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  1. Greetings players. This is my second RP that I am hosting, but before I get to what it's about I'd like to tell you why I'm hosting it in the first place. First off I originally was planning on making a Poke'mon RP, but I already have Poke'Art Online and be fore I start another Poke'mon RP I'd like for that one to be out for a while first. Second I am right now part of three RPs (one of which is Poke'Art) but one seems to be at a dead halt and the other two seem to just take a while to get many responses at all. Third, and not to offend any ones creativity, there just don't see, to be that many RPs that interesting. And those that are almost have some kind of restrictive rule that prevents me from making a meaningful character. So in order to remedy all of this I made this. Like Poke'Art Online, I'll be sure to keep this RP active and interesting. And like I said before this is just one of may many RP ideas (Poke'Art again being one of them), that said here is what the RP is about...

    It's based of an anime Named "Fate Zero", only instead of humans controlling spirits of warriors based of a class they take charge of a dragon. Their are eight dragons and each has their own element as well as a whole slew of their own skills. There are the dragons of Earth, Sky, Water, Fire, Nature, Ice, Light, And darkness. I will be playing the role of rp the darkness dragon so I am in need of not only seven players to play as the other dragons but also eight humans in order to summon them. Needless to say there is limited availability for this RP so if you are interested at all then it is best to reserve when you can.

    More will be explained during sign up so for now just ask any questions you have and reserve your spot if you want to take part.
  2. Is knowledge of the anime a prereq?~
  3. Not exactly, like I said I'll be giving more info when I make the Sign up thread. Just pick a slot an element and your done. Humans pick an element for the dragons is needless to say.
  4. Nope, darkness is the only dragon that is taken. All the rest are open. Also all eight human slots are open.
  5. I may not be catching something or reading it wrong, but I don't want to assume. I imagine the humans are to have powers/abilities according to their element, or does that just link them with the dragon of the same element?
  6. What humans do is they select a dragon element, summon it, and they are able to control it. Humans DO have some magical power but it isnt always based on the dragon they choose to summon, or atleast I'm not going to force players to. That much is up to the player, it IS how ever the humans responsibly to supply the dragon's army with gear and equipment as each dragon has their own military force they can summon for them selves... I'm my case that is the world of the undead and hell spawns... Also needless to say dragons have more magical power than a human.
  7. Definitely interested in joining as a human. As far as an element goes, I'm torn between a few, but I'll let you know. Keep me updated when a sign up/OOC goes up!~
  8. Will do, but first we are going to need more players.
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