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  1. "A long time ago, the Three Dragons of Xavan were the rulers of this world, over all humans and other beasts alike. One was a red dragon, one blue and the last was silver. After about a thousand years of ruling, the humans grew tired of reptiles telling us what was right and what was wrong. We could tell for ourselves! After all, we had build roads, cities, weapons that could easily cut down a dragon... So why couldn't we govern ourselves?
    Well, we though we could. So the human army's joined forces, right under the red dragons nose. We struck in its sleep and cut its heart out. It was Mated to the Blue dragon- so naturally it killed the blue one instantly."

    The old gate keeper stopped talking and leaned against the wall by the fireplace with a smug look. "They weren't very hard to kill."

    His apprentice, a boy named Emist, frowned, considering the tale before shaking his head. "But what happened to the silver dragon?" he asked pouring his mentor yet another helping of booze. He had heard the guards talking about the key in the west- and the only key he knew of was to the gate he helped to protect. it was only natural for a boy to wonder...

    "Ah." the gatekeeper laughed a deep belly laugh, a smile crossing his lips. "The Silver dragon. Well, we tricked 'im. He was a brute too strong for us humans to take down. so we made an 'agreement'- that we would govern ourselves and if we ever needed 'is help, we would come get him. So- when 'e let his guard down the works set to lockin him up."


    "Wizards and suck." he waved a hand, then paused eying the boy for a moment. He grinned and pointed down, between his feet. "Ya didn't think we'd be guardin a gate for nothin' would you?"

    "But- there's only two of us." Emist pointed out with a frown. "There's no way we could stop a dragon- let alone the dragon a whole army co-"

    "Precisely!" he said. "That's why, Emist. That's why we don't let nobody near the gate. So's they cant unlock 'im and sick 'im on us." he nodded. "You know, bein' yellow haired, I took you in for a reason. Gold hair 'posed to mean magic in your veins." the old man said, wagging a stern finger at the boy.

    Emis refilled the glass when his teacher held it out and nodded slowly, forcing a weak smile. "I suggest going to sleep sir." he said and stood up. "Its not good for a man your age to be awake past the nights midpoint." he said, quoting one of the common sayings he had heard Father Prather say during his sermons.

    The old man waved him off, but not before taking the fire brandy bottle. "You go sleep. In the mornin- you gotta make sure those roost eggs get to town in one pice." he scolded drunkenly.

    "yes sir..." Emist said, turning his back to the man unable to hold back a grin.

    -30 minutes later-

    Emist took his masters sword out of its case, wrapping it in a sheet and tied it to his hip. He grabbed his ruck sack, gold and looked in the mirror one last time. His long blonde hair was in the sink, cut off harshly with a knife that had been since stuffed into his boot. Just in-case, he gathered up the severed strands and put it in his bag. He couldn't chance a work making a voodoo doll on him...

    Silently, he climbed out through the window- knowing the door would squeak and give him away.

    Down below, he landed with a light thud, curling his nose at the smell of the compost heap. He coughed a bit at the stench but took off none the less, into the woods. The roads were closed at night and always patrolled by guards.

    He'd rather face a beast over a guard any day... After all, guards meant dungeons or worse. Beasts meant a quick death.

    He shifted the sword, already deciding to buy a proper holster for it asap. As he looked around he began to realize just how different the woods looked at night than in the day. It didn't matter. He would find his way. In the morning, when the sun rose he would be able to tell if he was still heading west. For the time being, he would go where he knew- or as close to as he could.

    -2:30 am-

    Emist panted, running through the woods as quickly as his legs would carry him, tree branches and leaves tearing across his skin. The guard had spotted him-- most likely assuming he was an escaped slave. They were close, but not quite right in that respect...

    The blond gasped, stepping wrong. The move resulted in a sudden sharp fall, down into the valley.

    The guards panted, slowing as they got to where he had fallen. "Think it lived?" one asked the other wiping its forehead.

    "No way." the second said breathing hard. "That's a pretty steep fall. Nothin' but dragon feeding grounds down there..." The first nodded his agreement-- turning away...


    Emist grimaced, not opening his eyes. A quick physical check; legs moved but hurt. Arms seemed okay. Hands moved and fingers too. With a sigh he nearly cried out. Ribs- not check. He opened his eyes slowly, becoming instantly aware of the odd angle he was in.

    He grunted, pushing himself up to wrap his arm around his stomach.

    That's when he heard it. The unmistakable clicking of a dragons tongue on the roof of its mouth. Normally it was a sign that you had aggravated it- other times it was just smelling you. Either way wasn't a pleasant option at the moment.

    He froze, wiping some blood out of his eyes, only to have it replace itself. Lovely.

    [OOC: The idea is that Emist is planning to release the captive dragon. The sword he has is magical, and he himself is a descendent of dragon riders-- but has no innate magic of his own.]
  2. Clarissa quickly hid behind a tree as she noticed some guards running past her, they seemed to be chasing something, or someone. She narrowed her eyes as she kept herself to the shadows and the dark as she followed them and she clenched her hands slightly when she heard them talk, once she deemed it safe enough, she quickly moved forward and then glanced down as she could barely make out the figure of someone being down at the feeding grounds.
    Her long auburn hair hanged down her chest on both sides and she wore a hood that covered the most part of her upper face. The hood was attached to a cloak which shrouded most of her appearance and underneath she wore a black leather attire that covered her body completely and it made her look more like a long-haired boy rather than a woman.

    "Can you reach your arm upwards?" She asked in a hushed tone in hope that only the person would hear her and not the dragon as she lied down on her stomach to prepare to reach her arm down towards him, the other resting on the edge to keep her supported and prevent her from falling.
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  3. Vladimir crouched next to Clarissa and looked down into the valley. He listened out for any signs of the guards coming back to ensure this person; whoever they were, was killed. Vladimir wore the cloak of an assassin with a hood made to cast a shadow over the top of his face. He also wore a plain white mask over the bottom half of his face.

    Vladimir looked around and did one final check to make sure they were alone before he whispered to Clarissa. "I'll go help him, just be ready to leave quickly"

    He jumped down into the valley landing next to the person. He froze momentarily hearing the click of a dragon's tongue on the roof of its mouth. He turn to the person near him. "Are you alright?" He asked then checked to make sure they weren't being watched by the dragon. "Come on, let's get out of here" he said to the person.
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