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  1. Okay! I have this female character who is half dragon, half human and I've been wanting to use her in a roleplay but nothing has really come up. If interested, I can message you her character sheet.

    So! I have a basic outline for a fantasy plot where a race (not sure which yet, or it could actually just be a group joining forces) are trying to wipe out the dragons by enslaving them - making them personal mounts and/or exploiting them in other ways, especially if they have a human form - or just killing the dragons that resist and cause more trouble than they're worth. However, they're often just killed out of pure hatred and/or sport. It's a bloody mess in any sense, and the dragons are torn. Some are hiding out, some are joining the people that are trying to help them, some are fighting the battle on their own, and the rest are either dead or enslaved. And some of the enslaved are actually willing to kill/enslave other dragons.

    Our characters are caught up in the mess. I'm not exactly how they will meet, but we can hash out the details. You can have your character be any race, even another half dragon like my character, and play any role: a rider, an enslaved dragon, a mount. The list goes on. :P They can help each other out, start off as enemies, or be nonchalant about each other. Doesn't matter, but I'm hoping this will turn into a romance of sorts. I've also posted this in the mature section seeing as it could hold mature scenes, but stuff you are sensitive about we can talk about and I will respect. [:
  2. I like the idea of this. It has potential to be awesome. And Dragons. :) If you're still looking, I would like to do this RP with you
  3. I'm very much interested in this if you're looking for multiple partners. :D I'm a sucker for dragons.
  4. @CaptainFalchion Awesome! PM me and we can get some ideas flowin'. :D

    @Saren Yes yes yes :D Shoot me a PM! [:
  5. Hmm~
    Never done a 1x1 before, but I suppose it should be too much different from a group RP~

    Anyways, I'd be up for giving it a shot. I do so love the scaly beasts~
  6. @Rune Alchemist Awesome! As I stated earlier, this is an open RP so we have some stuff to discuss. [: PM me and we can get rollin'.
  7. Oooh, dragons!
    I'm up for trying it if it turns into a group Rp or if you might like to do another 1x1 with it!
    I'm a bit new to group Roleplays but if there's still room I'll join.
    ^ u ^
  8. If you've got room for another, I'll help against the opressive dragon haters! :D
  9. @Pandymeez It isn't a group RP but if you're still interested, PM me!
    @Dedtoo Awesome :D PM me?
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