of some sort. She was pretty excited for this, kicking ass with him, hopefully. She couldn't wait for someone to be dumb enough to approach them, but she wasn't ready now.
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