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  1. Recently I got the idea to watch a bunch of Dragon Rider like movies and they gave me a few ideas. A few RPs on I waku did too, but not as much as a movie did. :I That being said, lets get down to business.

    Idea 1: Pet Emporium

    Mythical creatures have been discovered and brought back into the world by unknown means. With years of study and close examination, humans have discovered them able to be domesticated. However dragons have other plans; they pursue their freedom over everything. Some live in peace with humans, but refuse to be domesticated into a pet. The chances of finding a pet dragon are slim. Other creatures like Griffins, Leviathans, Winged Wolves, Manticore, Phoenix, etc.

    Rules will be applied in the official OOC Thread.

    Feed back Please! :D

    Idea 2: Academy for Beast Riders

    Years ago, the world of magic and monsters came to light. Over the years mankind had learned to adapt to living in the world with new threats. The three adaptions were: Capture, neutralize, or exile. For the most part the were the only solution, until others decided to ally the creatures. The first was a woman, Elizabeth Miles, and her Phoenix, Angellus. Angellus taught Elizabeth magic and she passed it down to her peers, all those looking to compromise.

    This brought about a war which split the world apart into two lands. Those who refused to accept these creatures and their people beside them, stayed in the U.S. Those looking to live in Harmony with their new allies left and named their land Eidos. They were lead by Angelus and Elizabeth, who soon took lead of her country and created schools for the youth to learn as she did. As more people learned, more creatures came.

    Years later in 2035, legends have said Angelus and Elizabeth ascended to the God-hood. Leaving the Earth with her descendant to lead the first School of Magic and Monsters. Far and wide are schools for her teachings, but only one was her favorite.

    Fellowship Academy.

    Feed back please :D
  2. I'm interested in the first one.

    But I do have a question. Would I be able to make a humanoid mystical creature?
  3. I haven't decided yet, I still need to work on a lot.
  4. Ooh, the first one sounds really cool! :D
  5. I have no idea how I got this next idea.

    I just thought about making an RP about people becoming dinosaurs O.o
  6. I like the first idea … but what's the plot?
  7. I would be interested in joining both.
  8. I'll get to work on both pretty soon. I'll see which catches more eyes.
  9. i like both i want a unicorn or a phoenix...but wouldnt the womans phoenix still be alive
  10. Working on it.
  11. Read the Dragon Riders of Pern series Tenchi