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  1. In a land covered in mist and forgotten by most there arose a wonderful phenomenon, dragons. These dragons offered up their eggs to the humans, elves, and dwarves. The eggs can sense when their perfect rider has come and they will hatch only for that person. If they don't come into contact then the egg won't hatch. When the egg hatches its a really big deal and celebrations follow. The dragons that hatch are various colors and control various elements. These dragons can breath whatever element they were born with and grow at an accelerated rate. The dragon riders are immortal and can only die when their dragon does. The dragons and their partner have a special mental bond. Most dragon riders can use magic and can tap into the vast stores their dragons hold within their bodies.

    Character Sheet:
    How you found your dragon:
    Dragons name:
    Dragons element:
    Use magic or not:
    Dragons color:
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  3. If you would like you could fill out the character sheet and we'll see if other people are interested too.
  4. Name: Ellian Ion
    Age: 15
    Race: Half elf, half human.
    Height: 5'8"
    appearance: ell_by_rabbiteyes-d4j90fd.jpg
    Bio: Ellian was seen as an impure creature, her mother being a human and her father being an elf. Or at least she sees herself as one. She is fond of crystals and thus lucky Ryag is her dragon. Now she is making her way to Calasoonsa, and the dragon is growing at a rather fast pace on her way.
    How you found your dragon: Exploring one of the mountain caves, crystals were lying together in the midst of what seemed like a crater, being curious she walked up to it and her eye fell on a amethyst or purple colored one, it was impure, like herself. When she touched it and carried it home it began to crack.
    Dragons name: Ryag
    Dragons element: Shadow and dreams.
    Use magic or not: Yes
    Dragons color: BanQ_Jasper_Dragon_by_BanQ.jpg
  5. Name: Adaire Epitaph
    Age: 16
    Race: Elf
    Height: 5'6"
    Bio: Adaire was the first to form the pact with the dragons and has been learning about them for only a few months. She decided to lead the new group of riders that were developing. She was the only one with a dragon since they had formed the pact, but instructions had been left with every city and town on what to do when a new rider came into light. They were to be sent straight to Calasoonsa, an elven city deep in the woods, as soon as possible by wagon. She continues a study of dragons and is learning about them from her partner Tansus.
    How you found your dragon: Adaire was the first to form a pact with the dragons and was allowed her pick of the eggs and she just happened to pick her partner of mind.
    Dragons name: Tarsus
    Dragons element: Specialized in light, but breaths layers of ice. Being the first dragon to bond he was given special control over all elements that eventually other dragons can learn from him.
    Use magic or not: Yes
    Dragons color: Pure white with blue tipped claws and a very light blue tip on his tail that fades to white.

    Tarsus will be bigger than all of the other dragons obviously because he is older. He will also know more and be stronger. Eventually everyones strong points will come out but for now we don't know the full extent of ours or the dragons powers as that will be developed as the riders learn about their dragons. Since dragons are originally wild their might be some territorial issues to begin with while they adapt to this more tame style of life.
  6. Okay, at first I thought this was a fanfic of Eragon, but now I see it's something different. My apologies, and may I join? Kind of thinking of a Chinese style water dragon. Dragons don't all have to be the same body type, do they?
  7. Its kind of a mix of every dragon riding book I've ever read. Of course you can still join! Joining will never be closed, it will be a thread open for joining at any time because of the circumstances of the roleplay. New riders can always come into play!
    No two dragons are ever alike and there can be any variety of dragons. The dragons reflect the style of their riders and can be any shape or variety. The only requirement is that they breathe something from their mouth i.e. fire, frost, water, heck even pure air! But it needs to be effective in some way.
  8. Got any questions?
  9. Do you have a plot yet?
  10. For now its mostly set into the fact that the riders get to know their dragons and develop them to a point where they can actually be flown upon. Learning weaknesses that they and their dragons possess and training to control magic. In the grand sceme of things we're basically learning about our dragons as a war begins to boil around us. Every nation and race wants to claim the dragon riders and if the riders don't choose their side then basically the nations are saying they will eradicate the riders.
  11. cool.. ill have my c/s up shortly.
  12. Name: Draigon Lockheart
    Age: 19
    Race: Human
    Height: 6 ft
    Bio: He grew up in a poor town he was never good at any thing except fighting so he eventually came a mercenary selling his sword to the highest bidder. Learning to only love and trust gold. He has shaggy blonde hair, blue eyes. Carries a long sword, a shield with a wolf howling on it, a dagger and a long bow.
    How you found your dragon: He was hired to steal an egg. He eventually managed to get his hands on one but on the journey back to deliever the egg and claim the gold the egg hatched for him and his world changed learning to love something else besides gold

    Dragons name: korra
    Dragons element: fire
    Use magic or not: yes
    Dragons color: a real pale blue with a white underbelly.
  13. How about this?

    Name: Al-Iodin Ferah
    Age: 17
    Race: Elf, adopted by sea-faring humans
    Height: 5' 8"
    Bio: Al-Iodin grew up in a culture unlike any of the others. He may have naturally been an elf, but his parents had died in a terrible storm and two loving humans found him at sea. They raised him with love, though the villagers were certain that an elf would be useless in matters of the sea. Everything was centered around the sea. If you could not fish, you had to be able to sail. If you could not sail, you had to know how to fix ships. If you could not fix ships, what good were you? Unfortunately, Al-Iodin was never comfortable in any water deeper than the shallow pools that formed by the beach. But everything changed when he came across Traka-Shen. With her by his side, he no longer feared the water. The long beast was perfect for swimming, and they could travel in minutes to what took others days to reach. He was not a good fisherman before, but Al-Iodin all but emptied the bay from his catch with Traka-Shen. He went from being a waste of space to being loved by his village, and he was eager to know what else he and his dragon could accomplish together, so he sought out the first dragon rider to learn.

    How you found your dragon: He found Traka-Shen in one of the shallow pools on the bay. He had been watching for his adopted father's ship. As the sun set, its light touched the dragon egg and caught his attention. The egg hatched almost the second Al-Iodin touched the egg, a rather unprecedented reaction. The dragon had been waiting for a very long time and was eager to get started. Traka-Shen grew quickly after the initial "yay there's a dragon" celebration, but is more long than bulky, and is one of the only dragons to not have wings, instead "swimming" through the air.
    Dragon's name: Traka-Shen
    Dragon's element: Water
    Use magic or not: Can, but doesn't know how.
    Dragons color: Blue, with sea-foam green eyes and red claws with a red fin-like spine running down her back. It's soft, so Al-Iodin doesn't hurt himself sitting on it.
  14. Sorry it took so long but here you go! The roleplay is up officially! Your mind touching thoughts and your dragons need to have a color. I picked a pale blue for mine and white for my partner (Everything typed on my computer is white on black though so it may not be the same on yours!!!) You will probably need to pick colors that reflect you and your dragons mind. Look forward to seeing you guys there!

  15. ( Cha, your bios are so sophisticated.......)

    Name: Falathiel (Fahl-ah-thee-ell) (Huntress)

    Age: 15

    Race: Woodland Elf

    Bio: Fair skin, with black hair. She is an elven warrior and there is nothing sweet about her. She matches her dark dragon well, and isn't very social towards other riders. She can use a bow, dagger, and sword well, but does not use magic very much. She loves Nekura, but treats others with contempt. Do be fooled, though. She never under-estimates anyone that could be a threat. As her name suggests, her black eyes have seen many hunts, but her prey is not always an animal.

    How you found your dragon: At the bottom of a deep, dark pit while hunting mutated woodland elves.

    Dragons name: Nekura ( Dark-Natured)
    Dragons element: Shadow
    Use magic or not: Can use dark magic, but doesn't use it if he can help it.

    Dragons color: Black [​IMG]
  16. I'm in

    Name: Aladar Croan

    Age: 16

    Race: Dark Elf



    Height: 6'5

    History: N/A

    Dragon's Name: Thane

    Dragon Element: Fire

    Magic Use: Confirmed

    Dragon Appearance:
  17. All the bios look great! Thanks guys and I can't wait for your posts! :)
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