Dragon Shifter roleplay

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  1. one x one roleplay with RangerKay:

    Ilia lifts her body out of the Woodman's lake, and soars into the sky. Her silver iridescent scales catch the sun in just the right spot so the myriad of colours shine. It's getting late, she notices and decides to fly back to her lair for some needed sleep. Even from being asleep for 2 humans years straight through, weariness still racks her young bones. She wonders why.
  2. Finari soared through the sky, his dark blue scales seeming to blend in with it. He flapped his wings once, then twice, as he yawned. He had just awoken from his deep slumber, it being one that had lasted a good five human years. To him, it was nothing. Next to those creatures he was immortal.
  3. Immortal as she is does not mean that she can never die. The fight over territory with that damned red-scaled dragon really beat her up bad. She was back in her lair licking her wounds. She was thankful that her saliva was infused with healing properties.

    As she slept for just a few human hours, she felt her stomach growl. She lifted one of her eyelids lazily and glared at her underbelly as though the stare would somehow make her hunger disappear.

    She reluctantly got up, shook her head, and then once out of her lair, stretched her wings and jumped into the air in search for tonight meal
  4. Finari looked down upon the world, seeing vast herds of deer and wildlife. The humans had not yet reached so far as this piece of land, and for that he was grateful. It was time for him to find some food to feed his belly.
  5. She lets her friend The Wind guide her wings into any direction they want. She trusts The Wind. They take her south a ways and she sees some wilflife foraging down below. A deer or few should be good, she thinks. So she swoops down, and low and behold: a blue-scaled dragon also searching for food.
  6. Finari jerked to the side as another dragon swoops in on a deer he had been spying. His neck arches and he banks, avoiding the dragon in case she was territorial.
  7. She crushes her teeth on the deer's jugular and hopes that by the quick pressure of the bite that she made its death much easier. She sends a silent thank you to the deer for its life and food that it is providing her. Then a quick thank you to her gods.
    Only then does she turn her attention to the blue dragon.
    "Looking for a snack as well, blue one?" she quips. She then lowers her head to her eat her food, a silent show of her not being afraid of the blue dragon.
  8. Finari swoops upon a deer and lands with it some distance away from her. "I suppose one could say that, clear one." He responds, quickly downing the deer, making sure there are no remains.
  9. "I hope you eat well, blue one, there is plenty here and I have no territory claim here. What is your name might I ask? or are you one of those mysterious types who prefers to be only known by the colour of their scales?
  10. Finari laughed. "Ah, I am no mystery. My name is Finari and I am a blue from the west. My territory spans my mountain, no farther. Tis not worth the bloodshed to 'claim' land."
  11. "Agreed, Finari. Agreed." She nods her horned head. "And I am Ilia, the dragon of the water and bordering forests of the north. It is a pleasure to meet you. Not many dragon kind around here." She looks both left and right like she expects one to just come out of thin air
  12. Finari sighed. "No, they all headed north where the humans could not follow."
  13. "Damn the humans and there meddling!" She growls deep in the back of her throat and resists the urge to let steam billow through her nose. "Sorry blue Finari, I am quite biased against the humans. Forgive me if they are in your favour." She tips her head quickly; a sort of apology.
  14. Finari tips his head back. "They are in my favor...only because I had once befriended a human." He lashed his tail back and forth slightly.
  15. "As is very good that you have found a human that you like. May we just leave it at the fact that one too many humans have earned my trust, only to break it. So forgive me for being wary." She gives a toothy smiles - well, as much as a dragon can give a smile.
  16. He nodded his head. "The human that I liked died many years before my deep sleep. By his own kind might I add, so I have found fondness for very few since."
  17. "Well then glad that one of us can like them for the both of us. Anyway, what brings you out to these parts of the world? No food up in your mountains?" She uses her claw to kick at a rock and then looks back at Finari
  18. Finari curled his tail around him. "There is food, I just prefer depleting the large herd than wiping out a major food source."
  19. "Very wise thinking. You seem to be of quite a few years blue one. How many summers have you seen?" Ilia narrows her brows at him and twitches her tail as she waits for the response. She liked this dragon, she hoped they could become friends... or at least allies in a world like this. It could be beneficial to have a male dragon as a friend.
  20. He chocked his head. "Oh, almost two hundred summers." Finari said, his tail lashing.