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  1. Earth, our little planet, has some very special people in it.

    People who can transform into dragons, or even half dragon.

    Very easy bio, just follow this:

    Weapon of Choice:
    Wing colors:

    For example:

    Name: Hunter
    Age: 14
    Appearance: Dark brown hair, usually wears light-blue t-shirt and shorts.
    Personality: Cocky, but loyal, agile, and smart.
    Weapon of Choice: A dagger of some sort, that can strike with lightning accuracy.
    Element: Speed
    Wing colors: Light blue.

  2. Awesome, another dragon rp! Yay, hope you don't mind if I join

    Name: Jae

    Age: 16

    Appearance: Jet black hair, bright blue eyes, wears a navy blue tank top and a black jacket with black jeans and black boots

    Personality: Adventurous, friendly, loyal, intelligent, sly, sneaky, pretty much stays on the defensive side/opposes being offensive

    Weapon of Choice: Her skills and her nails. (she knows a lot of self-defense)
    Element: Water

    Wing colors: Dark blue insides, black bones.
  3. Nice! We just need 2 or 3 more and then we can rp. I kinda have it planned out for 4 or 5 people, soooo c:
  4. I don't see a plot. So, Frankly, I don't know what I'd be supposed to do.

    Be nice and socialize? Start a war? a Quest? Something?
  5. Kinda a mixture of all of that x3.
  6. i want to join i want to join X3 pleaseeeeeeeee and if so i will post character sheet later
  7. Okay then, just pull out a character sheet.
  8. Name:Emily
    Appearance: untitled.png
    Personality: Somewhat withdrawn. Shy but aggressive when necessary
    Weapon of Choice: Twin blades she prefers to hide somewhere under her long hoody.
    Element: Lightning
    Wing colors: Silver( The same color as her hair ) with a black outlining

    Hope that's okay :)
  9. Is an Element Mandatory? Or Can I go Non-elemental?

    If it is, Please list all allowed elements I can use.

  10. You can go non-elemental, if you'd like.

  11. That's good! c:
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  12. Name: Night
    Age: 15
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Personality: kind and caring when she not a sleep but in battle Crazy and wild.
    Weapon of Choice: a ball (but can turn ing to spiky ball and has a string on it)
    Element: Dreams
    Wing colors: what ever color but mostly white

    (changing my pic tommorow)
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  13. Hmm, haven't done a dragon rp in forever! (the ones I join always seem to dwindle off :/ )

    Name: Lianec
    Age: 17
    Appearance: Red hair (think Merida, from the movie "Brave") with some black streaks, shoulder length and top part tied back. Light green eyes. Tall but a bit scrawny built and usually favours wearing either black or green t-shirts with cargo pants, or jeans that look like they've seen better days. Always wears boots (not the knee-high ones). Has a couple of leather straps on his wrists.
    Personality: Despite his element, he's quite the optimist. Very social and likes to make people feel good about themselves. Not quick to anger but there are certain things that really tick him off and he'll then try to "resolve" it (whether the "resolve" is logical or not, might be up for debate). Good at brewing plans and that's when he gets a certain grin...
    Weapon of Choice: Using his element he usually crafts his chosen weapon when needed. Pretty bad shot, though.
    Element: Shadows (is that element ok?)
    Wing colors: Dark grey with the outside having a few "arteries" of faded red (same red as his hair).

    Will this be fine?
  14. Yo! Are you guys still open to new characters for this forum?

  15. That's totally fine :D
  16. Alright, I'm gonna post the forum. Wait for it c:
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