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  1. A plane carrying a few teens and young adults crashes on an island that just...appears out of nowhere. Before long, the kids start to realize something it up. The six of them, yes, there are six, start to explore the island and each of them befriend a dragon. Things start to get ugly as the dragons start to turn on each other, and a dark force has followed the dragons to the island. But link with your dragon now, and become a DRAGON RIDER.

    Okay, I need five other people for this rp. Plese name yourself, a character between 16 and 22, and then name your dragon.

    Slot 1- Me
    Slot 2- WhiteBane
    Slot 3- shadyofayx
    Slot 4- Lonewolf888978
    Slot 5- Mr. V
    Slot 6- VerbalAbuse

    LINK TO IC - https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/dragon-riders.40084/
  2. *Raises hand* Do they have to be traditional firebreathing flying dragons?
  3. Yes, and more.
  4. *rubs chins* Dragons, riding dragon and an evil force controlling them? Count me in. I'll name my guy Damian and the dragon Grimmjaw.
  5. Still alittle confused Dx

    So can my dragon not have wings, but instead stronger legs that he can use to run fast and dig under the ground?
  6. Yes, that is fine. The idea is that they are just...dragons. You create your own dragon.
  7. You're in!
  8. I would love to join!

    Character name: Silia
    Dragon name: BaneFyre
  9. You're in!
  10. Oh, didn't yet fill out my own character!
    Name- Andrew
    Dragon- Zarok
  11. Name- Skyler "Sky" Shepard
    Dragon- Crimson
  12. I may be interested, but I find it hard stepping into something not knowing limitations. What rules restrict my dragon and rider (what exactly is a dragon supposed to look like, or are there distinctions depending on it's environment, and is anything gained out of the union between dragon and rider, aside from a badass pet?), what sort of dark force are we talking about, how well do the people know each other, what are the circumstances of the crash, and are we the only survivors?
  13. 1) The dragon follows basic model, unless specialized. Wyvernly dragons is the base template. Unless it has some special sort, then it is different.
    2) The bond between dragon and rider is very special. You can constantly feel the other's emotions and stuff, as well as telepathy. If you've read Eragon, that type of connection.
    3) The dark force is yet to be specified, I'll save that for later. Just know it takes over the dragon's mind.
    4) The people are all survivors, barely know each other. The plane crashed from natural things, specifically a jet explosion.
    Anything else?
  14. So, anything special about breaths? Just fire-breath, or what?
  15. :3 Mine certainly wont have firebreath (If allowed)
  16. @Loneworlf888978
    @Mr. V
    Firebreath can or cannot be allowed. Your choice.
  17. Right.

    Rider: Alexander Martinez
    Dragon: Alamuerte (Spanish for Deathwing)
  18. Accepted!
  19. Dodeedodeedodeedum.
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