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time period is about 2000, where dragons and humans collide. Humans decided that dragons would be great for money so they developed a way to hunt and kill them. After dragons began to hear of this and learned the truth they rebelled and attacked humans. A peace treaty was made by an elder dragon but humans and dragons are still easily roused in this era of war and chaos. Dragons have their side of the world and humans have theirs, that is what everyone has taught their children. But children don't listen, and children break rules. What will happen when dragons and humans go beyond boundaries? What will become of dragonettes and human children if they mix and mingle? Will it end with ultimate destruction, or will a new era of peace and prosperity come of this?

2. Basic Iwaku rules apply
3. MAX of 2 characters
4. No perfect characters
5. Keep dragons and humans balanced
6. Must have at least 3 likes and dislikes
8. Have fun
9. Be dedicated
10. No more or less than 1 to 2 paragraphs.
Carl sneaks out of his room and goes to his favorite place, the forest. It is here that he comes extremely close to his death, and he meets Ironjaw, a dragon. Carl wonders through the undergrowth, watching the animals and listening to nature, unaware that he was near a large slope. He draws too close to it, and he stumbles backwards trying to pull a rock out of the ground. He rolls down and down to the bottom of the hill, where Ironjaw was training. Ironjaw sees Carl rolling down the hill, and is going to scare him away once the human stands, but he did not. As a dragon, he is not very patient, so he lightly stomps the ground, making the nearby trees rattle slightly. Carl still did not move, so Ironjaw flipped him over with his maw and saw the lack of breathing. The shock and surprise from rolling down the hill had rendered the boy useless, not to mention the dizziness. Ironjaw ponders on what to do in this situation, as he is a dragon, and that is a human, two of the worst enemies, yet he still looked like a child. Ironjaw decides that leaving the boy to die would just give the humans a reason to attack, so he wraps his tail lightly around Carl's torso and lifts him. Ironjaw decides that the best person to take care of a human would be the one that raised a human. He decides to take Carl to Gildo, to see if he would know what has happened to this child.

"Ironjaw, I see? Well, I am most surprised that you have come to my cave. If you wish for my assistance, you'll have to pa- huh? What's that? A human, I see? I see your issue, but..."

This was the Golden Dragon Gildo. He may be greedy, but he still has a heart. A heart of... gold. He could see that the human was not feeling well. But in what way. Just then, someone climbed up onto the great golden being's head.


"Father, what happened this time?" The voice of a young girl spoke as she mounted his head. This was Gildo's daughter, Edna. Totally not adopted. She believes that like her father, she is a dragon.

"Well Edna, I am unsure.I am about to find out. In many beings, an unconscious state is related to many things. Most notably..." Gildo feels the male human's pulse with the tip of his tail. "Hmmm... based on his physical stature... and... I believe it is a heart-related issue. I am lacking a few ingredients for my intended recipe - 4 strands of Black Witherherb and 1 Treant's unripe fruit. Be warned - Treants do not like to share the fruit that grows on their branches."

"I don't know about this Father, should we be helping humans?" Edna asks.

"I am not one to leave anyone, human or dragon, in such a state unless they have done great wrong."

"I understand, Father. I think I've seen Black Witherherb before. I'll go get it."

With that, Edna runs out of the cave.

"Look at her go..." Gildo speaks, "I have not seen Treants before. I have only heard tales of them. But I have heard that some inhabit this forest. Like how the biggest wolf is the Alpha Male, the only Treant among the pack with fruits is the strongest, the leader, with strength that could rival dragons. I may be tempted by tales of their treasure, but I understand my limits. The only way to acquire a Treant fruits without successfully stealing one is to wait for one to ripen and drop."

Gildo enters his cave, and takes out some brightly-coloured acorn-like objects, the size of footballs. "These are ripe Treant fruits that have fallen to the ground. I might have an idea... but I will need some help."


Edna walks along, before seeing something. "Wha- what is that?"​
Ironjaw explains the situation, saying that he was training in the ravine when Carl rolled down the hill like a stone. They discover that Carl has heart problems, and Ironjaw huffs in distaste. He is lucky to have not impaled himself on the rocks and bushes along the hill. Gildo, do you think it would have been better if I had left him there? Ironjaw nods slightly as he had heard of these Treants before, and is about to speak again when he jumps back slightly as Carl stirs, quickly rising into a sitting position. W-Where... am I? He asks the air, not realizing that the dragons were there and watching him. Carl stands and squints his eyes to filter the sun before letting his eyes open slowly. What time is it? Without even noticing the dragons, he walks to the cave entrance and looks out, seeing his surroundings. I've never seen this place before... How did I get here? Ironjaw did not like to go unnoticed, so he spoke up then. So you just had a heart attack, but now you're perfectly fine? Carl quickly turns around to see Ironjaw and Gildo in the cave. D-d-d... d-d-d... Carl grimaced and inwardly scowled himself for stuttering this much. Did you two take me here?
"Actually, he brought you here. I am merely attempting to prepare something to tone your heart problem down temporarily. Of course, I am no witch doctor so you might want to see the dragon Amazonia some time after this. In fact, I learnt this recipe from her."

Gildo explains the situation to Carl. "... and so my daughter is trying to get the first ingredient - Black Witherherb. You appear to be in the green for the time being. What might your name be, human? Whatever is the source of your heart condition?"


Edna walked through the forest. At last, she had found the Black Witherherb...

... across the flowing stream.

Well, it looks like it was time to swim across or something. Before she could even step in, she sensed something- or someone- nearby.

"Please show yourself."
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Carl breathed slowly to calm himself, but while he could tell that the two dragons meant him no harm, he still felt nervous because they were dragons. He listens as Gildo explains everything that had occurred, and nods as he is "in the green." My name is Carl Marcovee, of the forest village, Tristram. (Diablo II is all I could think about! DX) My "condition" is actually part of a legend, in which my family entails. My greatest grandfather Draghov Marcovee challenged one of the gods, and won, earning him a place in the stars. Gods are not so quick to forgive, however, and the deity placed an intricate curse on my family's bloodline. The youngest member of any generation will be affected, as Draghov's greatest conquest was his youngest daughter, who was beautiful beyond compare, save for the gods. Every one who has been affected by this curse usually died by the age of twenty-seven, but I am being affected earlier, most likely because I am the fiftieth generation of this devilish curse. It is amazing though, considering the amount of times I have had this happen to me, that I am not dead and buried yet. No amount of cures and research can stop the curse, but thank you for trying, good one. Ironjaw huffs in irritation and swings his tail slightly. Sounds like a load of hysterics and obsessions to me. Unless you want me to stay, Gildo, I should probably report this to the higher-ups.
"I believe it is a wise decision to do so, and hopefully, he will find an expert on his problem. A curse, he says? I've heard of some, but nothing about heart condition curses..."

Gildo clears his throat.

"At least we tried. Your condition might seem to render you a little... homestuck. I believe it'd be best to stay safe until you manage to find a cure."
In an old wooden shop there lied a shop keeper with a bunch of books and scrolls. His student watched over his back "We should respect Dragons not hunt these majestic beauties!" He scrambled over his filthy desk, The old wizard worked as a descriptor for life spells and such. He looked down at the wall being that of it scrapped and marked up and engraved. The old man waved his old bony hands around the wall "Promise me as an alchemist you will never harm a dragon.

Poli:"I wont....but what if one is to harm me?" Poli looked at his master feet and didn't look at his eyes.

"NO!...never you run..." Lord Pulderen spoke....

Seeing the sadness he lifted the boys chin "wanna see something huh?....."

Poli: "Ummm okay!"

Good they wandered out with bread and wine "Lets find us a dragon!"


Being but a hatching, Sunny wandered out into the outermost part of the forest, peeking through the shrubs. Her size was that of a small
car, though hopefully by the time she was full grown she would be the size of a house. She loved to come and lay under the bushes here
n the edge of the protective forest she lived in. Here, she could watch people, she could see how they lived and how they were different from
herself. A person was in interesting thing to her, and she found them amazing and her curiosity often got the better of her anyhow. She sniffed
a daisy next to her for a second and let out an obnoxious sneeze. his sent her tumbling from the bushes and into the outskirts of the city. Hoping
she could go unnoticed, she rushed under an empty rate, her little heart pounding away inside of her chest, adrenaline rushing through her.
Boy had she really screed up this time. Her mother had always said to never go into the city, even if it was on accident, she was i real trouble this time.


Waking to collect some fruit for her father and brothers, she missed her footing and tripped on a risen stone
in the road, tripping and falling right on top of Poli, knocking him to the ground, her basket landing a few feet away
with assorted foods scattered around it. With a started expression, she quickly pushed herself up off of the boy and
tried to help him up from the ground.
" Oh my goodness I am so sorry, I should have been watching were I was going, I am so so so sorry! "
Poli laughed and with his eyes closed on the ground with a blush, "It's fine ma'am" he stood up on his own while Lord Pulderen looked at her "Heh haven't seen a woman in years Hahaha!" he joked then looked at her crossing his arms "Poli why don't you tell her what where off doing?"

Poli Examined her "Well me and my master are Alchemist and we are going to go and find a dragon! are you with us?"

Lord Pulderen nodded as he walked slowly behind her placing his hand on her shoulder "Be warned they aren't to friendly"
Poli looked up at her "What are you in such a hurry for?" Poli Nudged the old sorcerer "Give her some bread"

Carl nodded, and he begins to pace back and forth, thinking of his older brother, Gavin. He was going to ask Ironjaw if he would take him back, but the dragon had already left to report him. He turned to Gildo and asked Do you know how I can get back to Tristram from here? For the record, Tristram was an out of the way place, so people rarely knew it's location, but the fact that Gildo was a dragon could make it easier for him to find the village. They wouldn't find it. These are just the thoughts of a young child.)
She knelt down to collect her things, feeling a little too welcome.
" Oh no no, I am fine thank you. No need to feed me. Please keep your bread,I am sure you need it more than I do.
But as for that dragon you are looking for, I think I know of a goo place to look. If you don't mind that is. "

After putting the fruits and grains and such back into her basket she looked up with anticipation at the elder man.
Hoping she could indeed tag along, she had always wanted to see an actual dragon up close, it was a once in a lifetime
experience and this kind of opportunity might never cross her way again.

Sunny held firm to the ground in a sort of army crawl, her luminescent blue crystalline scales almost giving her away.
She kept the basket atop her and slowly she made her way through the crowd of people kin the street until she made it
back into the forest. She had a wound on her tail from a cut she had gotten whilst tumbling through the street, her ruby
red blood dripping between the crevices in her scales. It oozed down her leg from her side, causing her to gain a limp.
" Ooo...What have I gotten myself into? "
She dragged her wounded leg through the forest until she came to a great golden dragon, falling in front of the cave
entrance where he stood. She lay on the ground, whining faintly. She was weakened by the wound as she was a rare
kind of dragon. Even the smallest of wounds could drain her energy.
"So you will show us the way? How do you know? is it certain?(is it official)" The old man chuckled
He looked at the girl and pointed at her in false belief. The Yong man looked at the ground
Poli respected the laugh of his Master and said nothing.
instead he gave a faint look to her then back down at his shoes and the bread in the hand she refused. "We really have been disappointed many times...funny how master can continue to laugh throughout our desperation and fate...we look everyday about this time...ma'am.."
The old man looked down and looked at her again "You wouldn't be lyin to an alchemist would you?" Lord Polderen spoke.

Carl turns as he hears whimpering, and turns to see you young dragon, who was obviously injured. Nevermind taking me home Gildo, it looks like that little dragon over there needs help. Carl backed away from the small dragon slightly though, as one thing you learn in the wilderness is that smaller doesn't mean weaker. Of course, Carl did not know what a hatchling looked like, so it did not come to his mind that this was not just a smaller type of dragon.
"I am unsure of its location," Gildo spoke, "however, I think I might be able to take you back to where Ironjaw found you. Afterwards you should be able to walk back. If you could describe it, then... huh?"

Gildo notices an injured being - another dragon, crystal blue in hue, to be precise.

"Crystal? Blue? Nevermind that... if only I had Black Witherherb..."

Just then, Edna ran back, returning with a great horde of Black Witherherb.

"Father, I've returned, but there seems to be a problem..." as Gildo saw his humanoid daughter run towards the cave, a shiny, crystal-hued beetle, half the size of the new pygmy dragon, flew forward. Gildo then released a single breath of flames and lightning right at the beetle, knocking it down in a second.

"Sorry little guy," he speaks to the unconscious beetle, "we really needed that." He then detaches the emerald from the beetle's head.

"Witherherb Beetles. They are kind of defensive when you take too much Witherherb," Gildo speaks as he uses his tail to obtain the batch of Black Witherherb from Edna. Edna, in turn, used her vast strength to lift the little dragon. For her stature, she had impossible strength.

"Come on human," Edna speaks to Carl, "let's get in."
Carl watches as the events unfold, and is quickly startled by the beetle. He had seen some before, in the forest next to lakes and streams, but he had never known them to be defensive or aggressive. One of the people in the village had actually killed on and used it's shell to make plates and bowls that were used to feed some of the people who didn't have a lot of food. He was shaken from this thought when the girl named Edna called him and told him to get in. Get in where? I'm already in the cave. He did fall in behind her though, and tried to follow her further into the cave, like there was a place that he had missed because of the problem of a new location and arrival, other than himself.
"Ah yes, I have yet to introduce you to each other," Gildo speaks as Edna puts the pygmy dragon on a patch of soft hay in the deeper caverns.

"It is alright, father," Edna speaks. The bare human walks closer to Carl. "My name is Edna. I'm a dragon, much like my father. What might your name be?"

Gildo then winks at Carl as he begins to prepare something using the Black Witherherb.

"Black Witherherb may be dull and unappealing, but it is great for many medicines. I collect treasure, not herbs, so maybe I'll give you some, since you might need it more than me."
Carl nods as she tells him her name, and almost breaks into fits of laughter as she says that she is a dragon. All of this time with a dragon must haave made her believe that she is one... I won't ruin her fantasies. Carl breaks his thoughts and tells her My name is Carl. I am a citizen from little known Tristram.

Gavin runs back to Firenzia a little short of breath before he says I can't find my brother anywhere in the village. What about you, have you found him yet? Firenzia shakes his massive head back and forth before saying I did, however, track his scent to a hill, where there were signs of a dirt slide. There was not enough to bury him, but his scent simply disappeared, along with his body. It was almost like he had been carried away, and I know by what. There had also been the scent of a dragon, with signs of training. My conclusion is that the dragon had been training, and Carl startled him, so the dragon took him to the higher ranking dragons. Gavin nods and sighs before he looks at Firenzia again, who was listening very intently. Do you hear something Firenzia? Yes, a dragon is approaching, it is an adult. I can smell him from here, and it is the dragon that took your brother. Gavin growls and jumps onto Firenzia's leg, where he jumped to his neck near the shoulders. Firenzia rose to intersect the dragon's path, but had not yet cleared the trees.

Ironjaw flew slowly and casually, watching below him and recognizing the place he had found Carl. He turned his head to see the village of Tristram. No wonder it's not popular, it's practically part of the trees! Foolish people, what if a fire starts? He sighs, and continues his path.
Lillian smiled and wrung her wrists in anxiety. She knew the path as she often went along it to find a patch of rare herbs
she often needed to make her mothers famous salves ever since she had crossed over the river and into the afterlife. She
knew it quite well, and almost felt offended that someone had doubted her knowledge. She wasn't as well renknowned as
her mother had been but she one day planned to gain such fame amongst ehr small hometown.
" Why of course the path is true, I know it quite well. You can trust in my sense of dirrection I assure you. "

follow you to find a dragon?>
(JK LOL The Joke: You are leading us know-where)

The old man smiled "Prove it..." as his apprentice smiled
"Excuse m'ah lord....he is hard to please.."
Poli spoke. Lord polprin looked at her "You better know what your doin.....we dont have time to spare" He scurried along with her (SHOCK COMING UP)
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