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Name: Bastian

Gender: Male leaning to non binary. (His view of gender is basically everyone is shitty unless they prove themselves otherwise)

Race: Human

Age: 18

Birthday: (tba)


Height: Average (will decide later. Somewhere in the 170 cm)

Build: Lean but with well built muscle.

Identifying marks: Dog bite scars on his arms and legs, various cuts from labour and abuse.

Description: Very short buzzcut. He cut it that short so it wouldn't be pulled, get in the way, or need maintenance.

Clothing: Favors blue colours and generally clothes that aren't loose but allow for good movement. He prefers his body (minus hands and head) to be covered at all times. He was given leather armor and a plate chest piece by a blacksmith he's acquainted with, when he confessed to his wish to travel.

Weapon of Choice: Longsword

- Images: (all images are accepted)


Motivation(s): A sooty, ragged dirty boy from (Ryslourn) who has always burned a steady blaze of yearning to be something more.

Current Personal Goal: Greatness. Glory, success. Perfection. Anything you place on his hand he shall do his outmost to master- and he's aiming high, as high as the world will allow him to go and maybe even further.

Best & Worst Qualities: Uptight, upright and honors discipline religiously. He is stubborn, quiet, and a perfectionist, wishing for his every move and every word to be calculated, to have worth. Obsession with building grandeur and getting ahead by his own hard work. Asocial and practicality focused. Animals may like him at times due to his quietness but that doesn't mean he likes them back

Fears: Ending up as nothing, a nobody as pathetic as they always told him he would be. Has a distaste for canines and other larger animals with claws and teeth.

Talents: Running/walking long distances, carrying heavy items (within reason), street fighting (although he has mixed feelings on it due to it not being seen as honourable), sword handling


Hobbies: Reading. He isn't the best at it because he is entirely self taught but he would never admit that- that's why he does his best to train the skill even further. Sometimes he misinterprets sentences or doesn't read them correctly but he powers through until he has finished the book.


Family: N/A. He was told he hailed from a family of thieves that just dropped him off at a stable and left. That he was born lowest of the low. Bastian was a servant from as far back as he can remember.

*Best Friend(s)/Figure he looks up to: He respects the local blacksmith. Though not the kindest man in personality, he allowed the boy to burrow an old sword to practice in exchange of his brawns, before begrudgingly teaching him more and sparring with him from time to time. The man saw Bastion meant business and was gonna get himself killed if he challenged anybody to a duel with the skills he had.

Relationship Status: Non available.

The spit, the mud, the dirt, he can feel it even when his skin is spotlessly clean. Its the grit and dirtyness of where he spent his entire life that fuels his spite and need for success- for recognition. The family he served was abusive to him. Even now as a strong young man, but they mostly kept to ignoring him and the abuse verbal, as they "allowed" him to stay so he could work for them- the change was not out of respect but out of fear. Even in the square he would get dirty looks occasionally- a poor servant with the face of a thug. He was never given respect, so he is going to claim it by force if he has to.


Influential Memory: What keeps your character going when things get tough?
The man he served was intoxicated and grew angry over a mistake Bastian had made (at the time aged 13). That, and what the boy was expecting to come after, was not an unusual occurrence. Seldom however do expectations meet reality, as the man grabbed a fistful of his hair and dragged him outside, to the pen of hounds the household kept. The man had left them hungry and agitated them with strikes from a stick before throwing Bastian inside.
If the boy had been any younger, he wouldn't have been able to force off the dogs and somehow crawl his way out.
That day serves as a reminder: the helpless, the powerless little boy was thrown into the wolves by the worthless and came out alive. Anything they throw his way he will conquer, one way or another.

DRAGON {EΙRENE} "My freedom is as important to me as success is to you. I'm thankful for you raising me, but if you are thinking of infringing upon it I'm warning you that this shaky deal will end in red."
Great winged reptilian beasts possessing horns and feathered crests. They are bipedal, classified as Wyverns, and possess magical abilities.
Dragons can only bond with one rider at a time, but if their rider dies they may be able to re-bond with another. Riders can bond with up to three to form a solo squad.


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➺ Olric Buzzlebee

➺ Male

➺ Dwarf

➺ 24

➺ 25th of Spring 2


Olric Buzzlebee.png

➺ 4'5"

➺ A decently athletic build from both working out and carrying heavy workloads. While it's nothing bulky, he isn't attempting to look strong but be strong

➺ For Long Travel/Formal Wear he wears the clothes in his character picture.
➺ For Day to Day:

➺ For Practice/Combat Shenanigans


➺ He will also strut about in traditional blacksmith clothes if he's currently engrossed in a project.
Weapon(s) of Choice:
➺ Claymores, Swords, Glaives, Crossbows, Siege Weaponry

➺ Satisfying his curiosities
➺ Make most of his life
➺ Having fun/interesting life

Current Personal Goal:
➺ Become a master craftsmen

Best Qualities:
➺ Kind-hearted
➺ Loyal
➺ Curious

Worst Qualities:
➺ Short attention span
➺ Lack of emotional awareness
➺ Sometimes hyper-fixate to much

➺ Not being good enough to be a master craftsmen
➺ Being abandoned by his friend ):
➺ Afraid of Zebras

➺ Crafting
➺ Blacksmithing (Specifically Weaponsmithing)

➺ Beekeeping
➺ Gardening (Basics)
➺ Mining
➺ Sewing
➺ Woodworking
➺ General Weapon/Tool Maintenance

➺ Whittling
➺ Gardening
➺ Reading


Father: Dassel Buzzlebee (Alive)
➺ Comes from a long line of Beekeepers. Taught Olric while he was growing up, but at some point he realized Olric was way more into Weaponsmithing which disappointed him a little at first but he still supports his son and loves him :3

Mother: Recil Buzzlebee (Alive)
➺ Weaponsmith. Taught Olric all he knows about her trade when she realized that he started to show a lot of interest and talents for it. Very close to Olric and encouraged him as he learned

Older Brother: Vassel Buzzlebee (Alive)
➺ Set to inherit the Buzzlebee trade, used to be rough on Olric due to him being 'weird' when growing up, but he became a caring and supportive brother later on.

➺ Olric is her ride or die bestie. One of the only people who actually understands him and they very frequently visit each other and collaborate on projects together
➺ She has a bell she uses whenever they talk and Olric's mind begins to wonder elsewhere.

Relationship Status:
➺ Single (Married to his work)

➺ Olric is the son of Dassel and Recil Buzzlebee. From a young age, his parents new he was different from the other kids but they still loved him. His dad comes from a longline of Beekeepers and had taught Olric what he could about the trade. While Olric was able to learn the basics, it was obvious that it wasn't where his interest and talents were. Those were instead with the trade that his mother practiced. Weaponsmithing. Olric was engrossed in learning his mother's trade. In between lessons and chores with his father, he would sneak away to learn with his mother and about her trade, and on more on one occasion he would become hyperfixated in learning or trying to do something until he succeeded, often times going days and sometimes weeks on end in blacksmith clothes trying to craft a new weapon until he succeeded or whatever his current curiousity was.

One day, he and his best friend got a distant and irresistible 'feeling', and decided to leave together as soon as possible to figure out what it was.

Influential Memory:
➺ N/A

Role Model:
➺ Mother

➺ Ice
➺ Male
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⭃ Ki'Yith Brosca
⭃ "KEY-Yuh-TH" "Brow-S-CUH-ah"

⭃ Female

⭃ Dwarf
⭃ Surface-dwelling

⭃ 23 // Twenty-Three

⭃ 30th of Summer 2

Rio Romeo





⭃ 4'6 // four foot six inches
⭃ 134.62 cm // one hundred and thirty-four centimeters.

⭃ A thick shape with broad shoulders, flat hips, and a slender waist. A bit of a lanky individual, strong arms and legs, but it's mostly lean muscle mass.

Identifying marks
⭃ Scarring across the scar over the left eye
⭃ Scarring nose bridge.
⭃ One eye is a darker shade of green.

⭃ Ki'Yith has a demanding presence, her skin lined in scars and blemishes, ones that tell dozens of stories. Her face is one of beauty, with high cheekbones and plush lips. Like her father, Ki has a broad nose with a hook-like shape.

⭃ Her hair is cropped short, yet it is frizzy and unruly, hard to tame. A soft shade of brown, unlike her small brows. The reason why her brows are so small are simply because certain areas have been singed off one too many times.

⭃ The athletic form consists of broad hips and shoulders, patches of discolored skin scattered across her back. Some is scar tissue, while others is simply damage from heat and chemicals.

⭃ Droopy eyes with long lashes, both are green, though one is darker than the other. In her mother's words, "One is colored like the clovers in our gardens, the other is the Earth in which they grow from."

⭃ Simple cloth shirts
⭃ Leather hiking/workboots
⭃ Overalls
⭃ Leather gloves
⭃ Tool belts that always have her tools and pouches of materials clipped to it.

Weapon of Choice
⭃ War Hammer




⭃ Family
⭃ Friends
⭃ Anger
⭃ Honor

Current Personal Goal
⭃ To fill her material journal with every plant and mineral native to her city.
⭃ Find something to do with the weird rock she found.

Best & Worst Qualities
⭃ Creative/flexible thinking
⭃ Too much going on at once/workaholic
⭃ Easy going, doesn't hold grudges or spite (often).
⭃ When she does? Yikes.
⭃ Very hygienic, clean and good smelling
⭃ Vision from the left eye is slightly distorted. Shawty needs GLASSES

⭃ Thalassophobia. It's an intense, persistent, and overwhelming fear of deep or large bodies of water, such as lakes, oceans, and seas.
⭃ Loss.

⭃ Crafting
⭃ Alchemy


⭃ Embroidery
⭃ Tapestry-making
⭃ Bobbin lace (mediocre asf)
⭃ Nature Journaling
⭃ Her journal is full of dried herbs and plants, sketches and detailed descriptions of unique minerals, fauna and flora.




⭃ Li'Yith Brosca + Mother = Alive
⭃ Literal role model. A dwarf from below with several titles of Masterwork. An iconic figure, taught all of her kids the Dwarven tongue.

⭃ Akarr Brosca + Father = Alive
⭃ Absolute party animal, but the most loyal man you'd ever find. He's a ride or die type of man.

⭃ Mik'al Brosca + Elder Brother = Missing
⭃ Her big brother. They never exactly saw eye to eye in terms of certain things. He wanted to her to choose a different path, one where she wasn't so involved in making weapons with her friend. The last time they spoke was an argument that left them both angry.

⭃ Le'Vit Brosca + Second Edlest Brother = Alive
⭃ Le is a good kid, level headed and strong. A fun person to be around, but at the end of the day his work and family comes first. Utterly OBSESSED with his wife. Worshipped the very ground she walks on.

⭃ Jakarr Brosca + Youngest Brother = Alive
⭃ Little shit. The two of them squabble and get into fights over the stupidest shit like true siblings. Absolute gremlins in their own rights. Jakarr is the troublemaker, a prankster even.

⭃ Olric
⭃ Her little autistic nugget of a friend. She utterly adores him and his ideas.
⭃ Thick as thieves, they are. Childhood was them experimenting a lot with weird concepts and it literally exploding in their faces.
⭃ The bell. She's turned it into a necklace in all honesty. Whenever they're talking and his attention drifts, she's ringing that shit and he snaps back to attention and they continue like nothing happened.

Relationship Status
⭃ Good luck getting her out of her workshop. Single.

⭃ A deserter. That's what they called her. Li'Yith of the Alehorn family, a Dwarf born and raised in the Underground City. Shunned for her desertion of her home, instead choosing to go to the Surface and to the South, claiming she'd live a better life, that the dreams she had could not be fulfilled beneath the surface of the Earth. So she left.

Ki'Yith's mother bears the marks of a Masterwork of Metalwork, Weaponry and Armory Smiths, and an Alchemist. She had always been a bit of a fickle person, not entirely believing that they should remain beneath the surface, that there was so much more beyond treasured minerals and artifacts. She had dreams that could not be fulfilled by the Underground, so she left. And years later, she married and bore children with a Surface Dwarf.

Four children, Ki'Yith the only daughter, and the youngest, was raised beneath a loving home. Li'Yith and Akarr were loving parents, yet stern. They raised their children to be good people with a strong moral compass. To be fair and honest. This doesn't mean that the parents were strict and laid harsh expectations, no quiet the opposite! The Brosca family was known within the city of Ryslourn as a playful, yet strong group. They were the type of people who would bring life and good entertainment to festivals.

Li'Yith owns an Alchemy shop within the city, though she sells various items for explorers and those in Adventure guilds. and Akarr simply worked as a Leatherworker. For the most part, the siblings followed in their parent's footsteps to find their ways with the various crafts. Mik'al and Ki'Yith were very heavily into Alchemy, whereas young Jakarr followed their father into Leatherwork. Le'Vit however took the interesting route of Brewery….

….Which explains why there's a tavern in the city that's mostly ran by a stocky Surface Dwarf and his Human wife. The Drunken Dragon. The name is somewhat ironic, considering Ki'Yith's call to the Monestary.

So yeah, aside from a few nasty events in life, she lives a pretty good and happy life.




Influential Memory
⭃ Yelling, shouting, shattering of glass and splintering wood. Ki'Yith's voice was nothing but a hoarse croak as she and her eldest brother tangled together in what would be their last fight. It was heated, full of spiteful words and insults, punches were thrown, but they didn't hurt nearly as much as when Le'Vit threw a vase at her face and booked it. She swore she'd get him back whenever he returned home. That was two years ago.

Role Model
⭃ Her mother. The woman is an absolute powerhouse and icon. She was the type of person Ki'Yith strives to be.




⭃ ????
⭃ Future Nickname: "Rocky"

⭃ Earth

⭃ Male
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