Dragon Riders of Alagaësia OOC and Signups

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  1. Rules:​
    1. Follow normal roleplay rules, and the rules for the site.
    2. Romance is allowed, but not too mature.
    3. Please be original with your characters. Dragons can be blue, green, red or black, and Riders can prefer hammers to swords, but try not to have copies of other characters, whether canon or OCs.
    4. Don't use a canon character as if it were your character, let other people use them too.
    5. Try not to overpower your character in the skills section of the form, they have to be bad at something.
    Dragon name:
    Appearance: (Markings are allowed)
    Name: Ginger (I don't use the same character for everything, I suck at naming anything.)
    Age: 15
    Gender: female
    Race: Elf
    Appearance: The usual tall and slender build of Elves, with long, straight hair that's dark brown, almost black. Her eyes are olive green, and she has a somewhat pale complexion. Her face is dotted with small freckles near her nose, that are pretty hard to notice.
    Skills: She has strong mental abilities and is pretty good with simpler spells and okay at singing. She's rather clumsy for an elf and not very successful with swords or bows, but pretty good at handling weapons like maces and hammers, though there's still plenty of room to improve.
    Weapons: A sledgehammer, (Being an elf, she's strong enough to handle one as a weapon) and an elf-made bow.
    Dragon name: Adelinde
    Gender: female
    Appearance: Her body and head shape match Saphira, Fìrnen, Thorn, Glaedr, and all the other dragons, and she's dark green with shiny layered scales. Her eyes and wing membranes are a lighter shade, and her horns, claws, and teeth are gleaming white.
    Skills: She's a decent glider, and good at hunting and fighting.
    In-character topic: https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threa...com/threads/dragon-riders-of-alagaësia.75204/
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  2. I'd like to join this! I'll post my CS in the morning though, it's kinda late.
  3. Can I reserve a spot here? I'd like to have a character.
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