Dragon Riders of Alagaësia

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  1. This roleplay takes place after the Inheritance Cycle, so there will be huge spoilers if you haven't read it all.
    All the characters have hatched their eggs, and are training with Arya until the dragons are big enough so they can train with Eragon and Saphira. It's only a short while after Galbatorix was defeated, so Urgals are still hated and things like that. There's no specific plot, so events will be created by roleplayers. I'll put rules and the form on the OOC topic.
    OOC: https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/dragon-riders-of-alagaësia-ooc-and-signups.75215/
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  2. Yawning widely, I got out of my bed. I was in a treehouse, one of the living quarters for Elves during the time they trained with Arya. It was a sphere, made of branches that grew twisted together in that sort of shape. It was a single room, with a bed, a kitchen area, and some shelves, with a cavity in the wall the appropriate size for a young dragon. Adelinde climbed out, she was about up to my waists by now, still not talking much or very fluently. I cut a large piece of bread and spread almond butter on it, and started eating. Adelinde hunted mice and birds outside.