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{all credit for the art goes to the original artists. They were found off of google.}
Name: Blaire Morganna
Species: dragonkyn, or a dragon shapeshifter.
occupation: sorceress
magical affinity: divination through cards, conjuration
age: 20
personality: Tends to be a bit absentminded, but usually cheerful... as long as her magic is cooperative. Things hardly work the way she wants them to, which usually causes a bit more hassle than she's prepared for. Generally clumsy, but pretends most of her accidents didn't happen.

mother is Azazelle Morganna, a high priestess. Her father was a dragon who died in the last war. No siblings.

favorite quotes:
"Curiosity killed the cat, and he had nine lives. I wonder what you could manage with only one?"
"I feel like I've seen this before, now if only I could remember what was so important, like where I left my cards.... again."
"Right... A hero. that sounds fun. Though, I always fancied the villain type really. They're always so dark and broody."
"Everyone is so worried about ripping the girl away from the dragon, nobody stops to think that maybe we're one and the same. It's disappointing."
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(I give full credit to the painters/creators of these pictures)
Name: Raven Darcus
Species: Dragonkyn, or Dragon-shapeshifter
Occupation: Assassin
Magical Affinity: Skill/Wit (From Assassin's Fate: Robin Hobb)
Age: 13
Personality: Raven is mysterious and is found hanging out in shadows or reading a book on poisonous herbs. She normally will not hang around people unless she is assassinating them. She is intelligent and has a piercing gaze.