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  1. A fantasy/epic quest/possibly romance roleplay

    "The Goddess Altea, creator of the land of Lagendia, is poisoned by her evil sister Vestinel. Only an antidote made from the source of the poison itself can cure her. Unfortunately, the source, Vestinel's magic grail has disappeared somewhere within Lagendia. The players, heroes of Lagendia, must comb the land fighting evil dragons in order to find power stones that enable them to communicate with the sleeping goddess, find the grail, wake her and save the world."
    - Dragon Nest Wikia​

    Our story begins in Calderock Village where a couple of adventurers decide to work together in order to achieve their own goals.


    So, I'm looking for someone who can roleplay with me through the Dragon Nest storyline (too lazy to create my own world). People who play the actual game is a plus, but not necessary-- unless you wish to be an academic/tinkerer. This class is sent from the future so this requires you to know a lot about Lagendia.

    About me:
    I like my posts not too short, not too long either.
    I put a lot of effort in my writing so I would appreciate it if my partners would do the same.
    I post once a day at most.
  2. Fellow Dragon Nest player!!!

    Oh force, yes! I am so down for this.

    (Note, I only made it to level 44 in game, so I'm unfamiliar with what happens in the story after that.)
  3. Nah...
    we can just wing it afterwards.
    I'm still in level 29...

    If you want,
    you can post your character sheet here.

    I'm glad someone's familiar with Dragon Nest here.
    :D High five!
  4. Before I post a CS, you mentioned possibly romance. Did you have something you intended to do with that?
  5. Not really.
    I just figured that
    since most of the partner requests were looking for romance
    then I might as well dangle it there.

    If you want romance,
    then we can surely insert it along the way.
    let's just see what happens between our characters.
    What do you say?
  6. I'm cool with that.

    Here's my CS

    Name: Venefica
    Gender: Female
    Age: Early twenties
    Class: Sorceress
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Personality: You know, the standard sorceress personality, bitchy, annoying, arrogant,...
  7. So cute!
    I'll post mine later.
    As well as the ic thread.
    She's so cute!
  8. Alrighty!
    The IC is up
    while we can use this thread as our OOC.
    Also, this wiki is where I get all my Dragon Nest info.
    But we can always make stuff up as we go along,
    as you can see with my opening post.

    let's both have fun!
  9. Oh yes, much fun will be had.
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