Dragon Shifters.

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  1. P L O T

    This will be in the Modern Fantasy section. It will be Intermediate as well.

    For centuries, Dragon Shifters have roam the Earth. They've lived their lives to the very end and created new generations to continue in their wake. Majority of the Dragon Shifters lived and died in peace. Soon, that all took a turn for the worst. Creatures as beautiful, magical, and mythical as them were bound to be noticed. For all of the wrong reasons, obviously. To some, the Dragon Shifters were a threat that needed to be ended. And so, the Hunters were born.

    Ever since then, the two had been at war with each other. The Dragon Shifters tried to protect themselves while the Hunters tried to end them. It seemed to be all the two knew. Generations after generations grew up in a world where the other was their enemy. But that was all about to change soon....

    An evil force, stronger than the both of them, lurked in the shadows. It seemed that it was waiting to attack, like one would do with their prey. It was an uneasy feeling to all. Against their will, the two knew that they had to work together to save their beloved home. To help them, a school was created. A school to hone their powers and/or skills and learn how to combine them for the most effective ways.

    That's where you come in. Will you be a slightly willing, yet annoyed Dragon Shifter or a down right stubborn Hunter? It's up to you.

    Now, want to help save the world?​
  2. This looks cool. What is the roleplay centered on?
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  3. It's centered on the Dragon Shifters and the Hunters going to school so they could hone their powers and learn how to work together to defeat the evil force.
  4. Well, I know that. That's pretty obvious, but I'm referring to the genre not the roles we play. Is it centered around combat, adventure, romance, drama, or something else?
  5. Oooh.

    I'm slow, sorry.

    Hmm, interesting question. Probably, adventure(/combat), romance, and drama. Slice of life with fantasy elements. It'll be a huge mixture.
  6. Sounds great so far! Will this be a high school thing?
  7. Yeah, it will be.
  8. Ah, that completely negates my interest. I hope you find people who are more interested in it than I am!
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  9. I would be up for this.
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  10. I would be interested in this as well.
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  11. You...have captured my attention, and my interest!
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  12. This reminds me a lot of American Dragon: Jake Long.

    I am interested though!
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  13. Interest taken.
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  14. interested, if this is still valid for interest.
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  15. Wow, so much interest~
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  16. *Smiles* Yep
  17. Another interest ? ^^
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  18. so much interest and it never even went through :(
  19. She's online.
    Get ready to be ready.
  20. 'Ello, guys.

    I won't be online Wednesday-Friday because of a school trip, but, when I come back, I'll try my best to start this up since I'm quite proud of it. Just going to be honest, I struggle with being a GM so I will most likely need a co-GM.

    Thank you all for the interest and, once I come back, I'll get this thing up and running~!
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