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  1. On one particular dark night, once every five to ten years, the dragons emerge from the forest and creep into nearby villages, choosing young and able-bodied men and women to become their new riders. Once a dragon has found its chosen rider, it then kidnaps him or her and whisk them away to the forest where the two will be immediately bonded as family. From then on, both dragon and rider will live out the remainder of their lives as guardians for the weak.

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  2. Claudia was no ordinary villager, she was a part time tinker. Her father who was the best blacksmith in all of their tiny little village loved sticking to the rules while Claudia loved exploring and finding new things to use for her small tinkering shop.
    "Alright, now time to test this out" she said holding a strange object.
    The young woman had short light brown hair that was tied in two small pigtails and goggles above her eyes with pesant clothes and a black apron with brown gloves.
    All with having a bad fashion sense, she was still a pretty young thing who just turned 17.
    The girl held a small helicopter looking thing and as she let it go, it flew.
    Claudia laughed as she told the thing to fly higher, it did so but then fell.
    Claudia grumbled and grabbed her contraption taking a look at it
  3. Alexander was a knight in training. He had spent his days sparring, hunting, and patrolling the village. As patrolled the village he saw Claudia's workshop, he decided to see what she made today. He entered the workshop, "hey claudia, what did you make today."
  4. "Hey Alex" she smiled as she hid her toy, she's had a crush on Alex for quite some time now and her dad always made fun of her about it.
    "Uhh I'm working on...blueprints today" she said smiling.
    "So uhh..so how are you today?" She asked sweetly.
  5. He chuckled a bit. "To be honest, I'm kinda bored." He smiled at her. "So if your working on blueprints, than what are you hiding behind your back."
  6. "Nothing" she smiled before hiding the contraption under her work table "we'll not yet, I'm working on it" she admitted then looked at his armor "actually, I have something I want to show you" she said and walked into her shop. Moments later she came came out with a weird metal thing that had belt buckles hanging from it.
    She then put the thing around Alex and strapped it to his arm, "I call it a launcher" she said and pressed a button on the metal object, the thing shot out three blades that stuck to the nearest tree three inches deep. "It can be strapped to your armor as well." She said then noticed she was still holding onto his arm and quickly let go chuckling nervously.
  7. Alexander was quite nervous about her inventions, the last one had nearly killed him. He looked at the launcher. "I'm guessing, its an alloy metal construction to make it light."
  8. Zed shivered as a cold gust of wind chilled his skin. Just another beautiful day... he thought with a melancholic sigh.
    Dabbing a fresh coat of oil on his crossbow, he took aim at a nearby tree and fired. The arrow made a quiet whistling sound as it whizzed through the air, and buried itself nearly four inches into the oak. A few seconds later, he yanked the arrow out, studying the mark it had made. How convenient... his aim was off by a quarter of an inch...
    He perked his head up, hearing voices taking part in a conversation. He grinned when he noticed Claudia and Alexander. Whistling to get their attention, he waved.
    "Claudia! Alex! How goes it?" He called, noticing that Claudia seemed to be showing Alex one of her new contraptions.
  9. (Completely forgot to mention this, but you can either play as both your dragon and character, or you can allow someone else to play the role of the dragon. Sorry!)
  10. Claudia laughed when he looked nervous "don't worry, it's been tested for a month now, it's fine!" She then took it off him and put it on herself. The gears in it clicked and whirrled and a chain with a hook on it shot out and yanked her up onto a tree. She landed on one huge branch gracefully and the claw retracted back into her metal armor. She then grabbed an apple and with a flick of her wrist a knife retracted from her arm and she started peeling at the apple, she always hated the skin of the apple. "Hey Zed" she smiled.
  11. Zed glanced up at the tree Claudia was sitting in, studying the new device with interest.
    "So, what new trinket are you entertaining your boyfriend with today?" He teased, grinning up at her.
  12. "Umm well it's a grabber and a stabber" she said and threw the apple up in the air. As it was floating she flicked her wrist and a single knife stabbed through the apple and pinned it to the wall.
    "My dads been getting on me about not making saddle for horses, boring right?"
    She held out her arm and a chain shot out, the hook at the end of it hooked on the wall above Zed and it yanked her there.
    She then climbed down and walked to the nearest wall with a candle "follow me into my office" she pulled out a candle and part of the wall slid open. Inside were many odd and small contraptions that looked steampunk and amazing.
    The helicopter that Claudia was working on was on her desk broken.
    "My latest models have been tested for months now, mainly because people are too scared of being my tests subjects so I have to test them all myself."
    The young genius then pulled out a black tube the size of little girls hand. She flicked it and it transformed into a sword. "This sword is easy to travel with in case your going on a long journey," she said.
    She then pressed a button and part of the floor slowly came up revealing armor in a class case. "Light armor at its finest," she said. "It's shock and fire resistant, nobody in all the seven seas makes these kinds of armor, i checked" she smirked. "However it depends on what kind of weapons or armor your looking for."
  13. Zed raised his eyebrows, staring at the many different devices as if he were a small child in a candy store. Armor? Retractable weapons? Grapples and hooks? And she's stuck here being forced to build saddles?
    "Where in the Nine hells do you come up with all this?" He asked, staring at the armor in the glass case.
  14. "I call it a brain" she joked before she leaned back in her chair, "so what do you fine gentlemen need today?" She asked
  15. "Pfft, I just needed to get out of the house. I think I might go hunting in a bit, though." Zed replied, scratching his chin. "In fact, I might as well just wait until tonight to go out. That forest is more alive at that time than it is during the day." He said with a shrug. He thought about the rumors of villagers going missing, thought to be kidnapped, but he quickly dismissed it as just another campfire tale.
  16. "Ooh I love hunting!" She said as she grabbed a short silver pole and handed it to him. A button was on the tail end of the pole.
  17. "What's this?" Zed asked, studying the pole carefully. He noticed the button on the end, but refrained from pressing it for fear that it might cause the pole to suddenly do something dangerous.
  18. "Press the button" she said looking at her armor before rummaging through other things
  19. Zed was still suspicious. Usually when Claudia asked anyone to test out a new device, it would end very badly. Of course, being her friend, he always trusted her. Holding the pole a bit away from him, he pressed the button and held his breath...
  20. The pole formed into a crossbow before his very eyes. Claudia gave him some arrows and packed some things herself.
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