Dragon Nest

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So Dragon Nest, DN from here on out, is a free to play MMO brought to us by Nexon. I've been playing for about a week now and it was recommended to me by a friend. Its an MMO and I play on the west coast server wondering if any of you are playing it as well?

For those of you who are not playing it I'll go ahead and tell you a bit about the game. Unlike other Free to play games I've played that are MMO this one isn't game breaking if you don't level. There are some things you don't get to get, but, you can play without them. According to my friend this is no level cap or restricted dungeons that he has found for people who decide not to get a membership. Basically if you do pay to play it just gives you a major edge against people who decide not too.

The game has pretty cool and fast paced combat system and the graphics are based on like japan style anime, same as the characters. You get to choose from four which are the Cleric, Fighter, Sorceress and Ranger. I've only played the sorceress but you can check at the website (i'll link at the bottom) for more information on the characters. Because of the combat system I found this game extremely entertaining and feels more like an action RPG than most MMOs tend too. You get bonus points for doing things like massive hit combos or linking combos with other players. The more points you get on your way through the dungeon translates into bonus XP at the end of the dungeon and your dungeon score.

Combat to me is the most important part of an MMO since it tends to be what you're doing the most. So far this has one of the most entertaining combat systems that I've played in an mmo and doesn't have any sort of tedious, is this going to take forever, feel to it. Like any RPG you do have a tad bit of having to run to point a, than point b, than back to point a but not as much as in some RPGs I've played.

Ya'll should check this one out if you have some free time but don't want to make a hard core commitment to an MMO. It's a great way to kill your time.