Dragon Riders of Ascusl

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  1. Plot : There are the Races, Elves, Drawfs and Humans in the land of Ascusl. The land of the dragons, the three races have always hunted, killed and destoryed dragon lands and with that a small band of people called dragon riders. People who form amazing bonds with dragons from when they are an egg have found their ggs but are in hidoing as the races have attacked and killed all riders they have seen. In one last ditch to save the dragons and bring back the peace of the land, they go to a female who is the best of the dragon riders, will she be able to teach them enough about their dragons ? She had a small band of riders called the Raider's Dragons The small band of dragon riders that will help the new dragon riders find their paths, their faith and soar above the land with their new found friends.


    - Dragons, Elves and Drawfs are very hostile toward each other RARELY has an elf and dragon ever bonded

    - Dragons can be as eggs for 300 years old without being touched

    - Dragons and riders who are in the smalld ragon rider group can be over 400 years old

    - Dragons grow up slowly for a dragon to reach the size to actually start being ridden will take up to two weeks in roleplaying time or up to the page of 6 for them to grow up enough but for a dragon to fully mature they will have to be played for over 20 pages.

    - Each dragon and rider that share a bond get a mark, it burns into their being and are connected for life, the only way for a dragon to die is if the rider dies. But if the dragon dies but the rider lives then the rider will never get another dragon again.

    - Dragons shouldn't be over 20 feet tall, humans are only 5-6 feet tall so thats a big dragon.

    - dragons can control elements and do other things like spit venom (be creative but dragons powers developt extremely slowly) but as they get better the rider can share in this ability.

    - Dragons and Riders form a bond that can't be broken , they talk telepathically to one another or to other dragons and riders.

    - To be a Dragon Riader (the group) you must have a good balanced rider and dragon

    Alright think you can handle the pressure of Creating Peace ?
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  2. Hello ?
  3. I'll do this idea
  4. Yay a person
  5. Sounds interesting, I am just about 90% certain I will join in on this.
    I am a dedicated Role-player and I can take a twenty page RP fairly well.
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