Dragon knight lady (holy rage sex anyone?)

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  1. Had this idea for an rp. A woman was transformed into a dragon via a curse but it only worked part way, making her part dragon. A church attempted to bless her in order to make her human again only to grant her more power, furthering her corruption. Now she sits in a cave guarding the church's crusade loot, occasionally sent out to snuff out anyone who opposes them. Zelda is a mess of divine wrath, beastly instincts, OCD and a severe hoarding problem.

    Not sure where to take the plot from there, I'd like to try out a dom/sub relationship, Zelda being the dom but not really knowing exactly how to be a dom. I want to explore that dynamic of something thats not exactly accepted and neither party involved really understands their own kinks, all at a time where such a thing isn't done.

    Let me know if you have any ideas you want to throw out there, feel free to tell me. I originally thought of the other character being a guy since playing with gender roles is fun, but lesbians are fun too. Hell a trans character would makes things pretty interesting too. I'm open to a lot.
  2. Id like to play the sub, a transgender to be specific. But could we possibly jump the era ahead to the modern day and my character could be a treasure hunter?
  3. I don't see why not. It would make sense for Zelda to be immortal anyways. Tell me a little bit about your character.
  4. Well he is actually a she but it pisses him off to be misgendered, he has had top surgery but still has a vagina. Kind of cocky, but in bed completely innocent. Protects the ones he loves. Punk rock archaeologist is a good one to describe him.
  5. I dig it. Any ideas for plot? I was figuring he'd somehow find the cave where Zelda lives and they meet that way but beyond that I'm not sure, unless you like to wing it, which is fine too.
  6. Ill wing it lol just set up the thread and send me the link
  7. You got it.
  8. Arigato Zero-san
  9. These are exactly the kind of sexy shinanagins I love. I have a character idea I could pitch if you are looking for more than one of these games (or if yall wouldn't mind a 3rd wheel, the more the merrier I always say )
  10. I don't mind using the same character for more than one rp, what'd you have in mind?
  11. Your dragon discovers that a piece of their treasure horde houses what amounts to a Genie. A being of magic contained in a metal vessel.

    It can literally be a more traditional lesser Genie ( or perhaps a man turned genie ) so it is not so much bound to 3 nearly limitless wishes but an eternity of lesser service as lesser genies tend to provide in various fictions. Man turned something genie like (unwillingly most likely) through rituals used by one of the peoples destroyed in a crusade. Perhaps that latter one would be better described as an avatar or demi-god of sorts. A vessel for their gods power on earth bound in an object to be used as a weapon. Though I would see them being a good deal weaker than your character in terms of overall raw power given you have dragon force/god power combo; where he would only be a normal former human who was forced to have god power.

    Either way I could see the character not being the most willing roommate given they were stolen from their likely conquered people, and not used to being the smaller magical dog on the block.

    thoughts, questions, comments?
  12. Could be pretty interesting, though I'd prefer to discuss beginnings of the rp tomorrow, as I'm thoroughly exhausted today. I'll definitely drop you a pm tomorrow though.
  13. No worries, I'm in no hurry and I can certainly dig having a long day.
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