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I am currently on the lookout for another partner! If you enjoy rping dragons please hear me out.

I do have an idea for the setting, or whatever you call it, for this rp. Here is my idea in a extremely quick summary (it is not permanent, we can change things):

basically, this would be a Rp where the humans rule over the dragons. The dragons are like dogs: they are domesticated or part of the military. The dragons that don't submit are sent to a camp where they are 'Reprogrammed' (In other words: They are surgically given robotic parts, including the brain. A "virus" is inserted into their being after they're broken so the humans may control them and keep them from causing trouble.) These cyborg dragons join the military and keep civilians (And other dragons) in place. There are very few wild dragons left in the world and said wild dragons are being hunted down and reprogrammed as well. Dragons that submit to the humans immediately are usually deemed too weak and either killed or given to a higher up for a pet...

The military dragons do more than just fight: they also hunt, both dragons and prey, for the humans, guard, send messages around the town, and pretty much anything you can think of.
(It is set in the future, where the world has more technology, but at the same time is crumbling.)

Interested? Please post to let me know. Also, remember that I don't want any mature posts. Thank you!
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I appreciate the offer, but it looks as if I have already been offered a partnership by somebody else. If that spot opens, I'll contact you, but I think it's closed ^_^
I apologize for not updating the title sooner.


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I see it is closed, but please keep me in mind if ever you wish to do another Dragon RP. Dragons are pretty much my specialty.
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